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BLEACH Anime Confirmed to End at Episode 366

Bleach Ichigo
Newtype Magazine's online edition had confirmed the previous magazine listing reports that the supernatural anime, BLEACH will be ending this month. Listed as the "FINAL EPISODE" of the tv series is Episode 366.

WebNewtype usually does not mark series which are known to have split seasons, or are going on a known hiatus, as having final episodes between seasons. The last two episodes are as follows:

Episode 365: Ichigo vs. Ginjō! Secret of the Substitute Badge - 03/20
Episode Final: Changing History, Unchanging Heart - 03/27

Bleach Anime Wallpaper
So far, there haven't been any confirmation if BLEACH will have a new series, similar to Naruto Shippuden, in the future after the manga has gone further. One thing is for sure, the anime will be ending this March 27th.

The BLEACH anime series is currently on their 16th season, also known as the Lost Substitute Shinigami arc. It is set seventeen months after the teenager Ichigo Kurosaki lost his Soul Reaper powers and meets a man known as Kugō Ginjō who proposes him to recover them.

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176 Responses
  1. sad to see this anime ends :(

  2. Anonymous Says:

    good to hear that this series really have an "ending"

    time for kubo tite to write something new

  3. Anonymous Says:

    to anonymous above me, only the anime is ending. kubo is still writing the manga which has just entered its final arc which kubo said will last around 3 years. so.... he isn't writing anything new soon

  4. mongoloidroid Says:

    What will happen to the final arc of the manga? will it become an ova?
    just hope it becomes like a naruto shippuden, they say the final arc will be the longest...

  5. Anonymous Says:

    @Anon #2

    Really? Kubo said that the final arc will last 3 years? I'm.. Oh... I' mlost for words... @__@

  6. Anonymous Says:

    No more bankai..wuwu..

  7. Anonymous Says:

    to 1st anonymous,

    that's right, only the anime is ending. why would you think that the manga is ending too when ichigo just got his new power, which does not make any sense?? if kubo wants to end bleach completely, he would have done that during aizen arc when ichigo lost his shinigami power.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Well bollocks, looks like I'll have to get current with the anime and manga... and then Watch the Final Episode.

    And wonder what the hell have I been doing for the last 4 years watching the show...

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Any news on Katekyo Hitman Reborn?

  10. The manga is ending....they announced that they are on final arc of the series...This anime ending thing doesnt make sense when the anime is so close to the series's end

  11. Anonymous Says:

    did they really have to replace bleach with a dumbass rock lee spin off?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    This isn't really the ending that everyone was looking for...the manga continues straight after the current arc of the anime. This isn't a resolution so much as a, "Ehhh...good enough." And also, Tite Kubo ISN'T writing something else. The manga is still continuing.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    It should've ended after the Aizen arc, honestly.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Fuck off, Bleach! Good riddance! I'll spit on your grave you piece of shit!

    And holy shit, did anybody think Anon 2 knew that and was just saying after he's done? Good lord! Get off a dude's dick.

  15. Davide Says:

    Bleach Aizen Arc = DBZ
    The rest to the End = DBGT..... ¬¬
    Rest in Peace, Ichigo.....

  16. Anonymous Says:

    man... Bleach is my favorite anime at this time, I was hopping it to have fillers about the full-bringers past life at least u.u

    R.I.P. Bleach: a great anime, even with 3 fillers arcs

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Wonder when One Piece will end. Lol xD Probably in a couple more years, or "D-D-Decade"s.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    he will be working on his other manga title zombie dust (or maybe its called zombie powder?) as he works ALONG bleach's final arc. new chapters of zombie dust will not be released until after bleach.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    First KHR, now bleach? I would pretty much prefer detective conan to put an end though..Since the author already killed lots of people..(^^")

  20. Anonymous Says:

    urgh bleach is horrible, it cant be compared to DB or Naruto... it never had any other goal but to show ¨cool¨ characters fighting each other, the arcs rexycle themselves over and over again, no sense od direction, the anime is even worse because of al the filler arcs...

  21. mOsArt Says:

    Goes to show the above comment is a thought less with no imagination, individual...Bleach is and will continue to be AWESOME!!....It has always Competed with Naruto ...and I wondered when Naruto Stepped up with Shippuuden...I said...will Bleach Do the same? It just coasted because it really took over to a degree or say leveled the playing field with the ending of the Eisen Saga....Now...WATCH him have the Final Arc as a Anime as out last Naruto and the Action as well....I LOVE Naruto Shippuuden....but Kubo for some reason to me has been a competitor as well as a writer..and he like most childhood fans ...believe His SuperPowered Hero can beat His (Naruto) SuperPowered Hero....

