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Gokaiger, to be Adapted as Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Power Rangers Super Megaforce
It has finally been confirmed via the Power Rangers panel at the San Diego Comic-Con that the footage for Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger will be used on Megaforce's second season, tentatively known as Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

Power Rangers Megaforce will be using the footage of the 34th Super Sentai series, Tensou Sentai Goseiger. It features Gosei, a supernatural guardian, who protected the Earth for centuries along with his robotic aide, Tensou.

During the massive invasion of the evil Warstar aliens, Gosei calls upon five teenagers with attitude to form the ultimate team... the Power Rangers Megaforce. It premieres in early 2013 on Nickelodeon.

via Henshin Justice Unlimited

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126 Responses
  1. Cosmic Says:

    It's impossible for me to express the wave of disappointment that just consumed all hope I had for this series

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Mind explaining why?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    that name is super terrible

  4. Saban! YOU MADE IT! You finally managed to disappoint me in each and every one of your productions...
    Super Mega Force? That sound just horrible D:

  5. Anonymous Says:

    We get a gokaiger adaption like everybody wanted, and we are disappointed at the name?

    I hate you people.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    super duper ultra mega shity fore =))

  7. As long as they hire skinny girls with cute butts, I'll watch a few episodes.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    but we should be enthused, at least we're getting the pirates in some way as opposed to not at all because it would be a headache onto the old geezer. so we're going split season officially in order to not be behind japan in the production of super sentai shows which in turn become power rangers. in other words saban didn't want to do an entire 50 episode season on the pirates so he's knocking them in half in order to get to the go-busters adaptation if at all possible. i think the pirates being used for the second season of megaforce will be good if it's applied correctly. so let's just look at megaforce as a goseiger/gokaiger split season. the question becomes how do we do merchandise for both since we're going the split season route in order to not be behind japan?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Thats what im sayin what would u call it and if it aint super cool then go jump off a bridge and i dont want anything like power rangers pirate ranger or no crap like that... ready said go!!!

  10. Anonymous Says:


  11. Anonymous Says:

    So let me get this straight, because of a crappy name (which is so disappointing because power rangers have such original names line in space and turbo) we can just assume ALL of this season is going to be crap? My god you people suck. Everybody wines and complains that megaforce isn't gokaiger, now the second season will and now it will suck because of the name. The toku fanbase has gotten very shallow in the past few years hasn't it?

  12. Anonymous Says:


    It's Saban, idiot.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Rushing through Goseiger and Gokaiger would be a mistake. Especially Gokaiger. I never cared about Goseiger, but I had some hope that the adaptation would be better than the original, like RPM with Go-Onger.

    Gokaiger has a chance to be the coolest Power Rangers we'll see in the states. Don't limit it to 20 episodes!

  14. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.................................!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    so its gonna be like mmpr where they some how chnage suits or get new powers but the show has the same name hmm sounds intresting

  16. Anonymous Says:

    @anon July 13, 2012 11:20 AM

    you do have a point. that we can't judge it yet by its cover. but let me ask you frankly. Would that kind of title even appeal to you? It sounds like a bootleg of a PR title.

    Just saying in a bigger perspective. This isn't a great idea to give it more appeal and attract more people to getting into tokusatsu.

    Then again. who am I to judge. Interested in seeing how this will all go. But I'm just really annoyed at the freaking title. How they will relate it to the pirate theme suits is beyond me.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Only way I can respond to Saban:

  18. Anonymous Says:

    From GG
    It's everything that's pissing us off.
    1) Samurai being 2 seasons for no reason.
    2) Saban skipping Goseiger
    Megaforce could be used for ANYTHING!
    It mind as well be called SUPERforce or EPICforce
    The NAME should be attached to the series like samurai or jungle fury.
    The name MegaRanger from the sentai is stupid too
    4) It's OBVIOUS they are pirates but NO references to pirates? ARE YOU KIDDING!??

  19. Anonymous Says:

    So let me get this straight.


    Miracle force and pirate force=A-Ok

    Lol you people suck.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    I was just reading the comic con news within the past hr. Some interesting developments here. First I like rangers will have full names and a city name. And I like we will be getting gokaiger used too. I just hate seeing pr still in this spilt format/two seasons deal. I really like to see the old format return. Or just drop episode count down a bit to work better for nicks whacky schedule formats they have. I still rather have seen each series be full separate adaptations. Or gosei turned into a mini series and gokaiger be the full true 20th season. Though I am very curious to see how this hybrid deal will work out.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    "Saban skipping Goseiger"

    There not skipping goseiger. It clearly says in the article it is the second season! Apparently the toku fanbase can't read either.

