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Kamen Rider Movie Wars MEGAMAX Film Summary

Kamen Rider Movie Wars MEGAMAX Theme Revealed!
Japan will finally see the most awaited Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & Fourze: Movie Wars MEGAMAX film this December 10th. Even with that said, the full summary, containing important parts in the movie, has been made available through Japanese boards.

Part 1: Beginning
A meteor falls down. The 7 Riders try and prevent Foundation X from taking SOLU. Kannagi manages to get the SOLU.

Kamen Rider Movie Wars MEGAMAX Summaries
Part 2: Kamen Rider OOO
40 years into the future, Kamen Rider Poseidon declares he's going to become a Kamen Rider Hunter. Miharu received a new belt and Core Medals from Kougami, found the Core Medals that disappeared at the final episode, absorbs them and goes crazy, taking the name Poseidon. He travels back in time through a time drift. Miharu received the Poseidon Driver because he felt he was weak and was afraid of water. Kougami believed this belt would help him.

Kamen Rider Movie Wars MEGAMAX Summaries
Kougami tells the Double Birth to fight him off, they lose. The Prototype Driver is broken permanently. Then tells Eiji to come back to Japan, as he's traveling around the world trying to find the Core Medals. At the airport, Eiji meets Ankh. They head over to Cous Cousier, Chiyoko welcomes them. Waste Yummies shows up.

Miharu and Poseidon splits apart into two different beings. Seems like Miharu had some sort of parasitic bond with the Core Medals. Not really explained why they split, Poseidon rampages even more. Miharu transforms into Aqua. Eiji gives Miharu a pair of tomorrow's underwear.

Movie Wars MEGAMAX
Ankh, takes the form of Eiji, as a strategy. Ankh doesn't possess Eiji. Together they manage to grab some Medals and Eiji goes Shauta. Aqua and Tajadoru finishes Poseidon off. Miharu returns to the future, Ankh disappears without anyone knowing. Foundation X shows up and attacks Team OOO. Grabs Poseidon's Medals and leaves.

Kamen Rider Movie Wars MEGAMAX Summaries
Part 3: Fuuto - The Secret Plot Advances
Shotaro chases after Foundation X (Supposedly a request from Eiji). Foundation X are transporting the SOLU somewhere else. While Phillip is busy researching, Shotaro transforms into Joker. As they fight, the SOLU leaks out from a capsule.

The Legendary Seven Riders are at some airport, fighting Kannagi. Kannagi overpowers them and turns them into Switches and Medals.

Kamen Rider Movie Wars MEGAMAX Summaries
Part 4: Kamen Rider Fourze
Nadeshiko falls down from the sky, Gentaro catches her and falls in love.

Foundation X team up with the Zodiarts, Fourze heads out to fight. Kamen Rider Nadeshiko shows up. Sadondas shows up to retrieve Nadeshiko, Nadeshiko turns into the SOLU Switch. Gentaro starts crying and screaming. Kamen Rider Club+Power Dizer shows up to fight.

At the very end of part four, Eiji appears and asks for Gentaro's help.

Movie Wars MEAGAMAX Spoilers
Part 5: Movie Wars MEGAMAX
A bunch of monsters are standing in front of Shotaro, Phillip, Eiji and Gentaro as they transform together. The three of them chase after Kannagi, they arrive at a warehouse and save the seven Riders. Fight against old monsters ensues. Special attacks are executed in a row, one after another.

Movie Wars MEAGAMAX Spoilers
Kannagi becomes Super Galaxy King by using Poseidon's Medals and the SOLU Switch.
Fourze takes Nadeshiko's Rocket Switch and goes into Rocket States. Miharu shows up and gives Eiji the Super Core Medals. The jingle is "Super Taka! Super Tora! Super Batta! Ta-to-ba, tatobatatoba, SU-PER!"

They fight Super Galaxy King as the medley plays. Report ends here, nothing about the conclusion was included.

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16 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    There's obviously more to it but...Ankh just...shows up?

    I mean before this point he is only a spirit.

    The return of Kamen Rider JOKER?!

  2. @ anonymous
    A previous summary said that Ankh was from the future.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So nadeshko and her actresss is just a glorified guest appearance? :(

  4. Anonymous Says:

    hope accel shows up

  5. Hopefully everything will be more explained in the Director's Cut.

  6. BossBanana Says:

    The jingle is "Super Taka! Super Tora! Super Batta! Ta-to-ba, tatobatatoba, SU-PER!

    Somehow I can hear Franky from One Piece Yelling SU-PER at the end of the jingle

  7. Anonymous Says:

    waiting for Joker's action.... XD

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Too bad W doesn't get a new form.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder how will they finish off Super Galaxy King

  10. Kisaragi Gentaro Says:

    of course they will finish it with Double Rocket State and Super TaToBa and I wonder if W will use Gold Xtreme together with OOO and Fourze to finish off Super Galaxy King.

  11. @Kisaragi Gentaro

    That would be awesome.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Well, so far, most of the new forms (tamashi, gold extreme) just include like 3 seconds of posing followed by their finisher. Quite anticlimatic, if you ask me.

    If this is going to be the trend, then I feel they should just drop it. Stop with all the rider cameos if trying to fit them in just dilutes the storyline.

    Personally, it seems the plot could be tighter if it was just W, OOO and fourze. From the reviews, it appears like what could otherwise have been an excellent concept is again marred by the producers trying to be gimmicky just for the sake of being gimmicky.

  13. Hell Says:

    Man I thought w would get a new form too like ooo and fourze since he also has a part of the movie to himself

  14. Anonymous Says:


  15. Wonder if they'll show Double again next year

  16. Anonymous Says:

    If Ankh is from the future that explains a few things.Anyway at the end of KR OOO Eiji went on a trip to find a way to restore Ankh's core medal,and I think Eiji's desire to once again reach out at Ankh's hand is what is keeping him(Ankh)alaive(sort of) - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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