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Live-Action Tekken Film Prequel in the Works, More Movies Coming

2101 live action Tekken Film
Even with the disappointment from fans, and Katsushiro Harada himself, there are currently plans on the upcoming prequel film for the direct-to-video 2010 Tekken live action film. It will be entitled “Tekken: Rise of the Tournament.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Crystal Sky (one of the production companies behind the film) CEO Steven Paul is planning the prequel "as part of a franchise of movies." With this, it's basically expected that the film will continue even after the prequel is released.

Tekken fans, what are your comments and reactions?

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9 Responses
  1. Ehmar Says:

    The Tekken film was such a disappointment...

    if they actually followed the original dark story line of Tekken: Of the Mishima Power-Struggle and the dark tone of the real story, it may be ok

    But as we all know, they dont ever get actors who resemble the Games' characters, Guaranteed the plot wont make sense, and no-way would they have a good budget.
    plus, my biggest fear is that the scriptwritters and directors have no clue about tekken, like last time.

    my point being, these films are going to be terrible... and I wish they werent

  2. Tekken fan here, and I can't help but be curious how the whole scene will turn out to be - anticipations, reactions, etc. - not just the movie itself. The first one wasn't much of a Tekken movie, but it was still a pretty nice martial arts movie, so I admittedly wanna see more of that.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Well "Tekken" means "iron fist" in Japanese and there was plenty of hard punching. So technically, it's still a tekken movie.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Not really a hard fan, but played few Tekken games.

    People who knew TEKKEN would definitely dissapoint, but I think it was a decent action movie.

    Worth watching, but don't gets your fanserving/true-to-the-game hopes on.

  5. Doctor Says:

    Tekken fan here and I hate this piece of garbage movie and now it's getting a prequel and who knows how many other movies? No. Just no. I know it's gonna suck and it's just making the games look bad. Ugh. I really hate Holywood for putting out garbage like this and wanting to make more garbage like this or even worse.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Ok, what people arent getting by this movie, is it was actualy a very good movie. We want movies to fallow so closely to the story line, yet when we see cheezy Effects and creatures like Jin turning into Devil Jin. they all complain about how horrible it would look anyway. The live action Tekken movie was a good adaption of a real life Tekken seen through the aspects of reality rather then fantasy. If fallowed the story close enough and matched some of the characters pretty well with minor changes to them. Stop complaining, how about you enjoy that its probably the closest we will get to a good american Anime/Video Game adapted movie

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Actually, to be honest...
    It's NOT a bad movie, because it actually tried to hire actors (actual martial artists) that looks so similar to the game characters. This one is DEFINITELY much better than the way Hollywodd butchered KOF, SF, DOA, and MK(?).

    What made it bad, is that the writers clearly aren't familiar with the whole Tekken universe, and tried TOO hard to adapt into the real life. Basically they tried to create a NON-Canon real life movie.

    Conclusion: It will be a nice MARTIAL ART movie, but don't expect any part of your game fandom satisfied. If you liked the game, you would've enjoy the 3D Animation Blood Vengeance instead, because the Namco team theirselves made the movie. Heck, I would never mind to see another 3D movie in the future....

  8. anon Says:

    Im a fan of Tekken game series.. eventough im bit disappointed when the movie doesnt follow the Game storyline but yet im satisfied because the action and actor of this movie is way better than KOF and SF live action movie..

  9. Anonymous Says:

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