  22. I think that my dreams are now shattered... I wanted to audition for the Gokaiger adaptation so bad :(

  23. They might understand that they need to try a little harder this time, it could be good.
    Is it too late for me to get hired as a writer on the series? I could kick this up a notch.

  24. Now wait...this could work. Granted Saban can't do the same thing they did with Samurai. If they were to use Gokaiger powers as an upgrade of the Goseiger powers, that would be an epic fail!

    But...think about this this way: What if they pulled a Zeo into Turbo type situation? Just throw out the Goseiger powers as not enough, and they get the Gokaiger powers instead. That might actually work!

    What do you think of that?

  25. bneil Says:

    so it is gonna be like the third season of mmpr when half way through it they turned the ranger into kids and introduce the "aqua ranger" near the end seirously common gokiger SHOULD BE IT'S OWN SERIS NOT cut short so they can get a seirs that only just begun in japan

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. i don't care if they get the worst cast in the world ruin Gokaiger and Goseiger for me or any of that. the only thing i care about is that they don't fucking take 5 month breaks every 6 episodes like samurai does. and since gokaiger will be getting 20 episodes does that mean that the show will be the team getting a greater power each episode instead of certain ones with filler inbetween. plus how will Gai be handled because with samurai it used Shinkenger for both seasons so Antonio didn't get throw in there with some half ass story. but with this you got Goseiknight who turns out to be created by the villian so he probably wouldn't get a human form to use as Gokaisliver. so Gai's counterpart might get some halfass story as to why he appears considering Trent Tommy and Eric didnt die so they couldn't come in as dead rangers and give the silver ranger his powers.

  28. lol @strayredfeathers this idiot said the same thing twice

  29. Anonymous Says:

    to strayred
    both turbo and zeo had there own thing going and were a seris all to them selves even though they were conected to mmpr they wern't mmpr they had there own thing going for them

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe before fans get all too crazy right now we got to take this into consideration. One is the fact they haven't really specify what it fully means by Gokaiger as Super Megaforce. Maybe Nick will give Megaforce a full 40 episode season and next season will be a full 40 episode season for Super Megaforce. Again no details on what it means have been brought, we just got to wait in the proceeding months to see what it is. Maybe at Power Morphicon will get more details.

  31. ^ To Anon:

    I understand that. I just thought that this might be a logical "situation" to use in the script.

    Example: The Rangers are being beaten badly, and cannot beat the baddies with their current powers.

    Situation 1: They stubble upon new powers that they can use to become more powerful, hence the Gokaiger powers.

    Situation 2: They are given new powers by the past rangers that ends up taking the form of the Gokaiger powers.

    Just how I would write it.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    A few issues:
    1- How will Saban explain the angels upgrading into pirates? Or will they be dusting off the old technique of 'Dairanger/Kakuranger villains and robot fights with Zyuranger suits'? Likely, since Saban may not want to use a pirate theme with the current negative stigma on internet piracy.
    2- What will the zords be called? Turbo had the Turbozords, Wild Force had the Wildzords, so Megaforce will have the Megazords? Wait, what? A MegaMegazord? And Gokaiger will have SuperMegaMegazord? With the way things are going now, the Gobusters adaptation will have the MegaSuperMegaMegazord. My stomach turned at the unoriginality of the Gigazord in Super Samurai, and now it may get worse?
    3- How unoriginal can the title get? Yeah, Anon July 13, 2012 11:20 AM brings up a good point, in that Turbo and In Space aren't really imaginative, but at least they effectively explained what the series was about. Rangers with cars, Rangers, well, in space. Yeah, RPM didn't make much sense, and neither did Operation Overdrive, but all other names alluded to the shows central theme. So, Goseiger will be Mega and Gokaiger will be Super Mega?

    I would love to see a Gokaiger adaptation as much as anyone, and I will at least give Megaforce and Super Megaforce a chance, however, I hope and pray this Super Megaforce thing is just trolling.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    excuse me, i need to go rage quite the universe

  34. Anonymous Says:

    to the anon form the previous prying that "super mega forceing is just trolling" i think every one is prying for the same thing

  35. Anonymous Says:

    First, I want to say that I am thrilled that the Gokaigers will be a part of Megaforce. We ARE gonna get the tribute to the past 20 years of Power Rangers that we wanted!

    Second, yes the name is stupid, but again WE ARE GETTING WHAT WE WANTED!!!!
    We should all be thanking Saban! They are doing what they can to both; Truly make Gokaigers the 20th Power Ranger season and please more than just their target audience (kids 3-8 years old). They seem to be doing a good job at keeping us veteran fans happy.

