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Power Rangers Super Samurai Comics

Power Rangers Super Samurai ComicsAt the height of the currently running Power Rangers season, Power Rangers Super Samurai, it has been announced that graphic novel publisher NBM will release a comic strip based on the popular children's show.

The Power Rangers Super Samurai graphic novels will not be adapting the TV episodes but will have original stories. The first 50-page volume, Power Rangers Super Samurai Vol 01 Memory Short will hit both hard cover and soft cover on June 27th, with Stefan Petrucha as the author.

This will be America's first graphic novel release since a 1997 Acclaim one-shot.

Source: Bleeding Cool via Crunchyroll

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13 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Man, Saban is really going all out with this series. First, extending it (or at least advertising it as) two seasons, and now this. It's almost liek they're trying to imitate what Japan does with sentai.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Great, Saban is trying to go all Den O with Super Samurai. Only difference is Den O was actually Good while Super Samurai is only, well ya know!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    There is an anti power ranger petition somewhere i heard. The artwork i hate to admit it is pretty good but then again it is shinkenger desgin

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Haha. I remember when they released a Power Rangers comic in the 90s and Masked Rider and Beetleborgs was a part of it and the dude that played Maked Rider looked like Michael Jackson.

    Hopefully, the artwork will look good in this one.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    They're not trying to imitate what Toei does with Sentai... they aren't treating it like Den-O... They're just doing what's always been done. During the Saban era Power Rangers had a comic from MMPR to Zeo, and I'm more then sure Turbo to Time Force had comics in the Fox Kid magazine. Nearly all the Disney seasons had comics in Disney Adventure or other related magazines. This is nothing new...

  6. thank you anon above me. this isnt a new thing. when did sentai start making manga and comics. pr has been doing it forever... and fuck your anti PR petition.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Why is there an anti power rangers? It's as foolish as Sentai fans complaining the past teams before zyurangers not appearing in the power rangers adaption.

  8. Green Says:

    I have not really watched Power rangers samurai so correct me if I'm wrong, but is there more then 1 inroumaru?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Being anti-PR is pretty stupid... Like it or not it keeps the franchise going strong. Toei makes a lot of money off of the contract from what a Disney rep said recently in an interview. And on top of that Toei makes money off of toy sales and DVD sales. And pretty much everything. What you think Toei would care as much about Sentai if it wasn't raking it in from the PR deal? A deal that more or less seems to FORCES a company to keep adapting no matter what until they sell the rights? It's not like the show has ever done well in the ratings (double for Kamen Rider) and unlike Kamen Rider the toys aren't so demanded they can't meet demand over there. Sure Gokaiger was selling very well, well enough to continue the Ranger Key line into GoBusters, but it's not like every season does that well. Many do average or below average over there.

    Its just stupid to think that the series doesn't benefit greatly from PR being around...

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Also Saban had nothing to do with splitting the seasons, Disney wanted two 20 episode seasons of Samurai and that's what Saban gave them. In the long run it's better as the constant cast changes is clearly why PR started to falter in popularity in the US.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Er Nick not Disney...

  12. marty Says:

    Well i know you read this comic graphic novel thing in a form of american type way but here's a fan art i made which captures the true essence of the power rangers samurai since Their japanese predecessor Shinkenger appears in an official japanese manga :

  13. marty Says:

    You people are always blaming company and money now do you - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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