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Kamen Rider Wizard Henshin Sound Effect

Kamen Rider Wizard Henshin Sound Effect
After the Kamen Rider Wizard press conference video that was posted yesterday, here's clear version of the sound effects made by the WizarDriver and WizarSwordGun. Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!

The WizarDriver voice says “Flame! Please!”, while the WizarSwordGun mumbles in Engrish, “Come on a Slash! Shake hands!” and “Flame! Slash Strike!”. All sound effects end with a “Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!” (wonders what that really meant)

Kamen Rider Wizard fights enemies which are born on an ancient solar eclipse ceremony. These enemies are called "Phantoms". Haruto (Shunya Shiraishi) and Koyomi (Okunaka Makoto) survived the incident. Meanwhile, Haruto disguises himself as Kamen Rider Wizard with the transformation device given to him by a mysterious white magician.

Kamen Rider Wizard premieres September 2nd.

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20 Responses
  1. OXor Says:

    hi hi hi hi (火) = fire fire fire ??

    perhaps it will chant the element according to Wizard's form

  2. Anonymous Says:

    sounds more like Ki ki ki to me ...

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Mahou kitaaaaa!!!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Its heat! heat! he-he-heeeaaat!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like Heat! Heat! Heat!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hi = Fire/Flame/Heat etc.

    I'm baffled by the use of "Please". Then again, as a kid, weren't we always told that "Please" was the magic word?

  7. come on a slash....oh the jokes to be had at that lol

  8. javado Says:

    I need a ringtone of this...

  9. Anonymous Says:

    so im guessing koyomi will be the secondary rider who gets his mysterious powers from a black magician. their final forms will be light form and dark form...seeing how it'll be dice-based

  10. Anonymous Says:

    ^Dice-based? That was jossed months ago!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Koyomi is the fortune-telling girl who questions whether she's human or Phantom (I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere.)

  12. Anonymous Says:

    The driver is laughing at the enemy

  13. Anonymous Says:

    people would try to convinced themselves that Wizard is cool at everything so they can present themselves as cool to other fandoms....

  14. is it me, or does the higher-pitched voiced sound the same as Gattack's zector

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I so want 3 riders in this series and a movie rider!

    - An alchemy rider
    - A female

    - Chi Wizard Rider

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Well, we all thought the ooo driver's sound effect stank, but it eventually grew on us.

    Think it will be the same here. :D

  17. "people would try to convinced themselves that Wizard is cool at everything so they can present themselves as cool to other fandoms...."

    No.just No. he actually just is really cool.shut up.

  18. Marco Says:

    I kind miss more armored riders, like G3/G3-X/G4 (Agito), Ixa (Kiva), Shadowmoon (Black) and pretty much everyone on Kabuto... Riders these days have more cloth than actual armor!

    Also wanna multiple riders... Since Decade, we had just main rider and sidekick rider... (Well, in W we had Skull, but he didn't fight with the rider crew... the same for Eternal...) and OOO had TWO births...!!! Woah! Awesome, very creative, congratulations, champiom! ¬¬

    Kiba had about 3 or 4 riders, right? (1-Kiva, 2-Ixa, 3-Dark Emperor/Dark Kiba/Something like that and 4-Saga)... But since Saga was a bad guy, we had only two good riders...

    So, i really miss multiple rider, with multiple lifestyles, way of acting, behavior, moral and beliefs. i like the idea of a rider squad, also like the idea of riders fighting apart but for same reasons, or different reasons against same enemy, or even different enemies!!

    Anyway... I really hope Wizard bring back some nice things I liked in series with multiple riders like Agito, Ryuuki,Faiz, Blade and Kabuto...

  19. Shin Says:

    It won't surprise me if he stops fighting and starts dancing. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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