    I end it with this: Thank you Saban!
    -Max a fan since Aug.28, 1993

  36. Well it could make sense, i like the troll saban is being by calling the mentor gosei XD and his robot tensuo, and they might pull off a zeo into turbo, but the goseigers actually have a pirate megazord so the gokaigers may have two zords

  37. So wait...are the Goseigers going to get the Gokaiger suits as a new power source a la Zeo? or are they going to have two teams this season?

    If they do it's gonna suck because the whole reason I was so excited for Gokaiger to being adapted was because I wanted to see if the Americanized version of Captain Marvelous was gonna live up to the bad assery of the Japanese Captain Marvelous.

    It just makes me a little sick that our country is so afraid of backlash for the use of religious themes or terms in television series that they actually change the story of Goseiger to make it more friendly for those who'd bitch about it trying to brainwash children into turning to Christianity.

    If I were part of Saban's staff I'd say Stfu to all of the outraged masses and run the series as nature intended.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Sup raging fans? Get over the fact gokaiger is being squeezed in as Super Megaforce. Saban needs an excuse to bring back old cast members and for their 20th aniversary. And for those unhappy with amerocan merchandise, BANDAI AND SABAN WILL PROBABLY BRING SENTAI MERCH HERE IN OUR VERY OWN TOYSHOPS! They brought SH Figuarts Shinkenred and Shinkengold here. And from comic con, THEY'RE BRINGING EFFING DX SHINKEN OH HERE! This is a sign. If they can bring Sentai toys here, and does well, they might be able to air Sentai with subs on the network OFFICIALLY! And if that goes well when Saban decides to air Power Rider (as any generic Rider series) THEY CAM BRING THE DX JAPANESE DRIVERS TO THE US TOO!!! So quit complaining and see how it goes in 2013.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    I don't really care about the name. The show was made for kids in the first place. I doubt kids will really care that much. What I really want to know is how will they portray Gokai Green in their show.

  40. Astromech Says:

    This is the worse news I've heard in my super sentai/power ranger life!!!

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Wow talk about unpleasable fan base. Well anyway here's how things would have been anyway...
    1. Skip Goseiger: I'm disappointed, there's so much footage and toys they could have used.
    That or a mix of both
    Hell, I've seen many suggestions that they mix both seasons together and this is the reaction that they get. Anyway this might end up pretty interesting. The production was halted for a period of time saying that they needed extra time to plan out the season so maybe this won't be so bad. Given they have two completely different seasons to work with they have to create their own story, and you have to admit the originality in Samurai(or what little there is anyway) has been okay (Mia's brother) to excellent (Dayu and Deker). I'm just saying give it a chance before seeing the final results as they have been carefully crafting for some time now. We'll just have to wait and see if this season ends up as an Operation Overdrive or an RPM.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    I am really dissapointed on the toku fanbase. People judging the show by its title. Get the fuck over it. When it comes out, then you can judge.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone decide to petition saban not to put gokaiger in super megaforce season and instead put go-buster in 2013 or 2014 instead and also use canada as filming location

  44. Anonymous Says:

    i not really watching power rangers, but it's quite weird if they just added "super" but in a very different concept, i mean
    goseiger = angels/guardians
    gokaiger = pirates
    it's looks like they can just add the name whatever they want, i can still understand super samurai though because it's their continuation

  45. Anonymous Says:

    That is worst name for adoption of Gokaiger in my life.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    I was hoping to call Time Pirates or something.

  47. Whatevz, I get my affordable Gokaiger merch this way. It doesn't really matter to me if the adaptation's any good. I have the original for that.

  48. why not Power Rangers Legacy? it would fit gokaigers

  49. Anonymous Says:

    & i was hoping that kamen riders W,OOO,Fourz & WIzards (well that last one will be very soon). But still any those three will be good as Power Rider like:

    Kamen Rider W = Power Rider Double Detective
    Kamen RIder OOO = Power Rider OOO
    Kamen Rider Fourze = Power Rider Quadronaut

    beside the henshin grid is said it a tie.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    remember the times i liked it to watch power rangers ...

    remember old cool tv-stations like:
    cartoon network, mtv, fox kids,...


    nowadays i better prefer kamen rider and super sentai

  51. Anonymous Says:

    It is really sad how adults are whining about a show for little kids and acting like it is the end of the world. Lame. Grow up

  52. America = where they fail to make good adaptions.

    Think about it, in Capitalist America, their super hero shows are kinda subpar, but with Japan's Iron-Man and Wolverine anime shows, they made it look real good.

    As for Saban, he's a big time failure. He doesn't know how to make good shows, he's just a loser. The plot sucks, the costumes are mehhh, and the characters and speech and what not are all terrible. Saban lacks creativity.

