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Kamen Rider Fourze to End at Episode 48

Kamen Rider Fourze to End at Episode 48
The above photo is from a Japanese magazine confirming that Kamen Rider Fourze will end at the 48th episode, airing on August 26th. It has been revealed that it will be on break next week due to the London Olympics.

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22 Responses
  1. Brandon Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    I Blame Decade for this, ONORE DIKEIDO!! XDD

  3. Anonymous Says:

    THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Only four more weeks of this crap. Hope Wizard does a lot better. Also has anyone seen the ratings compared to go-busters? I guess people are right and kids are getting stupider if they can't see the difference in quality of these shows.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    he was good i give him that much as a kamen rider, wizard will do wonderful and magical things to kids tv in japan. the kids are smart down there, we don't need to worry about them becoming the west yet. i think these shows are fairly great quality and i respect both franchises due to one of them being older than the other, and both of them share equal success with each other. den-o milked it for a while, that one ran the special effects budget dry. double did good, decade did good, ooo did good, fourze did a fairly decent job entertaining the kids.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    @Anonymous3 Did anyone point a gun to your head and force you to watch this show you oh so hated? Also I'm sure The Godfather was your favorite movie when you were 7 considering your "higher than thou" attitude towards kids.
    Sarcasm aside, it will be interesting to see things play out at the end. Hopefully dealing with the fall of Libra, defeat of Leo, and destroying Gamou with the core switch won't feel rushed.

  6. Gabriel Says:

    I Prefer Fourze to Go-busters any day. Better characters n better villains.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Am I supposed to take that comment seriously?

  8. Gabriel Says:

    yes you are, but it's my opinion so it shouldn't effect you.If you don't like Fourze then why watch it?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    @ anonymous5

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Here we go again...
    Another shameless hater coming in to bash a series, on a news blog... just because he couldn't have anyone around to listen to his whining, and he's even too scared to tell this mommy or daddy afraid to get laugh at with the fact that he's still watching a kiddy Japanese show (which, he considered bad).
    My condolences for you... please just stay in closet. We know that you actually cared so much about this show, that you post comment to trigger/troll other comments, right?

    Anyway, I'm with Gabriel... if I had to choose, despite it flaws, Fourze still on my top list compared to the Sentai counterpart. I'm actually looking forward to it every Sunday.

    Here's hoping Wizard will satisfy haters and fans alike...

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I bet most haters won't be satisfied until Wizard is totally grimdark with virtual genocides week after week by the villains - oh, and a main character that's trying to be all dark and deep by grovelling and moping on his own about some tragic past he had when he's not fighting.

    So basically, as none of the above will probably happen (or as exaggerated as that), Wizard is unlikely to satisfy them. I can see it being a bit more serious than Fourze, but that's about it.

  12. anon above.
    not haters but we will be satisfied once kamen rider returns to its former glory. instead of a show that doesnt start a story until episode 40. and doesnt have hideous forms,pointless gimmicks and the characters have a purpose. and the main rider actually has more to him than "oh i wanna be friends with everyone".seriously ryuusei has the most personality and story out of everyone.
    so yeah i'm kinda glad fourzes leaving. compared to other riders its not even remotely good its a mess.

    you want us to respect your opinions well respect ours when we say fourze cant hate us for wanting it gone and being more excited for wizard.
    also not to be rude but gabriel...fourze>go-busters really?W.T.F. have you even been watching because i don't think you have.i know it started slow but its picked up. go-busters has an actual story and characters with purpose and the icing on the cake jin masato and EPIC battles on ground and in mech.whats not to like. plus escape just made an appearance ;)

    dont tell me youre one of THOSE guys who hate gobusters because its morphin time and megazords.because that is the dumbest possible reason to hate a show that good.

  13. sorry for that long comment btw.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I, for one, am looking forward to Wizard yet also sad to see Fourze ending. @mrxdgrafiti, I disagree with your statement about Fourze being a mess and being good, but to each his own, and you don't need to apologize for the long comment. There are things I like about Fourze such as Gentaro and KRC(but I can see how Yuki can get on some people's nerves), and there are things I wish they would have done differently like introducing and mixing the Horoscopes in earlier, but I like Fourze. The same can be said about Gobusters, I like Blue, Beet, and Stag, but don't really care for Red and Yellow.
    I think why people seem to hate Fourze so much is that in the beginning it did something new and exciting but fell into the mid-season rut that can be found in all toku series. And because of that people can pick flaws out a lot easier, hell before Beet and Stag's debut I was feeling it for Gobusters like the Copyroid episode. I felt it during the episodes after Scorpio's departure but before Cancer's debut.
    People hate it when someone talk trash or say something rude about something especially when the seek out to say it, meaning if I see a Goseiger(a season I didn't like very much) article and type "GOSEIGER SUXX LOLOL I CAN"T BeLIve PEOPLES WATCH THIS CRAP GO BACK TO THE SENTAI I LOVE AND WANT BLAH"(I know not everyone types like this but I've seen a lot of it) then I deserve what's coming to me on the comments.

  15. Gabriel Says:

    yes I have seen go-busters n some eps do interest me like the latest one with Escape,and no I thought the morphin time thing was cool at first but its still not doing it for me as a whole,unlike Fourze where I can't wait to watch it every week I mean yeah sometimes the story drags but it does get exiting especially these last few eps

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Just don't start insulting, say inappropriate stuff or being mean to people who actually like Fourze and Go-busters then I would be fine. I haters who make fun of actual fans of shows.

  17. @anon 3:23 AM "I wish they would have done differently like introducing and mixing the Horoscopes in earlier"

    thats where i get my fourze is a mess statement.because episodes 31 till now have been an aries-leo-capricorn- aquarius-taurus-sagitarius-virgo-gemini-pisces-sandwich. all of them being revealed and only three of them so far(leo,sagitarius, and arguably virgo) are known to be relevant to the story,lack their of.most of these were only around for 2 eps. so it felt very rushed and it was because they spent too much time on scorpio, libra, and cancer.

    again if you like fourze, go ahead i'm not bashing the show or you.i just think it had alot of potential...and failed execution wise.i still watch cuz i want to see how it ends and i love kamen rider and cant stop watching no matter how bad i want too.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    i love go buster n fourze just enjoy it guys they great for me evryone has diferent opinion :v oke honey? :*

  19. Anonymous Says:

    For me it's just simple: I like Fourze but dun like Go-Busters. I'm not gonna waste my time telling people Go-Busters suck because I for one won't appreciate it when people tell me Fourze sucks. To each his own. In the end all I care about is what I think and not what others think because what matters is that I'm entertained, so those who don't like fourze can just suck it. I don't care what you think as much as you don't care about mine, and I certainly will NOT waste my time saying Go-Busters sucks because there are people out there who enjoy it genuinely like I do Fourze.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    The show ain't over yet, which means that Fourze might reveal some secrets behind the Horoscopes plot and more information about the Gate Switch or the Rabbit Hatch. Also, there might be a connection to the cosmic energy and Kengo's illness because if you gus watch the last Fourze episode there was a force field when Kengo tried to protect his friends from Sagittarius' attack

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Kamen rider ooo main isn't greed, it's underwear.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    guys chill dont be so bad all of the kamen riders are good movie and dont blame them there just doing there work to satisfy the people :) - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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