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Power Rangers Megaforce Graphic Novels Revealed

Power Rangers Megaforce Graphic Novels RevealedSimilar to Power Rangers Super Samurai, Papercutz will also be publishing graphic novels for next year's Power Ranger series, Power Ranger Megaforce! The Megaforce graphic novels will begin in the third issue entitled Gamer's End”.

Below are the summaries of the Power Rangers Megaforce graphic novels, courtesy of Samuraicast, which also gives us confirmation on Buredoran's American name.

Power Rangers Megaforce Vol. 03: Gamer's End
Release Date: January 2013
Ranger Theo heads to a gaming convention to cheer one of his buddies. But Creepox is there, and he lures Theo into a back room to show him a new video game that looks suspiciously like the convention floor. Unfortunately for the Rangers, it is not a game at all – the fight is on, and it’s being unwittingly controlled by their friend!

Release date will be January 8th, 2013.
Pre-order now via Amazon

Power Rangers Megaforce Vol. 04: Panic in the Parade
Release Date: April 2013
Why is the Yellow Ranger missing while her friends engage in an epic showdown with one of Admiral Malkor's (Buredoran) minions? Is the villain somehow using the most innocent Ranger as part of an even deadlier plan?

Release date will be April 16th, 2013.
Pre-order now via Amazon

Stefan Petrucha and Paulo Henrique returns for the Power Rangers Megaforce graphic novels, which were slated to be released in 2013.

Source: Samuraicast via Orends: Range

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5 Responses
  1. V Says:

    Creepox and Malkor? Just when Xandred, Nighlocks and Moogers were the worst names I'd heard (*smh*). Also, Megaforce for Goseiger and Super Megaforce for Gokaiger? Way to half-a$$ it guys. I've seen fanfics with better names than those! Lastly, I thought the Christian Broadcasting Network would have dubbed/subbed Goseiger since story-wise, it sounds right up their alley :-p

  2. there making the yellow ranger the innocent one...wernt both yellow sentai basically a tomboys in both goseiger and gokaiger

  3. fail. there's already a ranger Theo (Jungle Fury Blue)

  4. La Femme aux Choux Says:

    @Nightstone: Yes, they were, and the original casting spec for the Yellow Ranger stated that she was a tough, sassy character "like a young Angelina Jolie." And Samurai has already done the thing with the Yellow being the sweet innocent one. Won't it get boring two years in a row?

  5. Turquoise Ranger Says:

    Please don't let Pr: Megaforce & Super Megaforce be as bad as Samurai.

    This will be my prayer and my mantra until the new season starts. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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