  22. Retarded Anons Says:

    @Anonymous(above the comment above mine) LOL YA CAUSE NARUTO AND DBZ TOTALLY WEREN'T JUST TRYING TO SHOW OFF COOL CHARACTERS FIGHTING... You're just a hater. You can't appreciate a good anime. You can't accept that when something better comes along then it's time for you to just move on. It's so easy to break something down to the barebones. Naruto, ninjas, chakra shit and fighting with cool powers. DBZ, super strong aliens who look like humans fighting with cool powers... IT'S THE SAME. If you'd bothered to actually WATCH the anime, then you would know otherwise. But you're too ignorant.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Good riddance, piece of shit anime. Hopefull the manga ends next.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    i think bleach will have a new show like what they did to naruto. the manga is still on going so i think they are just on a break before they launch a new bleach show

  25. Anonymous Says:

    I also agree with the anonymus above this. Just the way 366 ended the way Ichigo and Ruika say good-bye. Also he had just regained his soul reaper power's if he was unable to regain them is one thing as he did is another. Plus it's one of the top anime out there why let it die now. While I agree that thay could do better with the filler's the rest is great. For though's of you who didn't like it nor cared for it not to be mean if you don't like it don't watch it or read it it's your choice!

  26. Anonymous Says:

    2 anyone who said that they are glad that this anime finally has ending ur wrong. This is a beast ass anime and it should never go away, and if it did i should end with a beast ass ova. I still hope they are makin a new season, like in Naruto, because an epic anime like this should never go away.

  27. CH Says:

    Bleach creator had earned more than enough. Time to move on!

  28. Anonymous Says:

    honestly if u didnt like the anime then why are u checking to see if its realy done or even wasting your time to make a post on the show ending

  29. Anonymous Says:

    What can you say the idiot's are not all that bright by wasteing there time. By watching it even thou thay don't like the show then bitch about how bad it is. Anyway I myself think it's very possable that after a break for the manga to farther alonge to do like Nartuo had done. If he was going to fully end it why keep going after Ichigo lost his soul reaper power's. Why wait till just after he regained them?

  30. Anonymous Says:

    i agree that they should have ended with the aizen arc, sad to see it end though. i'm sure there will be another bleach series. sidenote, i wish they would make another claymore

  31. Anonymous Says:

    the cry of sorrow! wtf now i have to find new anime...or watch all over again :/

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Kubo wont make a mistake like this
    they will make a new season like Naruto Shippuden
    ending proof it


    and about haters
    haters gonna hate fuk off

    bleach will continue
    everybody knows it

  33. Anonymous Says:

    all fucking bleach haters are really stupid wasting their time commenting on a series they hate, fuckers.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Im jus glad he brought back Neliel (in the manga anyway)
    if this show really ended without bringing her back somehow then shame on Kubo san
    but he knows what we want and that the show must go on..(thru the manga for now anyway)

  35. Anonymous Says:

    i hope they reconsider cuz bleach is the best anime in the universe to stop it is to take away every thing that's good damn!a lot of people hurting right now

  36. Anonymous Says:

    we need bleach even a season 17 we must have more

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Naruto is shit.... why do all the good things end?!!!! I would prefer seeing most of other animes end; anyway BLEACH was the only one worth looking unless you are a 13 yr old

  38. Anonymous Says:


  39. Anonymous Says:

    Fml. This is horse shit. I love this anime series. Hopefully it will start again

  40. Anonymous Says: ain't over yet.i thought there's more 10 yrs of bleach. Dunno where i read that.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    how can they do this to us i don't wanna see bleach end i wanna see Aizen i brake out of the soul society i wanna she kenpachi use bankai urahara bankai to i wanna she the little girl with the pink hair fight they can't do this to us :( :'(

  42. Anonymous Says:

    I'm not happy Bleach has ended. Not happy at all. This is an outrage!

  43. Anonymous Says:

    My name is Ichigo and im very good friends with the author Of bleach. insider leak for all with a million questions Bleach the anime is not over pending the success of the manga in the final arc of the series. Well mr Ichigo what could possibly be better than the idea of the Aizen arc ?!?!?! well folks (= you didn't hear this from me but... The last arc in the series Is going to revolve around a final war between a certain main character.. the hollow of all hollows oh and the king of the soul society... and you think you know what badass spiritual pressure is hahahahahaha Enjoy (=

  44. XIII Says:

    To all the Haters,H8N on Bleach,You'll Arnt true anime fans at all,u dont even deserve to be posting comments koz u know jack_sh*t! Bleach was a brilliant Anime and will nevr be 4gtn like DBZ,Naruto,One Piece,Hellsing,Medabots etc! Rather than h8n,Y not appreciate it?
    *Also Bleach Haters,Fuck u all!!! fukn Pricks! i wud love 2 kick ul's ass'z! nd i know many others wud join in 2! Suck-a-dick bitchez!

