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Japanese Fans Wish Portgas D. Ace is Still Alive — Polls

Japanese Fans Wishes Portgas D Ace Shouldn't Have Died
Japanese portal site MyNavi had posted the results of their recent polls asking readers to name which anime character that shouldn't have died. Pirate manga and anime One Piece's Portgas D. Ace tops the list.

Topping the list is Portgas D. Ace got who 393 votes. Mami Tomoe of Puella Magi Madoka Magica comes in second with 230 votes, and Death Note's L comes in third with 210 votes. Here is the full list:

1. Portgas D. Ace - One Piece
2. Mami Tomoe - Madoka Magica
3. L - Death Note
4. Lockon Stratos - Gundam 00
5. Rider - Fate/zero
6. Kaworu Nagisa - Evangelion
7. Hare Menjou - Guilty Crown
8. Mitsuba Okita - Gintama
9. Aru Akise - Future Diary
10. Stella Loussier - Gundam SEED Destiny
11. Izumi Akazawa - Another
12. Kamina - Gurren Lagann
13. Jin - Aquarion EVOL
14. Siegfried Kircheis‎ - Legend of the Galactic Heroes
15. Kazuya Uesugi - Touch
16. Ushio Okazaki - Clannad
17. (tie) Lalah Sune - Mobile Suit Gundam
17. (tie) Rei - Fist of the North Star
19. Yurin L'Ciel - Gundam AGE
20. Toki - Fist of the North Star
21. (tie) Toru Rikiishi - Ashita no Joe
21. (tie) Kunihiko Kimishima - S-CRY-ed
21. (tie) Kanade Amo - Senki Zesshō Symphogear
24. Tadakatsu Honda - Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere
25. Woolf Enneacle - Gundam AGE
26. (tie) Hiroko Asahina - Rahxephon
26. (tie) Isara Gunther - Valkyria Chronicles
28. Ray Lundgren - Gun x Sword
29. Yang Wen-li - Legend of the Galactic Heroes
30. Gai Daigoji - Nadesico
31. Twins - Black Lagaoon
32. Souji Okita - Hakuouki
33. Aki - Invincible Super Man Zambot 3
34. Birgit Pirjo - Gundam F91
35. Bruno - Yu-Gi-Oh 5D
36. Gin Ichimaru - Bleach
37. Aporia - Yu-Gi-Oh 5D

The poll garnered 2652 respondents from June 11th to June 18th.

via Crunchyroll

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14 Responses
  1. Wait.. did Welkin Gunther die in the anime?

  2. Justicity Says:

    Nice, didn't realise news sites were posting massive spoilers right on the front page, in plain view.
    And then even more inside.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I'm suprised S-CRY-ED made it on the list

  4. NeoD. Says:

    I just check the list in Japanese and it's not Welkin, it's Isara Gunther

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Well there goes my will to finish Death Note thanks MyNavi

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I'm surprised Maes Hughes death in FMA didn't make it to the list. I am the only one who've been affected deeply then.

  7. Martin Says:

    I never knew that there were so many fans who wanted Oda to spare Ace.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    L's death in Death Note isn't even the end of the story so I don't know how that spoiled Death Note for you. If you are just now reading/watching these series and didn't know these characters die... where the fuck have you been? Also the grammar in the headline is terrible. It should be something more like "Japanese Fans Wish Portgas D. Ace Didn't Die"

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Yes x2 to the above anon. The headline is awful, and if you're moaning about spoilers, or what you perceive to be spoilers for a series that ended FIVE years ago, then boohoo for you.

    Also, spoiler, in the new James Bond film, James Bond saves the world. Spoiler! In the Amazing Spider-Man film, Spider-Man saves the day. Spoiler! I guess that makes those films worthless now, right? Or, perhaps, the story is interesting enough to still go and watch them.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I'm surprised they put Bruno from yugioh 5d's on this list. And long live the mighty kamina

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Kamina called... this list is bullshit.

  12. Ouma Shu Says:


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Kamina didnt even make top five? I mean i know it isnt a mainstream anime but still! Atleast top 10!

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