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GoseiKnight New Info, Armaments and Mecha

GoseiKnight New Info, Armaments and Mecha
As his debut comes nearer, brand new information about Tensou Sentai Goseiger's 6th Senshi: GoseiKnight have surfaced on the internet. These are aside from the previous ones that we shared a couple of days ago.

GoseiKnight is a mysterious soldier who doesn't even exist in the records of GoseiKai. His true form is that of the Groundion Headder. 10,000 years ago, he had fought for the Earth against the Yuumajyu. According to the Goseiger of that time, as a result of giving his power to the Earth, he was granted a "Super Evolution" and became GoseiKnight. He is the "Chikyuu wo Kiyomeru Sukuun no Kishi" (The Knight of Fate who will purify the Earth).

Gosei Ground
And by using the Knightick or "Naitick Power" (literally, the Power of Nothing/Nai) he is able to utilize all 3 Tribe's elements (Skyick, Landick and Seaick), and manipulate their TensouJutsu. He uses his LeonCellular to activate his GoseiCards, in place of a Tensouder. GoseiKnight has sworn to destroy anything that pollutes the Earth, and as such, when he first appears, he goes after a factory whose waste fluid is not being properly treated. This puts him at slight odds with the Goseigers.

GoseiKnight's personal weapon is the Leon Laser. It can transform from Gun Mode, to Sword mode, becoming the Leon Laser Sword. By combining the Leon Cellular and the Vulcan Headder with the Leon Laser, Knight transforms the gun into the Dynamic Leon Laser. In this mode, it can fire Knight's finishing move, the Knight Dynamic.

GoseiKnight New Info, Armaments and Mecha
When GoseiKnight transforms back into the Groundion Headder, he is able to turn into his own GoseiMachine, the GoseiGroundion (of Landick Tribe's powers). He also summons forth the Knight Brothers: Gosei Skyon, and Gosei Sealeon (of Skick and Seaick denomination, respectively), to help him in battle or combine with him to form Gosei Ground. His Victory Charge is called: GrounDrastic.

GoseiKnight will be voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki. The same guy who dubbed Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's Kamina, Macross Frontier's Ozma Lee and Shaman King's Amidamaru.

Info courtesy of dukemon22 via Gold Samurai.

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