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Wow I never thought there would be an end... /: it's sad really I spent the last like 6 years of my life following the bleach series. Makes me kinda sad. Nothing will ever take it's place. It don't feel fair.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    I have seen a lot of people say that bleach is over at 366 but how do we know where's the proof? There must be something I'm missing. If there is will someone tell me where the proof of the best show I have ever watched or followed for like 6 years is over. <------- that is my yahoo plz someone tell me why it's ending and how you know plz.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Gah, Bleach better not be a repeat of DBZ. So much you didnt see n they end it. Hat and Clogs didnt go Banki, We get to learn nothing on kenpachi learning his zanpacto name, dont get to hear about ichigos dad much nor ishidas dad much, we dont get to see Aizen go banki, we dont get to see so many other peoples banki, not even the head captain, like shit man, dont tease us like that, im forced to start watching Naruto now cause of you! And dont give no none sense like "oh the viewers on the television was not high enough compare to the other animes" like wtf, it was in the the top still, the only reason is cause we got more mature older people watching this raw shit. We didnt even see Ichigo Hollowfy after reaching his new level.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Everyone on here that says bleach sucks needs to go to a shrink and find out why they are so backwards ... next you're gonna say up is down, and left is right, and priests dont molest little boys ... bottom line, Bleach was one of the greatest animes of all time, the concept was new and innovative, kubo appreciated other cultures by adding spanish to the hollow world because he thought that the language was exciting, he gave Chad a mexican background wich was pretty cool, they did filler arcs so that kubo could write more stories instead of ending the anime prematurely like gantz and soul eater, and a few other mangas that the anime caught up to the books and they just had a filler arc to end the story because they didnt know what was comming next, and naruto has had way more filler arcs than bleach, and DBZ which everybody considers the best of all time also had filler arcs, and most importantly it wasnt a "LOVE" story like every other tv show to ever exist, Dragonball was decent, DBZ was great, but Goku having a family, and then Vegeta who was supposed to be the baddest man in the universe fell in love and had children, it made the show less fun, and GT was just garbage ... I love Bleach and hope they at least make the final arc into an OVA like Saint Seiya did ...

  49. Anonymous Says:

    the final arc is a battle between the Shinigami and the Quincy

  50. Anonymous Says:

    for me bleach ended after the arrancar story anyway...actually it REALLY ended after soul society..then everything started going downhill.

    It was a great show, but it doesn't deserve the popularity it's got. people should watch more soul eater and grayman...

  51. Anonymous Says:

    this is fukkin bullshit bleach cant end like that, damn it i wanna see how badass hollowfied ichigo is with his new powers and what zangetsu has to say to ichi. oh yeah fukk you bleach haters sukk a dick. naruto ain't shit compared to bleach, bleach is the best anime ever.......

  52. Anonymous Says:

    It's so sad that it ended honestly one of my favorite animes of all time!:' )

  53. Anonymous Says:

    they should have ended whit aizen, but no. this is some shity ending dudes.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    Shame to see the Anime end, Ive enjoyed watching it over all these years :( ...
    And to the haters... If you hate Bleach so much then why comment? Ignore it if you hate it ? Honestly >.<
    Bleach will be in my heart forever
    <3 Lets just hope it ends like Naruto ... Or even better... Lets hope they surprise us all and make another season of Bleach :)
    I hate it when stuff leaves in cliffhangers. It Should have ended at Aizens Arc when Ichigo lost his shinigami power but I also love more episodes :) !! <3

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Bleach was a great anime and it deserves both respect and recognition, whether it truly is ending or not I don't know; but I do recall reading somewhere that Tite Kubo wanted Bleach to continue for atleast 10 years... I for one support him if he decieds to go through with that decision (;

  56. Anonymous Says:

    The series will hopefully continue if not there is something with the Word Anime because bleach represents the word Anime

  57. Anonymous Says:


  58. Anonymous Says:

    What is the best and comment ur answer naruto bleach onepiece or reborn

  59. bleachfan1115 Says:

    I totally agree with you! I'd like to see so much more of bleach! But I guess I'll have to start with the manga...

  60. bleachfan1115 Says:

    Can you please tell us when the rest of the anime will be aired?

  61. bleachfan1115 Says:

    I'll join... :'(

  62. Anonymous Says:

    Bleach was an awesome anime but the long filler arcs threw me for a loop! I almost wanted to skip if it weren't for the fact that at least one episode in a filler arc contained key story info -.-

  63. Anonymous Says:

    This was my all time fav show I wish it didn't have to end bring it back I know there is more that can be done!!!!!!

    Ps F U all y'all haters

  64. Anonymous Says:

    For those of you who are glad the anime is ending, calling it a piece of shit. Why the hell do you care it's ending? Seriously, if you dont like it, then simply dont watch it.
    And on another note, for those who compare it to dbz/naruto - Most anime ruyns along the same basis. Good guy beats bad guy, new bad guys shows, g.good guy gets stronger = cycle repeats. However, good anime's give each character a decent past which brings a bond between the viewer and the character. Bleach. like naruto has that therefore they both are badass animes

  65. Anonymous Says:

    I hope they make a new series like naruto shippuden

  66. Anonymous Says:

    bleach, naruto and DBZ are all respected good anime.. yes quite lengthy but very enjoyable, if u don't like it, it really is simple don't watch it.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    Welcome to the future . Time to rewatch!

