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Kamen Rider OOO Final Episode Director's Cut Revealed!

It's been months since the conclusion of Kamen Rider OOO and it was recently announced that a Director's Cut version of the last two finale episodes (episodes 47-48) will be released next year!

Called, "Kamen Rider OOO Final Episode", it will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on February 21 with the rental DVD copy on February 10. It comes with an audio commentary from Shu Watanabe who plays Eiji Hino / Kamen Rider OOO, director Ryuta Tasaki, writer Yasuko Kobayashi and producer Naomi Takebe.

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9 Responses
  1. Kamen Rider Thorn Says:

    I think this is a first for Kamen Rider... for there to be a director's cut for the final two episodes of a series...

    Regardless. I can't wait to see what changes and is added! maybe they'll extend Ankh's Farewell to Eiji and Hina.

  2. Kamen Rider Pro Says:

    No. Den-O is the first.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think the fight in the last episode will be extended because they didnt show Eiji to do henshin and Ankh taking his form. I also think Birth - Photype Birth and Satonaka's fight will also be extended. At the end it also had a cut if you noticed it. This cut is when Eiji reaches Earth with the help of Gotou and everyone comes closed to him and then he starts talk about Ankh and it shows EVERYONE including Hina going a bit away from Eiji but then like magic it shows Eiji with the half Medal and Hina with the other half. Hina's possition was too far where it should be and she didnt showed the half medal until then so she cant just put out the medal and go in the opposite position from where it 1st showed in just 1 secong. Because I know you havent understand the last one and I am sure I did some mistakes on this because Hina might have been too close to Eiji while other not and then she showed too far in just a second but check at the 21:10 minute of the episode and youll understand what I mean. Also I guess it will show that Hina gave the other half medal to Eiji and that Eiji decided to start traveling around the world. :)

  4. Jamtown Says:

    And decade was second.

  5. Jamtown - Part 2: the next revolution Says:

    After den-o that is, that other post appeared right as i posted mine lol. So i wanted to clarify that i was responding to those first 2 posts.

  6. @ Jamtown: The Decade one is a special edition, not a Director's Cut. In that edition, they added some effects and omitted some scenes and add some scenes for it to properly fit with Movie Wars 2010 aka Decade's true end.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    @ KR Pro and Jamtown. that's not what he meant exactly.

    I'm aware of the alternate ending of Decade episode 31, but that wasn't offically declared a director's cut. as for Den-o, I need proof that there was an announcement for a director's cut of the final episode of the tv series or a link to where I can see both versions of the same episode as I never heard of such a thing.

  8. GekiDan Says:

    Check out TVN. They released the director's cut version of Den-O's last few episodes.

  9. Jamtown - Part 3: final round Says:

    I was just under the impression that the decade special edition was a directors cut because it was labeled DC on the tvnihon torrent. I suppose i was mistaken. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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