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Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle Movie Synopsis

Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle Movie Synopsis
After the release of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai: 199 Hero Great Battle last June 11, there are some lucky fans who got a chance to watch the film and one of those lucky fans, an anon from 4chan's /m/ board who gave the entire synopsis of the film!

Spoiler alert! Read at your own risk!

But before that, this is the longest Super Sentai film in history, spanning for 1 hour and 24 minutes. Note, the author wrote what he can remember so expect some discrepancies once you watch the film.

The movie starts with Goseiger fighting Zangyack. They are getting overwhelmed and get push back to the forest. It is here that Akaranger and Big One give them a hand. Akaranger and Big One tell Goseiger that the final fight is about to start, as they leave more grunts show up. This is were all the extra Rangers show up to help. So as Goseiger, Aka Ranger and Big One cut out, we get a kick ass fight with all all the extra Rangers. We then cut to the Legend War, which is pretty much an Extended fight from the first episode of Gokaiger. This fight is just as awesome as you would expect it to be.

Once the main fleet show up all the teams use their power to destroy it. Also they show that all the extra Rangers use their powers as well which explains why they have Ranger Keys as well. So with the day saved Akashi, Saki, Chiaki and Genta explain that they can no longer transform. Alata says it's ok since they saved the day, and then we cut to the present.

The Gokaigers are fighting Insarn, Barizorg, and a ton of Grunts. The Rangers are doing their thing form changing and over all kicking ass. As they are fighting you see Agri and Moune watching the fight close by. The Gokaigers are about to use the Goseiger keys, when Agri and Moune come in at take them. This is where we find out that the old teams get their powers back if they get their keys. Not wanting to fight two Sentai teams, Insarn and Barizorg cut out.

The Gokaigers are less than pleased that the Goseigers took their keys. Goseiger are sorry but protecting the earth is and angels duty. The Gokaigers say they don't care about that and only fight bad guys cause the hold them up from looking for Treasure. The Goseigers aren't happy about that, and demand that they give them GoseiKnight's key so they can be on their way protecting the Earth. The Gokaigers tells them to give them back the keys they took and kick rocks. The two teams start to fight and they are shown to be evenly matched, note that Gokaiger didn't form change.

After the fight we see Waltz Gil is not happy to have another Sentai team active. This is when Black Cross King shows up and says he will take care for them. Waltz Gil gives the approval and that is all we see of Zangyack for the rest of the movie. Cut back to Gokaigers on their ship talking about Goseigers. Just then out of nowhere, GoseiGreat attack the Gokai Galleon. Gokaiger fight back by kicking the GoseiGreat out of the air with GokaiOh.

GoseiGreat get back up as Seaick GoseiGreat. Gokaiger are all like "WTF they are Pirates too." So as the two robos are fighting we see that Alata isn't around. It turns out he is the main cabin looking for GoseiKnight's key. Navi spots him and calls Marvelous. We then get with the two reds with their robos fighting in the background.

So as the two reds are fighting the chest with the Ranger Keys get knock away, around this time the rest of the teams show up. They are just in time see Black Cross King grab the box. Black Cross King then uses his power to bring back Yogoshimacritein, Dagon and Brajira.

Asides from this main plot, a sub plot is also running in this film which involves Ryu Ranger, DenziBlue and DekaPink. It starts with Daigoro/DenziBlue giving out sweet bread to kids at a playground. He see a kid playing with a toy of DaiDenzin, when he asked a kid where he got it the kid says it is his dad's favorite toy. Anyways after that you see him walking along the street, when he notices a guy who isn't paying attention is about to get hit by a cop car. Lucky for the guy Ryo/Ryu Ranger grabs him, also the person driving the cop car is Umeko/DekaPink.

So it seems that all the old ranger know one another. So after the say hi they ask the guy what is his deal. The guy seem pretty down and it seem to have something to do with a broken Variblune that he is carrying around. So after he says his piece the old ranger give him a pep talk, and Ryo gives him some gyoza. Now back to the main plot.