  53. Anonymous Says:

    I'm just curious how they're gonna pull this off... I don't really like the idea of them splitting the seasons, especially
    since it would've been great to see two years of an americanized Gokaiger like what they did with samurai. I'm just worried that it'll be rushed. But I guess we can only wait and see what happens.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    From a story standpoint, I wonder how they're going to justify even using the Goseiger powers. If the Gokaiger powers are seen as a power-up, then what would the point be of using older, weaker powers then? One of the nice things I appreciated from PRSpace to PRSamurai was that the powers were depicted roughly equally (each with their own pros, cons, and specialties).

  55. Anonymous Says:


  56. Anonymous Says:

    i like the feel of mmpr they are pulling's great they are still gonna adapt gokai in this season so it's like a mega tribute to power rangers, hence the name megaforce

    in another note, Supeer Megaforce?, why not just continue the name megaforce for the two seasons. they didn't have to do this for mmpr, Super Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.......sure does sound super right saban?

  57. Anonymous Says:


    ... Hey, yeah. Whatever DID happen to that Power Rider thing Saban trademarked a while back? D=

  58. Anonymous Says:

    therefore, let us watch Super Sentai...

  59. You Says:

    Angry nerds are hilarious. And yes, I refer to you as nerds because you're soooo upset, and for what? An adaptation that you can simply pretend doesn't exist? Nah, you can't do that, though, can you? You have to watch, or at least pretend you watched so you can come here, or HJU, or wherever you gather and be one of the cool guys.

    The name is beyond stupid, I agree with the anon above, MMPR needed no "Super". That just cheapens it and makes it sound... childish! Yes, I know, but still... It's so bad! But in any case, I'd probably just watch the Goseiger portion (assuming the acting is decent, and not like wet cardboard), since I avoided that shit like the plague, refusing to watch even a minute of it. "Super" now? Yeah, I don't even know what that is, thanks, but no thanks.

  60. Anonymous Says:


    "Capitalist America" <-- what does the United States' economic system have to do with the quality of the output of their Toku shows? And even then, Japan is also capitalist, so I don't know what you were really getting at there.

    About this news - I welcome the hybrid show. I've no reason to bitch and complain over every small thing, considering we still know next to nothing about Megaforce and Super Samurai has sadly still yet to finish airing. C'mon Saban, show some creativity that has sorely been lacking with Samurai.

    And no, I'm not going to be a typical snob and dismiss everything Power Rangers for Super Sentai, when the PR franchise has clearly demonstrated that it can sustain some very creative and immersive show.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    how about this:
    megaforce uses the goseiger costume
    super megaforce uses gokaiger costume

    ya'll do realize that there's a rumor concerning a power rangers legend war
    if that rumor is true

  62. Anonymous Says:

    i cant imagine how angel will became pirate......

  63. Anonymous Says:

    Cant get over the entitled, opinionated garbage that ive read on this topic. We dont know who is going to be the cast for Megaforce, so dont make judgements, they could change up part way through a'la MMPR/ZEO/Turbo. Im sure the method of incorporating 2 shows into Megaforce has been thought out thoroughly BY PEOPLE THAT WRITE STORIES FOR A LIVING! The fact Gokaiger is being adapted in order to tie in with the 20th anniv. is a good thing, its what we wanted, shows the desire to mark the occasion for all of the fans. As for the name 'Megaforce', its a kids show, aimed at children, it probably sounds cool to them. Seriously, get over yourselves with your little quips about ruined franchises and raped childhoods and just wait till the show actually starts before you tear it down like utter retards

  64. AlTarf Says:

    When Angels lose to evil, they become pirates!

  65. Anonymous Says:

    I always figured that the gokaiger adaption is megaforce's second season

  66. Anonymous Says:

    There gokaigers fans, are you happy!?! You are finally getting a gokaiger adaptation, so leave the Gosegier adaptation alone!

  67. Anonymous Says:

    It may just be a working title...

  68. Anonymous Says:

    My lord, getting all disappointed over the name, it's over reacting.
    It's only confirmed that Gokaiger footage is to be used on Power Rangers Super Megaforce. I think it will be for the Power Ranger Legend war. They didn't say how much footage will be used.

  69. Anonymous Says:

    Yea that's a bad thought... Not cool for an angel to lose an pirate be better.

  70. Anonymous Says:

    We all have our own opinions...but i'll go with...being SABAN SUCKS...ONORE SABAN!!! ONORE power rangers super megaPOORS!!!.

  71. Anonymous Says:

    To the anon who said the iron man and wolverine animes were good, funny joke there man.

    As for the rest of these comments, it's exactly what I expect from the toku fanbase. The same people who hated before it even started fourze. The same people who complain if rumors stated the next rider was a painter. The Saban's people shouldn't call you guys the super fans, it should be the Special fans.

