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Atsuko Maeda Tops AKB48's 3rd Senbatsu General Election

AKB48's most awaited 3rd Senbatsu General Election is finally done and the results have been tallied. Team A member, and upcoming solo artist, Atsuko Maeda reclaims the #1 spot after being narrowly defeated by Yuko Oshima last year.

AKB48 Atsuko MaedaAs expected, this year’s election dwarfed last year’s, with a total vote count of more than 1 million votes with "Everyday, Kachuusha's" record breaking sales. The top 40 AKB48 members received a combined total of 1.08 million votes, compared to 354,000 for last year’s top 40. The election itself encompasses AKB48 members and research students (70 total), SKE48 members (57 total), and NMB48 members (25 total), for a total of 152 people in all.

Like the last time, the top 12 are appointed as the “Media Senbatsu” (for promoting the new single) and the top 21 will participate on the single’s title track. #22 through #40 are the “UnderGirls,” who will be included on the single’s various B-sides. The "untitled 22nd single" will be released this August 24th.

AKB48 Center
  1. Maeda Atsuko – Team A – 139892 Votes
    – “I’m truly happy. I’m so grateful for all the cheering and support I’ve received.”
Media Senbatsu
  1. Oshima Yuko – Team K – 122843 Votes
    – “I heard so many things, but for us your love is in votes. Thank you for all the love.”
  2. Kashiwagi Yuki – Team B – 74252 Votes
    – “Third place… wow. Looking at the members around me doing their best, I feel like I need to be more ambitious.”
  3. Shinoda Mariko – Team A – 60539 Votes
    – “I was incredibly nervous, but I’m so happy to be supported by this many people. Thank you.”
  4. Watanabe Mayu – Team B – 59118 Votes
    – “I’ve been listening to the cheers of my fans, and now they’ve reached my heart.”
  5. Kojima Haruna – Team A – 52920 Votes
    – “Really, thank you!”
  6. Takahashi Minami – Team A – 52790 Votes
    – “My votes increased, and I hope I can take another step forward.”
  7. Itano Tomomi – Team K – 50403 Votes
    – “Last year, I was really happy about being in fourth place. My rank went down to eighth this year, but… I want to do my best.” People in the crowd are mad as hell.
  8. Sashihara Rino – Team A – 45227 Votes
    – “Really, thank you so much. Last year, I was 19th, and I didn’t think I would make it into the media senbatsu.”
  9. Matsui Rena – Team S – 36929 Votes
    – “Everyone, please cheer me on after this. Thank you.”
  10. Miyazawa Sae – Team K – 33500 Votes
    – “Last year I was at the incredible rank of ninth place. I’ve already spent time looking back at last year, and I hope to look forward with a level head now.”
  11. Takajo Aki – Team A – 31009 Votes
    – “Since I was thirteen last year, I was aiming to raise my rank by one, and I’m really happy I was able to do that.”
  1. Kitahara Rie – Team B – 27957 Votes
    – “I’m happy about my rank, and I’m also happy that I received more votes than last year.”
  2. Matsui Jurina – Team S – 27804 Votes
    – “As senbatsu drew closer, I got really nervous, as I was hoping to get one rank higher than last year, but I feel incredibly happy due to the people supporting me.”
  3. Minegishi Minami – Team K – 26070 Votes
    – “I was only aiming to raise my rank by one, which didn’t happen. However, I’m so happy at the increased number of people supporting me.”
  4. Kasai Tomomi – Team B – 22857 Votes
    – “I feel so happy. I’m sorry for making my supporters worried. Please support me after this too.”
  5. Akimoto Sayaka – Team K – 17154 Votes
    – “Really, thank you so much.”
  6. Sato Amina – Team B – 16574 Votes
    – “Thanks to all of your support I was able to stand on stage with a smile.”
  7. Yokoyama Yui – Team K – 16455 Votes
    – She was absolutely sobbing… or trolling.
  8. Masuda Yuka – Team B – 14137 Votes
  9. Kuramochi Asuka – Team A – 12387 Votes
    – “I’m grateful to all of you for making it into senbatsu.”
Undergirls Center
  1. Umeda Ayaka – Team K – 11860 Votes
    – “I’m happy to be standing on this stage. I’m so happy thinking that it’s because of each person’s ticket that I’m standing here.”
  1. Takayanagi Akane – Team KII – 11674 Votes
    – “I’m happy with where I am, but it’s painful not to make it into senbatsu. Akimoto-sensei, you know how it is, please give us a speech.”
  2. Nakagawa Haruka – Team A – 10854 Votes
    – “I ranked better last year, but thank you for supporting me!”
  3. Ota Aika – Team A – 9910 Votes
  4. Hirajima Natsumi – Team B – 9742 Votes
    – “Thanks so much, it’s unbelievable that I’ve been 26 for three years in a row.”
  5. Miyazaki Miho – Team B – 9271 Votes
  6. Yamamoto Sayaka – Team N – 8697 Votes
  7. Oya Shizuka – Team A – 7264 Votes
    – “Thanks so much for cheering for a talentless person like me for four years.”
  8. Oya Masana – Team S – 6660 Votes
  9. Nito Moeno – Team K – 6288 Votes
  10. Komori Mika – Team B – 6177 Votes
  11. Hata Sawako – Team S – 6120 Votes
  12. Sato Sumire – Team B – 5438 Votes
    – “Last year I was sad to be 31, but I’ll still be myself.”
  13. Oba Mina – Team 4 – 5411 Votes
    – “I’ll show you a sparkling me.”
  14. Suda Akari – Team S – 5343 Votes
    – “Thanks for putting me on a new starting line!”
  15. Maeda Ami – Team A – 5220 Votes
    – “Thanks for voting for me!”
  16. Matsui Sakiko – Team K – 5020 Votes
    – “Third time’s the charm. Please support me.”
  17. Ichikawa Miori – Team 4 – 4928 Votes
    – “I want to be a fresh lemon!”
  18. Fujie Reina – Team K – 4698 Votes
    – “I was anxious because I was 40 in the early results. I wanna be a super girl that everyone loves!”
Source: Natalie,, Oricon via tokyograph & tokyohive

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