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CG Saint Seiya The Movie Coming This July 2013, Hopefully

At MIPCOM trade event at France, TOEI Animation chairman Kozo Morishita said that he desires to finish the production of the new computer-generated movie based on Masami Kuromada's mythological fantasy manga, Saint Seiya The Movie by July 2013.

Morishita, who said that Toei Animation will produce a 13-minute promo for the film before the end of the year, also commented, “'Saint Seiya' will have a top-level budget and will be delivered in S3D and CGI 3D. In Japan, audiences are not yet fond of stereostropic films but it's crucial to provide a 3D version for territories like China.”

Keiichi Satou, of Tiger & Bunny and Ashura fame, will direct the film, while Tomohiro Suzuki, who wrote six episodes of Tiger & Bunny, will be the scriptwriter.

Moreover, Morishita also stated that there will be a possible new anime series after the film. “In the past we'd produced a TV series first and then a film, but we've found that delivering a movie before starting to develop a series is a great way to test the appetite of audience, and limit risks.”

Saint Seiya The Movie is listed as the new "Masami Kurumada Project," and Kurumada, the original creator of the Saint Seiya mythological fantasy manga, is credited for the original story. This is a celebration to mark the 25th year anniversary of the original manga.

via Variety

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3 Responses
  1. Inferno_Angel Says:

    Man, i'm still waiting for this movie...
    Please don't drop it..
    What, new TV series after this movie?
    GREAT!!! I luv it...
    It's better be true i still wonder what happen to Seiya after been defeated by Apollo..

  2. Marco Says:

    May Athena bless this one!

    This movi will be serious business! Can't wait to see! *_*

    And yet we get a new series? Thx Zeus and all the Olimpo!!!

    Anything is better than that Sailor Seiy... Oops... i mean, Saint Seiya Omega! >_<

    ...But, seems while most fans would like to see a direct sequel to the original series, since omega's is so twisted off and strange and shitty that it's hard to say that is canon... I myself would love to see the Episode G turned into animated series!!! In CGI would be even better! *_*

    Or maybe even Gigantomachia or Next Dimension would be cool! Hell yeah!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Oh man, Daily Lives of High School Saints are totally retarded. I hope the next series won't have a cliche main lead like Kouga. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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