  72. You guys know there is no way they could do Angels for the theme and any actual reference to angels is actually on in the dialogue and Henshin which none of that will be in the adaption so yea there's that and plus it's already been said megaforce will have 22 episodes same with super megaforce and even if they didn't use the gokaiger suits there is still the Henshin devices and the Mecha that look like pirates so it be confusing unless they change the ranger keys to cards and somehow use the greater powers with gosei great

  73. I gotta admit I am curious to see how they'll transition that out. By the way whoever wrote this article, you misspelled Goseiger. It doesn't have an A in it.

  74. @switch-kun
    shut up the iron man,x-men and wolverineanimes all suck they are on the list for worst marvel cartoons ever. i hate when you guys make up bullshit to make it seem like japan is better at everything

  75. Lopmir - Nothern Brazil Says:

    I guess it´ll be like MMPR too.

    Time will tell us

  76. Mattwo Says:

    All I have to say about this other than I totally freaking knew something like this would happen:


  77. Anonymous Says:

    Let's all feel sorrow for Super Sentai and hate on those so called "power rangers", please Gokaiger kick their ass before shit actually goes down

  78. Anonymous Says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  79. Anonymous Says:

    To gekiDan
    I have a forum which says to take action and no one believes some of us so you better tell KingRanger and Liquid Chris Sentai that what you heard from the booth is true or try to update your page whether its true or not here's the forum

  80. Anonymous Says:

    It's time to bring all Super Sentai into the America arena...This only can happen through protest; well, somebody here need to start a company and then bring super sentai to America

  81. i agree with what i read sometime ago. i mean making goseiger adaptation something like alien rangers,and then making a "full" adaptation of gokaiger !

  82. Anonymous Says:

    This... just RIDICULOUS!!!
    You messed up Shinkenger, now you're gonna mess up not one, but two Sentai series in one swoop.... you are just brilliant, Saban......:(

  83. Anonymous Says:

    I smile and feel sad at the same time reading all comments above. That's the prove how fans reacted to this news in various ways. But, do we really need that kind of responses?

    For me, let us wait until these "Megaforce" and "Super Megaforce" airs. Yes, from the name themselves already way too ridiculous, but hey, this is Saban not Toei. They have their own calculation regarding how these adaptations will work to the audiences (tokufans, sentai enthusiasts are just small number of it).

    I don't know why. I've been following Power Rangers since Mighty Morphin era, more than Sentai. And I am not surprised with this kind of move.

    We have been through:
    - "First try" adaptation (MMPR)
    - "messed-up" adaptations (MMPR season 2-3, also Alien Rangers)
    - "closer to Japanese counterparts" adaptations (TimeForce, WildForce)
    - "radical" adaptations (Space, Lost Galaxy, SPD, RPM)
    - "so so" adaptations (Zeo, Turbo, Lightspeed Rescue, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, Mystic Force, OO, Jungle Fury, Samurai)

    And how they are going to led us next time with Goseiger-Gokaiger? We have to witness it then when their already aired.....

  84. Anonymous Says:

    Actually from what it looks like from folks from rangercrew/rb boards. Megaforce season one with goseiger suits/footage will be 22 episodes, and season two with gokaiger footage and possibly suits will be 22 episodes too. Ie both seasons get 20 episodes for season plus two specials/holiday episodes. I still hate this bs spilt format.

    I really like a full 30 or 40 episode season as one sentai and aired in one full yr deal. I don't see why nick has to silly format in first place anyway. That is why I even settle going just 32 episodes a season. Which mmight work better for nick schedule.

    But for megaforce it looks like its going to be a hybrid show. Original new story with goseiger footage for season one. Plus some anni aspects tossed in. Then gokaiger for season two. Now yes I would prefer just both series getting there own full adaption. It kinda works for gokaiger deal for it being just 20-22 episodes. Since there is only zyu, kiba-gosei suits and episodes they would use. So right there would probably already drop ten episodes/part of films footage there. Drop some of the filler episodes. Then just go for great powers for every episode. So that leaves 17 teams to do episodes on. And gives them also a few filler episode space.

    As for how it work, probably be like from mmpr to zeo, turbo to space. At the end of season one we probably have legendary war the megaforce/gosei powers get lost along with all past rangers powerrs. But we keep the same cast from megaforce and we see then get a new powersource. That is what I like to see. Then them keeping gosei suits/cards to change into past rangers. Cause that would just cause way more reshooting then just having them get new suits and keys for powers. Plus I can't really see them cut around the gokaigallon/megazord footage.

  85. Anonymous Says:

    A greedy Jew is a greedy Jew! Hitler should have finished the job! You are saying this over a f@ cking kid's show that
    Is not even meant for you! You are a pathetic waste of space and a ultra nerd if you are saying hateful comments about stupid power rangers! The show is for little kids not you or anyone else here. They target little kids not adults. Everyone who says the name is childish the show is for little children! It is so pathetic how you guys act like power rangers is meant for adults. Just grow up all
    Of you.