So Black Cross King cast the two team to the winds in teams of Agri, Moune, Luka, Joe; Ahim, Don, Hyde, Eri; Marvelous and Alata. This is the part of the movie where the teams fight with each other more than the bad guy, but soon warm up to each other and start to work together.

Don, Ahim, Hyde, and Eri team start on that bridge from the movie credits of Gokaiger. Dagon attacks them which cause Eri and Don to fall off the bridge. Ahim grabs Eri and Hyde grabs Don. Both teams are like "wait, whats going on I thought you guys were jerks." Then just before they can get pulled up Dagon attacks again cause everyone to fall into the sea. Alata and Marvelous start out in a office where everyone in it is frozen in time, they then get attack by grunts. They still don't want to work together, and for the most part are doing OK on their own. Then Brajira shows up and attacks with homing energy blast.

Agri, Moune, Luka and Joe start out in that same Edo set that Toei always uses. Anyways they think that they went back in time, which seems to be the case when ninjas attack them. Just before they are about to transform Yogoshimacritein yells cut and you see that they are really on a movie set. Then the really fight starts, again they handle grunts well enough, but once Yogoshimacritein starts up the get knocked around.

Back to Ahim, Don, Eri, and Hyde. The end up in a cave by the sea, and start to talk. By the end of the talk they all bring it in for a go team and head out to kick some ass. Dagon ready for them with a ton of grunts. While they are doing ok the grunt just keep getting in the way. Dagon then blast them off a cliff and sends the grunts to finish them off. When he goes down to see what happening all he sees is rangers everywhere. Dagon gets pissed and blast all of the Rangers, which turn out to be his own grunts. The real Rangers then show up at the top of the cliff Eri and Don laughs at Dagon cause they trolled him so bad. The Rangers then go on to Shot Dagon full of holes.

Agri, Moune, Luka, and Joe, for the most part just keep getting in each others way. However it is rather clear that this is only happening because both teams are thinking the same thing. Such as at one point Agri and Joe have Yogoshimacritein busy, so Luka and Moune both get on to two different roofs to jump him from behind. Of course the slam into one another in mid air. Yogoshimacritein then blows the teams away. Luka and Moune land together and they start to yell at the other for getting in the way.

They only stop fighting when they realize that they are saying the same thing at the same time. They then decided to work together, do a forearm bump, and then we cut to Joe and Agri. These two got knock into a building their talk pretty much goes; I don't like you, but your tough. Also I don't like Yogoshimacritein more, lets work together. This is the part where Luka and Moune dress in kimonos and pretend to be fans of Yogoshimacritein so Joe and Agri can get his weapon away. Then they go on to slice and dice Yogoshimacritein.

Alata and Marvelous are wondering how the hell Brajira can hit them when he can't see them. They keep eating energy blast, until Alata takes on to the chest and de-morphs. Marvelous tells Alata to take a break in a real snide way, just then another round of energy blast come. Marvelous pushes Alata out of the way and then jumps in front of a doorway and takes the blasts head on, he then falls and de-morphs. We then see that Marvelous was protecting some people frozen in time in that doorway.

More blast come right for Marvelous, but Alata blocks it with a Twist Storm, while the whirlwind is going Alata sees one of those eyebat things form Goseiger has been watching while cloaked. Alata then tells Marvelous to take five he got this, But he still offers Marvelous a hand up. The two of them then go to meet Brajira at the corner of Pay and Back.

So with the old bad guys defeated, the two teams are sent back to that good old rock quarry that Toei likes to use. There we see Black Cross King take a page from Basco book and uses the Ranger keys to call the old Rangers to attack the teams. Also at this time we find out that GoseiKnight's key had fell out of the box earlier in the movie, which Navi found and used to bring back GoseiKnight. So now is the time for the group transformation.

Anyways the fight starts and after taking out Sun Vulcan, the teams find out it is just like with Basco in which they have to beat them to turn them back into keys. However the old team wise up and use about 6 or 7 group attack to try and take out Gokaiger and Goseiger.

