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Choudenshi Bioman: Death of Yellow Four

Bioman: Death of Yellow Four
I'm currently watching the sixth Super Sentai series, Choudenshi Bioman. It brings back memories of my childhood days (I watch it along with Maskman). All along, I already knew that Mika Koizumi, the first Yellow Four, will die along the series so I wait for it to happen so that I could see how she died and what made her loved by fans.

The death of Mika happened in Choudenshi Bioman Episode 10: "Goodbye Yellow". Doctorman got a Bio Particle Negator, put inside the Bio Killer Gun. The Bio Killer Gun is said to deplete the Bioman's Bio Particles to make them weak and powerless. It was turned into an ammunition for a rifle-like weapon. Doctorman entrusted this weapon to Mason. He first targeted Red One but Yellow Four used her body to block it.

Yellow Four started to weaken. And since they are in a pinch, they retreated. But as they retreated and turned into normal humans, Mika is left somewhere, still having the Yellow Four suit. And as the episode progresses, they found out the weapon's weakness, the ammunition is rapidly depleting, and found a way to counter it.

Since weakened, Yellow Four took the heroic act and accepts all the lasers fired by Mason until it depleted and no more ammunition to fire. And weaker as before she was easily defeated and killed by Psygorn.

As always, BioRobo needs to fight the Mecha Gigan Chameleon Kans, the Biomen left Mika in the hands of Peebo. As the enemy got defeated, they got back on the side of Mika, which is still inside the Yellow Four suit. A footage of her waving goodbye is seen in her Bio Hologram. And as we all knew, she was later replaced by Jun Yabuki as Yellow Four II.

As I have heard from many Sentai fans, Mika Koizumi died in a very heroic and tragic death. She risks and sacrifices her life in having her friends from actual defeat, which could lead to Earth's fall on the Neo Empire's hands. One's death is much better than the death of the whole team.

Trivia: Mika Koizumi aka Yellow Four is the first female Yellow senshi and the very first one to die within the series.

But... And yes, a big BUT... Mika's death makes me wonder why is she still inside the suit when she is already weakened and later died? In most Sentai shows, once a warrior is already weak due to a battle, his/her suit automatically wears out and making him/her defenseless. But this doesn't happen on Yellow Four.

This makes me notice that Mika's actress Yuki Yajima is only seen in the first minutes of the episodes and not seen again throughout the episode. This pretty much hinted to me that the actress ditched the series very early in the series.

There are some hardcore fans even design custom lanyards with Bioman designs to work.

I really want to know the real reason. If anyone who are reading knew some reasons behind this, please reply on this post.

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6 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    There's something about that here:

  2. I personally thought that after Thuy Trang died in real life, I sort of got reminded of Mika Koizumi's death. Also I think it was because of pay issues that caused Yuki Yajima to leave JAC.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I've read about various rumors about Yellow Four's disappearance. The truth is still unknown but what almost all rumors have in common is that Yuki Yajima staged a walkout(Wikipedia also says so in Japanese language). There are many guesses for the reason of her disappearance. The most widely accepted is that she ran away with her manager.
    For your information I also write one interesting comment that I've read on 2ch message board a.k.a "2ちゃんねる". The writer of the message told that he or she was involved in this accident. According to the writer Yuki Yajima worked at a bar in those days. One day she was so busy for the work of the bar that she end up missing to show up the shooting site of Bioman. The furious director insulted her so severely that Yuki decided to abandon the filming since then. All of JAC(Japan Action Club) members and her co-actors knew where she was at this point. They tried to persuade her to come back to the program. Actually Yukari Ohshima a.k.a Farrah Cat visited her house to persuade her but in vain.
    Consequently JAC, the management office that Yuki Yajima belong to cast Sumiko Tanaka in Yuki's place.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You noticed it wrong. Yuki Yajima wasn't seen AT ALL in episode 10. The ep started with Yellow 4 in Bio-suit already. ツ

  5. mallows Says:

    I saw this post long time ago, cuz i myself a bioman fan and wonder what really happen to death of yellow 4. It turns out the mika (idk her real life name) was a stunt women and not an actress. The original yellow 4 aka Jun and 2nd yellow 4 was not available for the 1st episode for taping. She have a previous tv series working on. But once she was free for her comitments.she did full time for bioman

  6. According to the article the reason why mika (yellow 4) died, because of the issues about her talent fee... - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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