  86. This is hilarious. We have vague, unspecified word that footage from Gokaiger will be used in Megaforce, and you people act like it's the Spanish Inquisition, Trail of Tears, Holocaust and 9/11 all rolled into one. I mean, we've got one guy ranting about how this is proof "Capitalist America" is rotten, and one guy who implied that he wishes Haim Saban's family had been killed by Hitler.

    You know the common folks' image of nerds? The type of people who say "In 'Empire Strikes Back', Han Solo's coffee mug is to his left in this shot, but it's to his right in the next! I certainly hope someone got fired for that"? That is what all you whiny, bitchy Sentai purist fanboys are.

    ...No, wait, you're not that. You're the people who read that previous statement and called me an idiot for using coffee in that example because coffee as we know it doesn't exist in Star Wars.

    For Christ's sake, it's a Japanese kids show where stuntmen dress in brightly colored spandex and pretend to beat up monsters that would get laughed off the set of a Godzilla movie. You're screaming like Saban murdered your grandmother and raped the corpse while forcing you to watch.

    But let's be honest here, you guys were gonna bitch regardless. You're the type who thinks Sentai is holy and faultless, and Power Rangers is always wrong and bad and stupid. Just about the only announcement Saban could have made that wouldn't set you people to hissy fits is "We're abandoning PR and just subtitling Sentai from now on." And some of you are talking about petitioning to make them do just that.

    All we know now is, footage from Gokaiger is in Super Megaforce. That doesn't automatically mean SMF is the adaptation of Gokai. Maybe they're going to run the Legend War sequence in SMF to establish it for the next series. Maybe they were talking about the Gosei/Shinken crossover and how Gokai had an episode that showed an expanded version of their cameo. Maybe they're just planning on having the Gokaigers make a brief cameo somewhere along the line. We don't know yet. We don't even know exactly what the Saban rep said at SDCC (all we have is GekiDan's third-hand source, not a confirmed quote). So until we do find out exactly what they meant, pull your panties out of your ass and relax.

    Or, to quote William Shatner's legendary appearance on Saturday Night Live: "Get a life, will you people?! I mean, for crying out loud, it's just a TV show!"

  87. Anonymous Says:

    Dude, what the hell.
    It's not only the show's name that bugs me, it's the fact that they're making two shows into one series.
    I was really hoping to see an americanized goseiger/gokaiger clash that kicks the ass of the RPM/samurai cross over. I also wanted to see the "surprise" appearance of the gokaigers in the samurai/goseiger crossover that did't involve knowing these new rangers are the same people.
    I wanted two different cast members/ two series.
    Also, I wanted them to try to keep true to gokaiger and accept the concept of them collecting all of the ranger keys and they simply didn't show that they gave a crap about the earth, even though they truly did. Beyond that, I wanted to see them try to make a worth while kids show, with characters that develope over time. Yes I'm an adult, yes this is a kids show, but what's stopping Saban from trying to broaden the width of who wants to watch the show.

    But, there's still hope. If they manage to do what they did in the original series and how they ended a long story with the space rangers.

  88. Yazuka Says:

    Wow... There is a lot of rage here. But why? Sure the name is sucks ass, but its just a name. Hopefully the show will be good. It's hardly the name that makes it good/bad. Or have I've been wrong all these years?!

  89. Anonymous Says:

    Dude this a show only preschooler to 2nd graders watch. Why do you even watch It. Seriously why

  90. Anonymous Says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  91. Anonymous Says:

    Guy above me I got a question, Why are you commenting on something that your putting down?that you don't have interest in or even like?

  92. Anonymous Says:

    There sure are loads of complaints about the name, but then again, it could have been mighty morphin pirate rangers.

    The real concern would be the plot of them putting Goseiger and Gokaiger together in one season. Well perhaps they may not be but the post sure damn implies that it is. Though that could have been because of me watching Samurai and Super Samurai. Also, is the name Miracle Force copyrighted to Korea? It would have made more sense for the Goseiger adaption. Megaforce is a more fitting name for Gokaiger because of the "Great Power" concept seemed to mainly revolve with the megazord fights.