  68. Anonymous Says:

    OMFG i don t care about the stupid manga i wanna watch the animeeeee!!!!!!!I WAN T TO WATCH BLEACH!!!!! GIVE ME BLEAAACH

  69. Anonymous Says:

    The way the manga is going I could easily see a Bleach movie to wrap up Season 17 The Shinagami Vs. Quincy War. As long they explain Isshin's backstory. Ichigo going I don't care you'll tell me when you tell me is bullcrap.

  70. Anonymous Says:

    for fuck sake stop compareing animes!
    everyone has diffrent taste and everyone should love and hate whatever they want.

    sorry for saying thins but for all those DBZ freeks and fags, how is DBZ better than bleack or naruto or OP? there should be only 1 legendary SS in DBZ but fuck me even small shitface like gotten tranks and others became SS. and then the ranking of Super siyens were like SS1, SS2 and it would have continued to SS100 if the fucking anime had not endid.

    so you fucking peace of craps stop comparing animes.

    watch that fucking Niger on youtube thats trying to change him self to SS :). I can tell that he never became SS but his pants on the other hand .

    Fucking DBZ and Goku with his SS100 Lame fucking way of becoming stronger and getting just a new fucking number besides the SS.
    Dont forget that everyone was the legendary SS in the end.

  71. Anonymous Says:

    why? why? why? no more bleach no yoruichi-sama,no banki, no gatsuga, no sting your enemies to death,no byakuya bo what the hell?

  72. Anonymous Says:

    If bleach does not continue i will personally fly to japan and kick some ass.....not really ill probably just cry alot

  73. Anonymous Says:

    To all your people calling others "Haters" just because they have some critisims about bleaceh kill me "Well if you don't like it don't watch it" Lame argument,horrible logic.Im sure those who yall consider "haters" like the show or even once loved it,but they realize just like everything else it's not perfect and has flaws they just choose not to ignore it and speak on it...personally the show started to go down hill after aizen,and it should have ended sure as alot of you grow older yall gone look back and say to yourselves "man,bleach was not nearly as good as I remember" thats to those that claim they want it to "go on forever". Honestly thats the problem with alot of anime series especially shonen,they don't know when to quite,stop before the story just over does itself.Give me a 26 episode anime with a great story,great action,relatable characters,and good plot over a 366 episode + anime with repetitive,recycled fights,stories,plots,and flat chracters anyday.In this case Bleach has become the latter.People just need to know when to retire a good horse while it still has life,despite how popular it is.

  74. Anonymous Says:

    Bleach was awesome and while keeping up with the manga, it just gets better and better so i hope it kicks of again as an anime, great enough to parallel N.S which has to be more or less the best anime/manga out right now.

  75. Man,i love this anime,it's really sad 4 me 2 see it end

  76. Anonymous Says:

    Who ever is glad that Bleach is ending screw them. BLEACH IS THE BOMB! CONITUE BLEACH! MAKE EVERYONE LOVE IT.

  77. Anonymous Says:

    For someone hating bleach its odd u spending ur time on a bleach page loser.

  78. Anonymous Says:

    Bleach has noting in common with dbz. Dbz for loser 7 graders that like to see guys yell aaaaahhh and shoot energy out of there butt for 30 min. at a time week after week.

  79. Anonymous Says:

    Hope everyone knows if enough people complain enough they will bring it back. It happens lots before with futurama and family guy. They just need to see theres enough money in bringing it back. Everything is just money. And with enough fans behind it someone will produce it to make the money

  80. Anonymous Says:

    Yo man everybody who says it should be stopped must be.burn themself to ashes. Bleach represend the word "anime" and it shouldnt be stoped canceled or whatever the manga is going on the arc is frighing awsome quincys who are raping the captains and steal their bankai. And zaraki is going to.rape al quincys ^^ so read the manga and send an email to.shonen.or.whatever one for alk and al for one.

  81. Anonymous Says:

    The only thing that really pissed me off is that through the whole anime yachiru nevr bankid or got into a serios fight

  82. Anonymous Says:

    way happens to kon

  83. Anonymous Says:

    Was surprised to see bleach had a ending, looking at the comment dates guess i'm a little behind on the news though

  84. Anonymous Says:

    I agree there has been some epic episodes(aizen vs shaigo getsuga tensho, ichigo vs kugo before his fullbring was completed, ichigo vs jidanburu and my personal fav issin vs the grandfisher psuedo arrancar). Its a shame to see it end. Bt is even sadder that the poor sap that keeps on dissin the show will never understand the big contribution bleach made to anime and manga

  85. Anonymous Says:

    Mannnn dude I want them to make new showssss!!!!!! I really luv dis showwww

  86. Anonymous Says:

    I don't want da creator of bleach end itt!!!!!! I luv dis show soooo muchh!!!! Nd if he doesn't make more imama cry!!!!!!!

