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Kamen Rider W's Gaia Memories

Kamen Rider W's Gaia Memories
The Gaia Memories are mysterious USB flash drives imbued with the powers of the Earth itself. Originally created with funding by the Sonozaki Family, these Gaia Memories end up in the possession of Shotaro and Philip, and can only be used through the Double Driver. Two can be inserted into the Double Driver, allowing Shotaro and Philip to transform into Kamen Rider W. Philip’s right-half Gaia Memories called Soul Memories determine the elemental power of Double, while Shotaro’s left-half Memories called Body Memories determine the type of attack or weaponry that Double uses.

Cyclone Memory
The Cyclone Memory, also known as the Windy Memory (風の記憶 Kaze no Kioku), allows the user to move at fast speeds, controlling the very power of wind, becoming the Windy Warrior (風の戦士 Kaze no Senshi).

 id=Joker Memory
The Joker Memory, also known as the Trump Card Memory (切札の記憶 Kirifuda no Kioku), allows the user to increase fighting potential, becoming the Skill Warrior (技戦士 Waza Senshi).

 id=Heat Memory
The Heat Memory, also known as the Hot Memory (熱き記憶 Atsuki Kioku), empowers the user with the element of fire, becoming the Blazing Warrior (炎の戦士 Honō no Senshi).

 id=Metal Memory
The Metal Memory, also known as the Steel Memory (鋼鉄の記憶 Kōtetsu no Kioku) or the Fighter Memory (闘士の記憶 Tōshi no Kioku), empowers the user with great strength, becoming the Superpowered Warrior (怪力戦士 Kairiki Senshi)

 id=Luna Memory
The Luna Memory, also known as the Illusion Memory (幻想の記憶 Gensō no Kioku), allows the user to cast illusions, stretching limbs and bending gunshots, becoming the Mysterious Warrior (神秘の戦士 Shinpi no Senshi).

 id=Trigger Memory
The Trigger Memory, also known as the Sniper Memory (銃撃手の記憶 Jūgekishu no Kioku), turns the user into an expert marksman, becoming the Gun Warrior (銃戦士 Jū Senshi).

 id=Fang Memory
The Transforming Gaia Dinosaur Fang Memory (変形ガイア恐竜ファングメモリ Henkei Gaia Kyōryū Fangu Memori) is a special Gaia Memory that was solely created to protect Philip by any means necessary, enabling him and Shotaro to transform into Kamen Rider Double FangJoker.

 id=Prism Memory
The Prism Memory is the Gaia Memory for the Prism Bicker sword and shield. It serves as a storage for other Gaia Memory powers and links the power of four Maximum Drives into one.

Gaia Memory Parts

Memory Gadgets

The Memory Gadgets (メモリガジェット) are items powered by artificial Gaia Memories called Giji Memories (ギジメモリ) Meaning "Pseudo Memories", that allow them to switch between their Gadget Mode (ガジェットモード) and their Live Mode (ライブモード). The Gadgets can in turn be attached to Double's weapons to provide a boost. The Cyclone, Luna, and Heat Memories can also be inserted into a Memory Gadget, activating a Maximum Drive.

 id=Stag Memory
Used on the Stag Phone (スタッグフォン). It can be used to control the RevolGarry. The Stag Mode (スタッグモード) can also be used as a flying offensive weapon or to defend from attacks.

 id=Spider Memory
Used on the Spider Shock (スパイダーショック). The Wristwatch Mode (腕時計モード) can shoot tracking devices to track down enemies and tight strings as a grappling hook.

 id=Bat Memory
Used on the Bat Shot (バットショット). Can link with the Stag Phone and record live-feed videos.

 id=Frog Memory
Used on the Frog Pod (フロッグポッド). It records and analyzes sounds and voices.

 id=Denden Memory
Used on the Denden Sensor (デンデンセンサー). Can be turned into Goggle Mode (ゴーグルモード) and detect invisible and changes in light. It can also be used as a surveillance unit.

Maximum Drive / Memory Break

 id= id=Joker Extreme (Prototype)
ジョーカーエクストリーム (プロトタイプ)
Kamen Rider W floats from ground while surrounded by a gust of wind, splits in two and attacks the enemy.

 id= id=Metal Twister
Kamen Rider W performs a backspin with his metal shaft with cyclone effect, hitting the enemy multiple times.

 id= id= id=Metal Stag Breaker
Kamen Rider Double holds his metal shaft pointing on his enemy and creates a green cyclone pincers and grips the enemy with a force.

 id= id=Trigger Aerobuster

Kamen Rider W charges his Trigger Magnum and releases a burst of pressurized projectiles.

 id= id=Joker Grenade

Kamen Rider W will be imbued with heat/flames on his fist, splits in two and attacks the enemy multiple times.

 id= id=Metal Branding

Kamen Rider W charges his metal shaft with flames and smashes the enemy with it.

 id= id=Trigger Explosion

Kamen Rider W Shoots a stream of flame on the enemy.

 id= id=Joker Strange

Kamen Rider W splits in two and creates a copy of the Luna side performing a rapid succession of karate chops and finishing the enemy with a final blow with the Joker side.

 id= id=Metal Illusion

Kamen Rider W spins his metal shaft creating illusions of circular projectiles, hits the enemy on first attack and lands the second.

 id= id=Trigger Fullburst

Kamen Rider W shoots multiple shots of homing bullets.

 id= id=Fang Strider

Kamen Rider W gains a blade on his lateral malleous area and performs a spnning jump kick.

 id= Double Xtreme
Kamen Rider W Xtreme closes his double driver and re-opens, charging it. Creates a circling whirlwind from his front curving to his back then performs a landing kick.

 id=Double Prism Xtreme ダブルプリズムエクストリーム Kamen Rider performs a powerful jump kick on his enemy following multiple kicks in mid-air.

 id= id= id= id= id=

Bicker Charge Break
Kamen Rider W Xtreme's sword is charged with gaia memories and performs a slash.

 id= id= id= id= id=

Bicker Final Illusion
ビッカーファイナリュージョン Kamen Rider W Xtreme's Shield is charged with gaia memories and shoots a beam from it.

 id=Rider Punch ライダーパンチ
Using a Lost Driver, Kamen Rider Joker charges his fist and punches the enemy.

 id=Rider Kick ライダーキック
Using a Lost Driver, Kamen Rider Joker charges his foot and performs the classic rider kick finisher.

Non-Memory Break Special Moves

 id= id=???
Creates a flashing light that stuns and reveal hidden objects and enemies.

 id= id=Sonic Shaft ソニックシャフト
Kamen Rider W's shaft emits a sonic wave to to shatter objects.

 id= id= ???
Kamen Rider W's shaft releases a string that restraints a Dopant.

 id= id= ???
Kamen Rider W's Trigger Magnum shoots a web that captures Dopants.

 id= id= id= Trigger Bat Shooting トリガーバットシューティング
Kamen Rider W locks his target through the Bat Shot and fires a concentrated projectiles with his Trigger Magnum.

 id= id= id= Trigger Stag Burst トリガースタッグバースト Kamen Rider W shoots a pincer-like energy from his Trigger Magnum, crushing the enemy and deals a heavy damage.

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