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Tokusatsu Fandom, Don't Fail Me Now

Ok this is going to be my last blog yelling at the tokusatsu fandom for 2009.

In 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 the fandom mainly had one spot to commute known only as "Japan". Owned by a very awesome person by the name of Jeff, Well a lot of time has passed and JapanHero rarely gets any mention in fandom discussions and in stuff in general but back in the "Japan Hero Days" The Tokusatsu fandom was in its complete prime, We had people who had their minds open so much it every snipit of information about any tokusatsu series was like Christmas to them, No series got pushed away for something else, EVERYTHING had a Discussion page about 30 pages or above.

Times Change.
In 2005 I took a break from the Tokusatsu fandom to try and get my life together. It was harsh but not as harsh as what I came back to.

In 2006 It all changed. Series were always getting pushed away, Things always became more about 2 series then about the whole package and people really started closing their minds and not really giving a shit about what else this wonderful genre started to offer, its almost like a Nuke went off while I was gone and while one of the greatest places on the internet to discuss such a genre sort of "Collapsed" that people stopped giving a shit which really has started to disappoint a lot of the vet's of this Genre Fandom as well as Myself.

Will 2010 see retribution of Open Minds? I really hope so, I really hope it becomes the "2nd Prime" for this great fandom and that people will not toss everything else aside for 1 or 2 franchise series by one company.

It has gotten to the point where you need to push people to even open up to a series or a franchise. sure they will say something like "Oh don't have the time" or "Oh what is that?" but the more you push a person, the more likely they are willing to open there minds again to the point where when they see said series you open to it will be like opening a fresh bag of candy to them and lately when it comes to this fandom its something that. A select few and Myself are starting to miss in this fandom that is popping up rarely lately.

When you join a fandom like this you shouldn't just stick with the Bugs who ride motorcycles or the spandex heroes in the different colors with the robot, you should be open to everything and I literally mean everything. Its Like when you go trick or treating, you don't just get the same candy all the time, you get different candies at each house you pass.

So all I'm saying is, Can we go back to the Mindset we had back in those days? Back when Jeff was our main man and EACH AND EVERY series or movie got talked about and treated equally? Is that honestly to much to ask ladies and gentlemen of the tokusatsu fandom? I really hope not.

Make it so.

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5 Responses
  1. Kurenai Says:

    nice post...

    hoping to see you more often...

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  4. Can't you just say, "YOU GUYS SUCK FOR NOT WATCHING ULTRAMAN!" and be done with it?

    I don't appreciate the fact that because I haven't watched certain series my mind isn't open.

    I admit. I don't like ALL Tokusatsu. No one does. Personally, I don't like kaiju. Its fine when its the monster in a series that gets beaten by heroes...but Godzilla? Mothra? I can't keep myself interested.

    Meanwhile there are other people who hate anything post-Deka/Blade. How come no one attacks them for their opinions but people who just like KR/Sentai get it?

    I'm always open to a new Henshin Hero series...but not everything falls under Henshin Hero. Does that make me not a Toku fan? Just a Henshin Hero fan? 'Cause its cool, I can call myself that, if that means I won't get ragged on more.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I gotta go with sage on this one. With fandoms, especially internet fandoms dependent upon illegal piracy like ours, it can easily come down to what's available. It's a lot harder to come up with Ultraman or chouseishin or flippin ryukendo than it is to find sentai and riders, especially the current era. A big part of that is because those two are the real heavy hitters now; they're regularly updated where available and are broadcast dependably. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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