18 October 2012

Avril Lavigne Contributes Songs for One Piece Film Z!

In a recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, it was announced that Canadian pop sensation Avril Lavigne will contribute two songs for the upcomingOne Piece Film Z”! Lavigne is also a fan of the said anime.

Avril Lavigne's two new songs, “How You Remind Me” and “Bad Reputation” will be included in the said movie that commemorates the 15th anniversary of the One Piece anime franchise.

Eiichiro Oda was impressed with Lavigne's cover of Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" that he sent a personal thank-you letter to Lavigne. In addition, Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation" happened to be one of Oda's favorite songs since it matched the Straw Hat Pirates' tireless pursuit of their dreams, and Lavigne's side suggested that she could also offer a cover of that song.

One Piece Film Z will be set after the events on the Fishman Island Arc, hence the first movie taking place in the New World part of the Grand Line. The film features the antagonist Z, described as Luffy and the Straw Hat pirate crew's "strongest enemy yet."

Eiichiro Oda himself will oversee the production for the film as its executive producer. Osamu Suzuki will serve as the script writer, and Tatsuya Nagamine will be the director.

The film opens on Japanese theaters this December 15th.

Source: Crunchyroll News, Anime News Network


  1. Well now. I never saw this coming.

  2. Huh so Oda-Sensei is an Avril Lavigne fan.i can honestly say that not even in my wildest dreams could I have seen that coming.
    P.s. am I the only one who's still getting rubbed the wrong way by that "strongest enemy yet" comment? Seeing as how this film is within continuity that seems like a stretch with badass fuckers like Akainu and Black Beard running around.

  3. I know we're all thinking about how this is the weirdest news to hit in a long time, but we have a more pressing issue. There's going to be a nickelback song in a One Piece movie. Let that sink in for a moment....how do we stop this from happening?

  4. it could have been worse, she could have covered the one piece theme like she did to the spongebob squareparts theme for that show's movie

  5. Man I wanted Three Days Grace.