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Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Novel

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight NovelEven though Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight was not popular in its source country, it is quite doing well in Japan! Just now, we learned that this series will have a sequel! Well, in a form of a novel.

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight - 2WORLD 1HEARTS will be written by Mano Katsunari, who recently wrote the Jdrama, Shinzanmono. This is his first novel, but he's a big fan of Ishinomori, especially Kamen Rider and Cyborg 009. The story continues on what the series left, with all 13 Riders returning.

It also includes paper crafts of the Advent Decks, interviews regarding the series winning an Emmy, being praised by Japanese fans, talks about being it a Kamen Rider Ryuki remake, being it four seasons long, its movie quality action and it being a part of the Kamen Rider Boom.

Another good news to Kamen Rider Dragon Knight fans, TOEI is allegedly contacting Adness Entertainment to create a Dragon Knight movie, similar to what they have planned before.

Source: Amazon JP (image), dukemon22 (for the info)

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2 Responses
  1. Thomas Says:

    This is excellent news. It would be neat to see the novel translated into English, but either way, since Dragon Knight is doing so well in Japan, it might be enough to bring on another English Kamen Rider adaption.

    I think the main two reasons it wasn't popular was because a lot of people thought it was a Power Rangers rip-off, and because it was on CW4Kids, so it was very censored it terms of how violent it could be, and the sort of language that could be used.

    Given another chance, English adaptions of Kamen Rider could eventually be just as popular as the Japanese ones.

  2. fatima afzaal Says:

    This is a great news for us. Can you upload this novel of kamen rider dragon knight also on the internet?please?.

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