  93. Josh Says:

    Can they please cast Justin Bieber as Captain Marvelous? LOL

  94. Anonymous Says:

    well, i'm not furious at how they skipped goseigers, or how they will be adapting gokaigers. and i'm tuning in to see on how they would adapt it before dropping negative comments with the show. for now, i'm commenting about the name. the thing is why use megaforce and super megaforce when they could just use the english word for Gokai, since they've used anyway the name Gosei and Tensou. Hero "insert preferred word such as force here" would have been better, for me at least. I'm not good at naming conventions but I prefer the ones Walt Disney made rather than by those of Saban. Besides, if they didn't use Goseiger, probably they would just insert it in the series again just like what they did with Kakurangers. or they won't

  95. Toby Says:

    Couple of points;
    1) Should be obvious, but neither Goseiger nor Gokaiger are getting skipped. The reason Goseiger isn't being skipped has been cited as something in the contract that says they can't skip a season. Ergo, nothing will be skipped.
    2) Having seen some sources that say some Power Rangers seasons such as In Space had issues because work on thier parent Sentai series hadn't been finished yet, things like expanding Samurai into two seasons make sense to me; giving themselves, say a season's worth of breathing room between what they're adapting and what's coming out in Japan is a good idea.
    3) There were complaints that the aniversary-ideal Gokaiger footage wouldn't be in the Power Rangers aniversary season [Megaforce]. Well, think of it this way; by merging the two seasons, Megaforce becomes an aniversary celebration that lasts two whole seasons. Y'all are being given a two-season-long aniversary and still complaining.
    4) This comment thread is exactly why I interact with the Power Rangers fandom as little as possible.

  96. soraking007 Says:

    i know how they are going to do this season first season is goseiger but with the mobirates or the tensouders and then gokai siver comes in towards the end of season 1 and gives them the mobirates or tensouder and they use the tensouder card sto change into megarangers that use gokai cards or pirate cards to change ihnto different rangers. thats the onloy way i cvan see it working

  97. Anonymous Says:

    Gekidan IF you hear us and the million comments please tell us if its true that super megaforce is gokaiger or maybe they put a gokaisilver in the 2nd half of the goseiger adapted season if it does maybe we coudl make a complaint or not.

  98. Anonymous Says:

    2 AMERICAN seasons is HALF of what Japan does every single year!

  99. Anonymous Says:

    NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

  100. Anonymous Says:

    Laughing my ass off at all the illiterate people whining about the title. Go get get a dictionary and look up what tentatively means.

  101. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly, Mighty Morphin Pirate Rangers was better title than Super Mega Force.

  102. Anonymous Says:

    A casual stroll through the fanfic forum of any PR or Sentai messageboard tells me that no one in this fandom has any business calling "Super Megaforce" a terrible title.

  103. Akiba Green Says:

    I'd just be scared of an saban verson of Akibaranger after that title...

  104. Anonymous Says:

    knew it.

  105. For those who are against my comments, I still don't understand why Iron Man and Wolverine anime was considered "terrible". In my opinion, it's better than Power Rangers all together. Power Rangers lack creativity and it's just too kiddy in my opinion. Super Samurai is sort of a disappointment and a bit of an insult towards ancient Japanese history and what not. That's how I view it.

  106. Anonymous Says:

    The name is bad, yes. However, I think the real issue is that the Gosei team is going to somehow gain pirate powers and become pirate themed. It is going to take an INSANE amount of effort to make an even remotely decent explanation for this. Angel powers -> Pirate powers. How do you do?

  107. Anonymous Says:

    What would be very very interesting, and I know I keep mentioning this. Is if the U.S. would for once stop adapting japanese footage and create their very own super sentai series. What I mean is a new series create only by the U.S. in which they design power suits and mecha that has not been done. This kind of show would really get the world's attention.

  108. Anonymous Says:

    For the people who did not finish watching Goseiger because they thought it sucked. You missed the action on one of the coolest mechas in the super sentai franchise! I'm talking about the GoseiUltimate!

  109. Anonymous Says:

    I agree saban would be better off at making his own version of super sentai instead of leeching off one and downgrading the series story. Honestly can one american at least try to adapt a sucessful japanese franchise without thinking they can do better? I mean street fighter, tekken, and dragon ball live action sucked yet those people continue to mess up. No wonder why japan is so hard on letting their matiaral get adopted in the outside regiĆ³n.

  110. Anonymous Says:

    Ok if they are gonna do this plz put a different cast for Gokaiger because
    1.Gokaiger Crew they aren't from Earth.
    2.They are in a fukin flying pirate ship its not like oh heres ur new power oh! ur new home is a flying ship! have fun!.
    3.The main point of coming to earth was to find the greatest treasure in the universe.
    4.They better have tht cool voice when they do their Gokai Scramble like *FINAL WAVE!!!!*
    5.Their Mecha is basically their Pirate Ship.
    I swear if Saban screws this up im done...

  111. DonnyKD Says:

    Amazing. From this comment section, I managed to find:

    1) Morons who bitch about the name.

    2) Japanese purists.

    3) Pretentious children who berate people for watching "kids' shows".

