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Akibaranger: A Sentai Aimed for Adults

Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger
After the full appearance of the the aforementioned unofficial Super Sentai, the Hikōnin Sentai Akibaranger (Unofficial Sentai Akihabara Rangers) had been revealed the other day, here are additional information:

The Super Sentai series have a glorious tradition that has been going for 36 years. But in its shadow there's a pile of discarded material, wild delusions and ulterior motives, which have been supporting the tokusatsu series without ever having the chance to actually shine in the open.

Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger
And now that tremendous chaotic power has finally burst out.
They are the “Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger”!

The main characters are three dwellers of the depths of the enthusiast gathering computer district, who inadvertently discovered the wicked existence threatening their town. Armed with the super equipment developed by the achingly beautiful and brilliant professor, they set out to destroy evil and protect their Holy Land of Akiba....

Hikōnin Sentai Akibaranger
Adding some new blood and abandoning the taboos and restrictions of the Super Sentai series, this is a forbidden series meant for adults. Good kids, stay away from this show. Got it?

According to reports, there are four main characters in the series:
  • Red:A boy. Very shy personality. Probably DT
  • Blue:A young lady with long black hair. Flat chest
  • Yellow:Brown hair. Huge breasts
  • Professor: Sexy older sister type. Loves pranks and wears glasses.
Furthermore, according to current rumors, the Akibaranger's secret base/hideout is a "Sentai Cafe," a Super Sentai version of the popular maid cafe in Japan.

Source: translated info from 4chan's /m/ board

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25 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm liking this more and more

  2. AlexEdge Says:

    well, I have watched Super Sentai seasons, so why not?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    saw this one coming a mile away, especially when they mentioned the series being marketed towards adult figure collectors.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hmm...the only guy is the Red...everyone else is a girl...

    Red:A boy. Very shy personality. Probably DT

    Forgive me for being a noob but what's "DT"?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    @anon above

    DT means virgin...
    Just like my comment on the previous thread

  6. blue 3rd Says:

    So this sentai is ecchi? interesting...

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Mao Ichimichi why don't you star in this too?!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    adult parody of super sentai

  9. Clog Says:

    I've noticed that most people are interested in this than gobuster...LOL!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    You got that right.. Got to watch this...

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Hmm...Sex Sentai...Interesting...Wait a minute!Are the Yellow,Blue and Professer going to sex Red the virgin until he cums?!
    Red:Ugn..I'm going to cum!
    All3 girls:Cum in us,we love u!
    Gobusters:Yuck...The new Japanese sex education...
    Gokaigers:Even we cannot stand this...
    All3 girls scream lile hell and filled with pleasure
    Red:Wanna try over 9000 more times?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Anon on top of me is me.
    What if bad guys are also interested in sex too?
    Maybe they are attacking the city just to have sex with some sexy girls in the town?
    That's why it's aimed for adults:It contains sexual content!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I hate to burst the bubble though this does sound good, but this is blatantly Toei trying to cash in on the 'Garo' market! I'm a massive Garo fan, so the only thing this has going is the possibility it's funny, and brown hair big breast being the only description for yellow (best bio ever!). Though I am interested, I wounder what scheduling will be? Garo is something like midnight mid week, and that is more just supernatural (zyuranger, anyone?), somewhat violent MA, and cheeky but tasteful nudity lol! Someone get TVN on the line!

  14. grey Says:

    Will the monsters have tentacles that rips the clothes/suits off of Yellow and Blue?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I want to see Saban's face when they're trying to make a Power Rangers series out of it, only to realise their target audience.

    Keep me imform once Saban actually did.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe their catchphrase will be "Let's Bang" or "Time to Bang" and they have a bazooka called the Threesome

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Hahhahahahahha hell yeah I smell hentai sentai

    Silver Wolf

  18. Anonymous Says:


  19. Jon H. Says:

    Why is it that I can see AkaRed (the personified, combined spirit of all Red Rangers) meeting these guys and bring like, "WTF? You're not a true Super Sentai!". Maybe that's why they're unofficial...

  20. Anonymous Says:

    It's so weired that they are making it for adults because recently iv been thinking that they should try to revive metal heroes for the adult market. Because the way I see it if they want adults to watch the should appeal to the nostalgia.

  21. Jaken Says:

    hah, found the ones this reminds me of:

  22. Anonymous Says:

    How is this cashing on GARO? GARO is gory, violent, serious and horror-themed. Akibaranger is a silly, semi-porn parody. Just because they are both aimed at adults, they're not the same thing

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Gonna laugh hard when people are disappointed. I'm probably the only person that doesn't like the design, namely the helmets. I just find them absolutely hideous! I'll be going in for at least one episode though, I'm not close-minded like the majority of the community (And what I mean by that is the people that say "That suit looks stupid! I'm not gonna watch this!"). :V

  24. Kivaaz Says:

    I dont think this would be porn related bcoz the yellow is only 16 i dont think they will show porn or things like that......

  25. Anonymous Says:

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