  87. Anonymous Says:

    Initially it was good but after that its too draggy... not much story developement only fight and fight~
    Too much fillers~

    The manga author still dragging the story for 3 more years~

    I think it ended cause of drop in audience~ you can see their merchadises already somehow like stopped, very few~

    Sponsors for the anime had no ways to earn money of cause they need to stop the anime~

  88. Anonymous Says:

    Dear people who decided to cancel please reconsider because there is just so Mutch you could do with this story and it is a idea in modern media only seen in this specific way plus how manny people have been disappointed do to end if nothing else I ask of a more proper ending not just because I'm a fan and I've been watching since episode one but because of all the fans who will truly miss this anime and for those like me in most sircemstances and won't take the time to even post anything for any reason and I ask so I can constantly be reminded why I started to watch over and over again so don't let this end like inyuasha or kekyshi ( I know not spelled right) so please make more episodes for the fans the people that truly enjoy the story or for the feeling in your guts that you made people happy

  89. bleach is great!im sad to hear all this terrible news... and to the people that dont like bleach all the reasons your giving make kubo tite seem like he sucks at writing. his tories are really good. also manga and anime arent regular books! their art! having awesome characters battle is part of the point! to show off those art skills not storytelling.

  90. Anonymous Says:

    I've enjoyed bleach since I first got introduced to it, it's a shame it ended te way it did I was quite disappointed seeing as ichigo has just got his powers back and can see everyone again. Would have been nice to see other captains again and see how people's powers have changed (just look at renji) and to see other captains bankai's and not just hitsugyia's and komaruras who seems to use it whenever they can. Would have been cool to see who's got promoted or something like that

  91. Anonymous Says:

    I really loved Bleach...I think it should be considered a crime or something to just end it like that :I

  92. Bleach is the best anime I ever watched. I watched every episode 4 times. I also love the games. Don't let this end

  93. I think I'm going to cry... I love watching Bleach. I guess I will have to go buy the hole series so I can re-watch it. So sad :( guess us girl geeks have to find another anime.. just in case the writers are reading. Please keep Bleach going....

  94. Bleach you will beforever loved, bleach is the best show I've ever seen this anime is the best, I wish that it would continue I have watched it since episode one, episode after episode it kept me wanting more and more, there is no other anime that will compare

  95. Bleach you will beforever loved, bleach is the best show I've ever seen this anime is the best, I wish that it would continue I have watched it since episode one, episode after episode it kept me wanting more and more, there is no other anime that will compare

  96. Anonymous Says:

    Its really sad to see this anime end, its one of the animes that got me through middle and high school and still through some college! I always enjoyed it and wont forget it. The only part I didnt like was the weirdos who can make copies of them and then make all the captains fight each other against themselves, that was probably the worst part but everything else was awesome! Looking forward to finding something like Bleach but I highly doubt it...

  97. Anonymous Says:

    I believe they will make more bleach. After I heard Ichigo's request to the Head Captain and why he made that request, It felt like to me that its something he wanted to do especially after bonding more with his bankai. It was horrible for bleach to end the way it did but keep in mind. Ginjo only took Ichigo's powers while he had fullbring. When he regained his spiritual pressure, it was from the head captains, captains and leutinents of the 13 court guards. None of them possessing fullbring. It is indeed sad that his battle with Ginjo was his final one because hirako and the others have returned to the soul society. But it just puzzles me as to why end it with Ichigo possessing pure soul reaper powers and not with the final battle with Aizen? That was by far the best battle I have seen Ichigo in.. Regardless of what the manga says, Bleach is nowhere near done. Too many questions need to be answered.

  98. Anonymous Says:

    I'm a bit miffed that bleach is ending like this. It's cool how they didn't really go out with a bang, but at the same time it's irritating that there's no more anime but the manga is still going on. A final bleach movie should be made out of the last arc (yes i know how long kubo says this arc will last) as a like an epic 2-2 1/2 hour movie. That would be pro to leave us with a kick ass movie to watch over and over and over again. The talk about the new anime gives me mixed feelings. I don't see why people want it to be like naruto shippuden. I don't want to watch a second-rate knock off from my favorite manga writer. Let naruto be naruto and write something that will shadow both naruto and bleach.

  99. Prache Says:

    Bleach hasn't ended only the anime has. The manga still continues. Its the final arc though. An all out war between shinigami and Quincy.

  100. Anonymous Says:

    First, no one here who has posted about naruto shipuuden even understands the reason for it's new name or obvious differences between it and the first naruto series.

    Second, both are good series in their own way. Ignorance speaks out about the imperfections of a single series while ignoring equivilant discrepancies within the proposed favorite show.

    Third, DBZ should have been left out of this comparison entirely, unless you are wanting to compare length of new content to episode ratios and filler quality. I enjoyed it, I enjoy my memories of it too much to watch it again, a full season of naruto filler made me sad. Move on with my life? Sure!

    Lastly, talk isn't sales numbers, for the producers to hear your pleas you will need to put your money where your mouth is and buy product. For those of you old enough to understand my next comment I applaud you, 'there is no third Chrono Trigger game for this exact reason, talk doesn't make for good sales numbers.'

    Thanks for bearing with my rant, I shan't return to check on replies, those of you who respond with anything requiring a response have been trolled.