The teams jumps out of the explosion of the attack, and now the Goseigers are epic. At this point everyone takes out one Sentai by themselves. And if that wasn't enough, GoseiKnight takes on a ton of Sixth Rangers by himself, then the teams pair up by color then do the same thing with Green/black, pink/white, blue, Yellow, and Red. After all that there is still a good amount of old teams they need to take out so they hit them with both of their team attacks

At this time Black Cross King decides to get big and start to stomp on the rangers. Before they can all their robos the chest with Ranger Keys starts to glow and all the old teams from the past give then a pep talk. Marvelous response to this is, "Whatever just give me your power!" Then every Sentai team shows up behind Gokaiger and Goseiger, and then the Super Sentai Bazooka comes out of nowhere. It take both teams to hold the thing, at this time all the old team power the shot and Black Cross King gets hit in his face.

Then Black Cross King gets even bigger, which is about the time that the teams call their robos. However they are getting whipped pretty bad, and the people in the city watching the fight start to loss heart. At this time that kid from Goseiger, Nozomu gives them a pep talk and the whole start to chant Gokaiger, Goseiger.

At this time the kids watching the movie started to chant as well, and I pretty sure some older people were doing it too. Anyways at this point in the movie the toy Daidenjin that kid was play with and that broken Variblune start to glow. Next thing you know every robo come in to help. Black Cross King not one to be one upped call in a shit ton of final villains to give him a hand.

What happen next is the best Robo fight ever. With a mix of finisher spams, go old hacking and slashing, and some Combo attack. At the end of the fight the Goranger keys start to glow and GokaiOh gattai with Variblune. They then end the fight flying up high and cutting Black Cross King in half with a giant cutlass. After the battle Goseiger give back their keys say they now know they can trust Gokaiger with their powers.

The credits roll to the full Sentai rap showing all the old team either posing or doing something cool. Also you get to see Gokaiger and Goseiger hanging out on the Galleon. Don is showing Hyde the computer, Ahim and Eri enjoy some tea, Agri and Joe are arm-wrestling with Luka and Moune betting on them. All while Marvelous and Alata chill outside. After the credits the promos for the Kamen Rider OOO and Gokaiger Summer Movies aired.

The film is official over, but there are some things that the producers planned to do in the movie but failed to do it due to budget constraints, thus they decided to place those plans in the pamphlet.
  • Dead characters like Rio, Mele, Burai and ect were brought back to life to fight in the legend war. Who brought them back isn't clear. Apparently Rio and Mele being killed in the series and then revived to fight Long in Go-on vs Geki is mentioned in the pamphlet as something that happened, so this adds a bit more evidence that Gokaiger incorporates everything as "canon."
  • If Machiko Soga were still alive, they would have brought her back to reprise a roll as a villain in the movie. As far as I remember, she played two-three villains in Super Sentai, most notably Queen Hederian from Denziman and Witch Bandora from Zyuranger.
  • There was a massive battle that happened prior to what we saw in the Legend War where over 100 robots/giants fought against the Zangyack fleet. Many of the robots were destroyed or killed during this battle. This was also mentioned in an interview with the Director, Takemoto and was posted on 2ch long before the pamphlet came out.
  • The above potentially explains NinjaMan/SamuraiMan's in-continuity absence from the end of the Legend War that we saw. Note, NinjaMan can transform into his giant form called, SamuraiMan.
Special thanks to the anons from /m/ who shared these infos about the film!

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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  1. No way am I ever gonna read this without watching it first. I don't care how long I have to wait for the Blu-Ray download. No spoilers for me.

  2. soooo, how did they get powers like Goseigers and other non-seen keys?

  3. I thought Silver made a debut appearance ala Accel in Movie Wars 2010?

  4. GekiDan Says:

    Yep. You are right.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I can say that this didn't actually spoil everything. Most notably Gokai Silver cameo and Aka Red's appearance. Can't say Aka Red is not in the movie, since Gokaiger's credits shows Aka Red's spirit looking at the audience.

  6. Do we know what teams the gokaigers changed to? Aside from presumably fiveman

  7. I cannot wait to see this, so frustrating to wait. So are the Gorangers even in this besides during the Legend War, their name is in the title after all.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    the story similiar to ultraman gaia movies , where the ultraman toys came up live - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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