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Kamen Rider Accel
The official website for Kamen Rider W RETURNS have added a blog started a cast introduction which will be done every week. They started out with Kamen Rider W RETURNS: Kamen Rider Accel's lead character, Ryu Terui, who is said to have out of suit fights.

Kamen Rider Accel Ryu Terui
Aside from a blog, Kamen Rider W RETURNS's blog revealed three keywords (similar on how Philip do his look-up) that might help fans think on what they will expect to see on the v-cinema. They are as follows:

Accel: "Overkill Cop" "Nonstop Action" "Love Factor"
Eternal: "Military History" "Evil VS Evil" "(Eternal's) Begins Night"

It is also confirmed that Kamen Rider W RETURNS: Kamen Rider Eternal has nothing to do about Kamen Rider W's detective theme, but it will focus more on fights. Kamen Rider Eternal will go face to face with Utopia Dopant. It is said that it will give fans a Cyborg 009 (an anime created by Shotaro Ishinomori) vibe on it.

Special thanks to DecaEnd of HJU

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