  101. Anonymous Says:

    if bleach does end at 366 then it relly shows animetors have a.d.d.and it will end up like the other 50,000 anime that just puttred out we should b used 2 it by now

  102. darsh Says:

    sad to know that bleach has now ended.

  103. Anonymous Says:

    Is it possible for the anime to continue if more than enough people complain and start sending complains?

  104. Anonymous Says:

    i blieve that they might release a new bleach series, but it will be at least a year. remember the people who make bleach must come up with a new concept, they would need one that will last a least a few seasons to keep it running. i believe it will be after naruto hits a slow point after this current season. and if bleach does come out it will most likely contain aizen escaping his prison.

  105. Anonymous Says:

    bleach PLZ come back.It shouldn't and like this............

  106. Anonymous Says:

    Bleach should never end at least not now there are too many questions unanswered and to those who say it should end now may you be sliced by tensa zangetsu and be hit with Getsuga Tenshou.

  107. Anonymous Says:

    Bleach is/and will be one of the best anime around.Its not like most anime now where it revolves around a weak main character,or anime that always have some female either being completely sexual or obsessed with the main character.Im not saying all anime is like,just a sh*t load.If bleach does not have a season 17 then its gonna be hard finding another anime that can take its place.

  108. This is horrible. I believe they should start season 17 by going into the future after Ichigo has died of old age. The thirteen squads should be sent out into the lower districts of the Soul Society to find him, but when they get to him, he should have no memory of his previous life as a substitute soul reaper. Not to mention, the soul society's poor districts should be waring with the Seritei, and they should be lead by a masked warrior who ends up being Ichigo's father in the end (who also lost his memory). The first bit should be structured around finding Ichigo and him trying to regain the bond between himself and Zangetsu. The only way for Ichigo and his father (who is under a controlling spell) to regain their memory and true powers is for Zangetsu and Engetsu to cross blades with full force, breaking them on eachother. (releasing Engetsu who is absorbed into Zangetsu, creating a new and stronger identity for Ichigo's zampakuto-this would make up for his lack of hollowfication)

  109. Anonymous Says:

    Bleach is awsome. I start from ep one and watch it all the way through every once and a while. Working on eng dubbed episodes now. Every anime has an end and its always sad to see them go. But there's always a new and exiting one that comes out later! I have to say though it should at least finish 100%. Stopping at I major turning point in the story is not very nice to those of us who love a good story, anime or manga alike. I vote to reinstate bleach as an anime and finish it off.

  110. Anonymous Says:

    why the fuck is bleach ending like this it's dullshit right

    and fuck you haters you can go fuck yourselfs and end up dead on the side of the road stuid bitches

    bleach is the fuckin best anime ever

  111. Anonymous Says:

    Should at least have another season with ichigo new powers. at least end it with a bang.

  112. Anonymous Says:

    To anybody that thinks DBZ is always about aliens fighting aliens you need to check your facts go back and watch the first 3 seasons of dragon ball and I don't mean dragon ball z i meant dragon ball. Here Is another fact naruto copied DBZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Anonymous Says:

    I just need to say one thing. I have absolutely loved this show. It is my favorite and nothing will live up to it. As for Naruto, I love that show too. I cannot stand DBZ.

  114. Anonymous Says:

    That sucks hope they no they are disappointing lots of fans. wish they could see that they are losing money without it which is stupid on there behave to say the least. also most people that I know prefer to watch instead of reading a comic book no no a fence to those who enjoy reading manga I sometimes do but feel as though its better and easier to watch

  115. Anonymous Says:

    Ichigo will fight as long as there exists an audience to protect. Have faith, people!

  116. it pains me to see a good anime end if anything ill settle for Grimjow and Nel coming back in the manga

  117. Anonymous Says:


  118. Pliss bring bleach and history strongest kenichi back...i begging.. :-X-(

  119. Anonymous Says:

    Hey guys I've been major fan of bleach and naruto for years I have pretty much all their movies on dvd and have all their episodes as well
    And I follow the manga versions as well
    but I've been bit behind since my computer broke mid last year and my new job kept me busy but now its fixed and I got online to get up to date only to discover;

    Bleach has been the best anime I even enjoyed the filler archs they were funny at times and kept me company and entertained

    even after all my friends quit watching the show I continued with it and now they are all begging me to lend them my bleach dvds
    cause they wanna watch it again
    How the hell can they end it I am so disappointed

    But on another note I am glad it ends when ichigo gets his powers back if it really is over

    as a strong heroic character and protector of the people he loves and all his friends

    It wouldn't be fair to him or them if they left him completely powerless in the end how else will he go on to protect everyone even though we aren't allowed to watch him do him do it anymore
    It leaves a good feeling in my heart for the characters that in the end he still remains the same ichigo we all know and love
    I sincerly hope they bring back bleach it makes me feel a little sad to see it end
    even if as a brand new season or show
    so many characters we didn't get to know very well I will miss zarakei and the pink haired girl And captain hitsugaya I was really looking forward to seeing iceboy and ichigos sister get together
    or maybe have her come into the shinigami world with ichigo and be on hitsugaya's squad

    They are my favorite characters after ichigo and rukia

    Blue fire crash down, from rukia bankai hollowfication from ichigo and zarakei goes crazy and chops and slices down forever and always on the heads of haters of bleach
    Bleachlover signing off

  120. Anonymous Says:

    where do i complain?? love this anime one of my favorites!!!!!