    4) People who bitch about the name, and yet come up with even DUMBER ones.

  112. After my blogger friends didn't pick me up for their trip, all I see is this? What a bad day!

  113. Anonymous Says:

    Here are my thoughts: The name is ok. I'm fine with them using goseiger first. What really pisses me off is that they are still doing 20 episodes a year when they should finish the season in the whole calendar year. The hiatuses with samurai has made care less about the current season and has made me wish that they we're showing megaforce right now The fact that they have to cut down about 100 episodes worth of sentai plot and footage from 2 different season into 40ish episodes makes me feel that its gonna be really rushed and bland. At least disney maintained the 1 year, 1 adaptation policy otherwise this shit wouldn't be this complicated.

  114. Anonymous Says:

    limiting to 20 is all up to nick. can't wait to he puts it on vortexx so he takes control of the episodes.

  115. Anonymous Says:

    Don't worry about the name, the cool part is that they're going back to MMPR, and with the keys from I think Gokaiger, they'll be able to morph into any ranger from any team, even MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, In Space, and Lost Galaxy, I've seen videos of it, and the promo and the convention don't worry about the name this is going to be the SHIT!!!

  116. Anonymous Says:

    Goseiger should just be Power Rangers Heaven Force or Power Rangers Guardian

    Gokaiger should be Power Rangers Pirate Force or Power Rangers Pirate

    The thing that'll be weird is how is Gokaiger gonna go back to rangers behind Mighty Morphin if they weren't produced in English?

  117. Anonymous Says:

    It's only a name and it is an entire year away from being made, we need to see megaforce season 1 first. Besides it is also highly rumored that the second season may be actually titled "Ultra Megaforce" still a better title as they already used, super samuarai.

  118. Adam Seville Says:

    So let me get this straight and correct me if i'm Wrong but I highly doubt Saban would skip goseiger besides Goseiger comes before gokaiger now in my opinion let see if this Season of Power Rangers goes and as for its second season Gokaiger i wonder if there going to give it a different title like they did with Super Samurai cause we don't need super Megaforce though the title does sound dumb in my opinion also the only three names that could work with an American adaptation would be Pirate Armada, Pirates, and Pirate Legacy those names could work with adapting GoKaiger now then there are other Power Ranger Titles that Toe and Saban could adapt ones such as for Go-busters it could be Power Rangers G.S.D. Global Spy Division also for Sentai Royanger I was thinking Power Rangers Team Royal and for another season of Power Rangers it could be Power Rangers Terra Force odd title? I would think so . now another name that popped into my head would be Power Rangers Cosmic Force that could work right for a future season after Megaforce now Ultra Megaforce that could work for Megaforce Season 2 but it is a better title for the second season but like i said earlier lets see where this goes

  119. Nazrin Says:

    I wonder how would the next show after Super Megaforce. Maybe it would be like this...

    Mega Force :Goseiger
    Super Mega Force :Gokaiger
    Super Duper Mega Force :Go-Busters
    ??????Mega Force :Kyoryuuger

  120. Anonymous Says:

    Didnt see it coming but I'm actually finding myself siding with the complainers now. Saban, I'm sorry but you guys are seriously lacking in creativity! Have you guys looked at the names of the weapons and the megazord combinations!? Saban's practically ripping off Goseiger! I was fine with the leader being called Gosei, stupid but I can deal. But cmon! POWER RANGER BLASTER!? REALLY!? And you actually kept Gosei Great for the megazord's name!? Not to mention all the rest of the combinations. And seriously, Megaforce Blaster!? CMON!

  121. its going to suck because unless any of you acutally watched the whole Gokaiger series, ur not gonna know, but those of you who have, then u will know exactly where im coming from, and its this......its goin to suck because of all the edits they have to do to it to edit out the older sentai's used before zyuranger "MMPR"....and giving that saban just bought back the franchise, and how the sentais have grown alot since when they had it last, they have no idea on how to come about with it honestly unless its doin it thus far like they have been with megaforce.....

  122. Anonymous Says:


  123. Saban thanks for bringing them but don't fuck it up please and change that super stupid name

  124. Whitemajiranger Says:

    Gokager should be called pirate rangers in the USA

  125. Anonymous Says:

    The name name is just the icing on the cake. The implementation means we won't be getting PIRATE! Rangers. Just a bland mix of goody-goods who have no business adopting a pirate theme.

    By the looks of it the whole Pirate motif is going to benignlred as thoroughly as possible.

    Perhaps they will donthe right thing and prove this assessment false but this more the. Anything is where the real disappointment stems from.

  126. BUDDER Says:

    Super Megaforce? Why is it so fucking hard for Saban to just call it Power Rangers Pirates? - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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