  121. Anonymous Says:

    Why? There's so much that's we haven't see in anime form yet. Captain Yamamoto's bankai,Kenpachi's zanpaktou speaking, squad 0,Ichigo's latent quincy powers, not to mention all other cool stuff that has yet to have been touched on. They shouldn't be allowed to do this.

  122. Oh no! I don't want it to end :( this is such an amazing show! :'(

  123. Anonymous Says:

    Just no.

  124. Anonymous Says:

    WTF? I had no idea this has happened... But Anime Crazy doesn't have this as a current series (Can't be too sad with JJBA on the scene now) xD

    Oda's and Kishimoto's series are still going. I just hope Bleach doesn't pull a veritable Ruroken! (DAMN YOU DEEN!)

  125. Anonymous Says:

    If you guys are glad it ended then why are you on this site.Better yet,why were even paying attention to the anime in the first place.There are animes i dont like that has probably ended and i dont know about it because i dont give a shit.So why should you people that dont like Bleach give a shit.

  126. WTF to Who dont appreciated MANGA ,
    if u all so creatif y dont u created ur own manga,,

  127. Anonymous Says:

    Hey bleach will be back u can count on that, look at the ending what one fight with his powers coming back? What about the other two sitting on the hill (names to hard to remember). Theres going to be more to come just watch for it I give it till next year around this time. So to all u hates that dont know crap back of and watch ur spoongbob fagpants, leave this area for true manga fans, go watchin ur nick jr.

  128. The manga has finally begun to answer so many questions. Aizen is back out, Ichigo finally learns his past, the old man Yama is dead. The manga is setting up to conclude the storyline. I doubt if this is the end. One more arc, and it would end anyway. I expect to see it back next season.

  129. Eric Says:

    I hope it comes back. I have all of the DVDs that they released. I buy mines from amazon as soon as it is available

  130. Anonymous Says:

    Bring it back dammit!!!

  131. Anonymous Says:

    They probably don't care what the viewers want because they've made so much money already and are continuing to do so off the Manga. But hopefully they will release the last season or arc or whatever after the Manga concludes. Maybe an ova. I'd say it's hands down the best Manga/anime made so far

  132. Anonymous Says:

    firstly people who hate bleach please dont post cause honestly the best anime ever and i cheack every day for it as a sign of hope that new episodes come so dont go showing negitve comments cause u dinn like the show

  133. Anonymous Says:

    Show sucks
    don't be a whiny bitch

  134. Anonymous Says:

    Oh god. I believe you're incorrect.
    Firstly, naruto does that a lot, and that's pretty much the basis of dbz.
    Secondly,dbz has had many failures in its seasons , so don't even try to compare it to bleach. To be honest, dbz is more of a drone.

  135. Anonymous Says:

    If you guys dont have another anime to run to except Naruto SHip, One piece, and Fairy tail I suggest you people watch HUnter x hunter I've always been a Bleach fan but I want to wait while watching another cool anime so my heart wont ache on waiting, I really suggest you watch this anime Hunter X Hunter 2011

  136. Anonymous Says:

    I really am EXCITED, clearly after this end of Bleach there will be something like Bleach extension like Shippuden. But waiting for it to come is really a dreadful season, so that's why I need to search a new anime because I've watched all the episodes of other popular animes except for Hunter X HUnter 2011 this anime is a good time passer for waiting next Bleach Show.

  137. Anonymous Says:

    I Hella agree with you on this, if you ppl don't like bleach why would you even waste your time bitching about it on this site? Lol
    There are amines i don't like but i don't go around dissing them, just seems a bit lame

  138. Anonymous Says:

    To all you HATERS

    First of all bleach is the second most popular anime of this generation

    Second of all your opinion is completely null and void because facts speak louder than you're bickering

    Third of all ALL you HATERS just make bleach more popular by Talkin all that shit

    Sooo keep up the hate HATERS

  139. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly, for a long time I felt that Bleach had gone downhill to never come back, but I've been reading the newest arc with the quincys (quincies?) and it is actually kinda cool! Ichigo's quincy heritage, "White" the hollow becoming Ichigo's true zanpaktou, the relationship between Juha Bach and Zangetsu. It has me intrigued in ways I had not felt during the fullbringer arc. I really hope the anime comes back after the manga ends.

  140. Please bring this BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Been watching since episode 1

  141. Anonymous Says:

    bring it back plzzz I can't READ !!!!

  142. Anonymous Says:
    I need to know....
    gyahhhhh! Does ichigo get another upgrade in his bankai? How strong is yachiru? What happened to hiyori???
    does his hollow form have anymore upgrades?????
    this is just...
    I dont know what to do with my life...

  143. Anonymous Says:

    I've been keeping up with the manga week to week and I've gotta say it's still FANTASTIC! There's no doubt that once the anime will start back up. There's just not enough material to start without putting constant filler in.

    And seriously to the idiots whining about this being a bad anime... there's no way you've watched or read any of this... You're losers...

  144. I don't think it will end remember well the arrancars got sent to hell they left that part unfinished

  145. Anonymous Says:

    Lets hope the anime is back soon cuz we already waited 1 year and 4-5 months for it :(

  146. Anonymous Says:

    If anyone got info about the anime or something share here i chech this page sometimes ;)

  147. Anonymous Says:

    I don't really watch anime... And was never interested in them. One day I visited a friend of mine and he was watching Bleach, at first I thought it was stupid he told me to give it a chance and I watched two episodes with him (1&2). It was a big mistake.... I got hooked on this damn anime. -_-" I literally watched like 250 episodes in two weeks. I really don't want this anime to finish now; just the thought of it ending is making me feel empty inside. I really hope they make more episodes.

  148. Anonymous Says:

    Wow and the manga is on its last arc -.-

  149. How csn they do somting such terribel as stopping bleach and now also fairy tail WHY!!!

  150. Anonymous Says:

    bleach is the best anime ever created. it would be a shame to stop making more seasons. so i am postive there will be more bleach.

  151. creekjumper Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly!

  152. Anonymous Says:

    I want it to come back because i would love to see the quincy and soul reaper battle in color and see ichigo kearn his new powers so please bring it back. Its worth it

  153. Anonymous Says:

    why anime bleach is end??? i love anime bleach.. it so nice story... please continue the BLEACH..Im begging you mr. writter/maker

    #Im Mr.BL4CKeD

  154. Kat Guz Says:

    I legit have had no time to watch bleach, and JUST caught up. waaah! should I just suck it up and wait for the cartoons or try to read the last arch???

  155. Anonymous Says:

    The Sinners who annihilate the Espada sent to Hell are the antagonists in 'The Hell Verse', that episode was written and aired to advertise/tie into the fourth movie.

    K ~ x

  156. Anonymous Says:

    Wait if you can't read how can you write????....mind blown!!!!!!

  157. Anonymous Says:

    Don't stop bleach. It's the best anime in anime history ever.

  158. Anonymous Says:

    Hey who of you guys wanne make bleach come back in anime?

  159. Anonymous Says:

    I agree more than just 100% absoloutly, amen, compleatly!

  160. Anonymous Says:

    PLEASE MAKE MORE SAGA OF BLEACH! I've watched this series since I was 18,im 26 now.its technically the only anime I still watch. Come on everyone shout and be heard! They left the series at such an open end.there's still so much more to do!!

  161. Anonymous Says:

    Well I'm seventh grade but I hate dbz and I really love bleach

  162. Anonymous Says:

    Bring it back
    Who reads any more lol
    And I have no life!!!��������

  163. Anonymous Says:

    Why did they make it end

  164. Anonymous Says:

    If it ends it ends, nothing anyone can do. But if is remains to continue, sure enough the fans that watched Bleach all the way since beginning will still watch it until it does end.

  165. Haven Says:

    Is there any news of bleach coming back this year?

  166. Anonymous Says:

    Were the hell do I sign so they don't cancel Bleach or so they can bring it back?
    Please don't cancel it it's the best anime ever; I've been watching it since the first episode dam it this sucks this is bull shit they should bring it back ������

  167. Anonymous Says:

    They better bring it back.

  168. Anonymous Says:

    Please bring it back I love this Anime I have every episode. !! So please continue bleach you can do so much more with it and make I ichigo so much more powerful!

  169. Anonymous Says:

    I hope you'll bring it back because I, we love this anime.

  170. Anonymous Says:

    Hope they bring the anime back its such a good anime!!!! ;)

  171. Anonymous Says:

    Hope they bring the anime back soon......I hope its such a get anime!!! ;)

  172. Anonymous Says:

    There is SOOO much that is still needed to be explained. d I bet alot of people want to know the back story of Ichigo's father. I have always been curious about what several of the captains "banki" is and their abilitys. There are so many other things as well I would want to know and see happen with the anime series. Please bring the anime back, so many want to see what happens next.

  173. Anonymous Says:

    I know what you mean why can't they understand that there so many people who love bleach it sucks so bad that I'm having nothing to but do nothing how is that fair that so many people what to see bleach continuo the sieres

  174. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck you how dare you say that you know you suck you bitch

  175. Unknown Says:

    Will they animate the rest of the series after he writes the last arc of the manga?

  176. Will they animate the rest of the series after he writes the last arc? I am holding on to hope that they will. I really want to see how everything resolves in the end. I am a huge fan of Johnny Yong Bosch and I really hope they finish out the series with English Dubbed episodes! - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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