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KAMEN RIDER BEAST, Wizard's 2nd Rider and More Revealed! [Updated]

New toy catalogs have been leaked over the interwebs which reveals the secondary Kamen Rider for Kamen Rider Wizard TV series! He will be called Kamen Rider Beast (仮面ライダービースト).

By using the Beast Driver (ビーストドライバー) and the Beast Color (ビーストカラー), the user transforms to Kamen Rider Beast. His main weapon is the Dice Saber (ダイスサーベル). Other powers is currently unknown.

Meanwhile, here are some new Wizard Rings for Kamen Rider Wizard. First up is the Land Dragon Ring to upgrade Land Style. Up next are the rings that will debut in Kamen Rider Movie Wars ULTIMATUM: Five, Time, and Fourze Rings. Lastly, the two upcoming Wizard Rings included in [Set 04]: Excite, and Dress up Rings.

Last but not the least, here are the new PlaMonsters (to be used by Kamen Rider Wizard or Beast is not confirmed): Black Cerberus , Green Griffin, and Purple Golem.

UPDATE: Here's an upcoming figure of Beast in the WAP! (Wizard Action Please!) toy line: Kamen Rider Beast and Beast Chimaera. Could this confirm that he have also escaped despair and have a Chimaera Beast, composed of Falcon (orange), Chameleon (green), Dolphin (blue) and Buffalo (red), inside his underworld?

UPDATE #2: Here's the catalog for the upcoming Kamen Rider Wizard WAP! series featuring its Dragon Styles. Each release comes with a Dragon part: head for Flame Dragon, wings on Hurricane Dragon, tail on Water Dragon, and claws on Land Dragon. All these parts can be attached to a single figure!

So far, the user and debut episode of Kamen Rider Beast is yet to be revealed. One thing is sure, he will make a short cameo at the end of Kamen Rider Movie Wars ULTIMATUM, similar to how Kamen Rider Accel and Meteor made their first appearance.

via 算吧@Tokumaru, J-HERO.COM

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69 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    LaToRa LaToRa! that's all.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    His henshin device took a page from power rangers super samurai.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I'm sorry but no. Just no. Wizard was honestly bad enough. But now we've got a Garo clone.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I had a weird feeling that either a cerberus or a griffon would somehow be tied to the second rider.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Look oput! It's the Kamen Rider version of GoseiKnight D:

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Don't like the design that much, but I'll wait to judge. I wanna see who plays him.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    at the 1st pic. wizard becomes dragon itself.he got dragon wing and claw~

  8. Anonymous Says:

    so..... what happen with kamen rider witch???....

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I think green griffin is going to be used by kamen rider beast because of the griffin ring looks alike like other beast's rings

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Kamen Rider Beast looks bulky... And the head doesn't look right... Maybe is the quality of the image for the toy catalogs...

    On the other hand, it looks like Beast is the knight in all this wizardry stuff. It's kinda sad but now the previous rumors are sort of false :( they sounded a look cool.

  11. Mike19 Says:

    The Five ring is puzzling me. Does it give Wizard a form change or will it just conjure up all the elements for an attack? If it was a form change, we probably would have seen it in these scans.

  12. Rumor-monger Says:

    @Anonymous 8/6 10:27 AM

    Kamen Rider Witch was a rumor, along with another one called Shaman. While a female Kamen Rider would be awesome, I feel Shaman's rumored powers are cool. Besides, Witch is part of a rumor that Wizard will have five Kamen Riders. So we can assume that if the five Riders rumor is false, that we won't be seeing Witch or Shaman.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    UGLY, just ugly.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    new rider aside, i am interested about "FIVE ring", is it a clue to entirely new form/upgrade ?

    obviously, time ring and fourze ring has to do with the plot

  15. Spleenzorio Says:

    So his belt is a wrestling championship?

  16. he looks pretty cool actually

  17. marty Says:

    he even has fangs just like the showa riders and kuuga

  18. Anonymous Says:

    It's not "Beast Color". It's "Beast Collar".

  19. Anonymous Says:

    There's dolphin logo on his wrist.

  20. " Anonymous
    October 6, 2012 10:03 AM

    His henshin device took a page from power rangers super samurai."

    yea no joke

    glad they didn't go with witch cause A thats the wrong term and B they would have gotten complaints

  21. he could be a paladin aka a magical knight so... it still fits the theme of wizard.

  22. You Says:

    So nobody commenting that one of the rumours were half right? We DO have a rider that uses dice in some form. Of course, this is why it always says to take them with a grain of salt, but who knows what else might have some truth to it. Maybe we might get that female rider? Maybe we won't. Just have to wait and see what happens.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Theres a way to tell which ring belongs towho. The rings that are silver belong to wizard and the black ones to beast

  24. Anonymous Says:

    I'm kinda confused on the theme of the rider.By seeing the pics,he can summon illusion bulls and his saber looks sorta like a whip that was used to control the bulls and his red cape at his right shoulder he should be a toros? But again looking at his color scheme and his design he does resembles like an inca? Cuz his color was gold and the lion/inca animal...

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Don't judge this too early, maybe he would be badass and be super special awesome

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I really want to see Kamen Rider Witch on Kamen Rider Wizard. Can't they bring her as the 3rd rider but for good guys. I mean the Rider riding on a broom sounds like a great idea.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    IN ALL HONESTLY, no secondary post-kabuto rider will ever be as cool as Zeronos.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    who's with me to see Kamen rider Witch?

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Omg.....Kamen Rider Gosei Knight! He looks interesting, especially his rings. I wonder if his belt scans rings too???

  30. Anonymous Says:

    I'm starting to find it really creepy how much people want a female rider. If you people would stop and realize how much of a bad idea that is, maybe you can see that kamen Rider is a particular male thing, IT IS A BOYS SHOW, why do you think females are usually bumped to movie appearances or last second things, It's just one of Kamen Rider's traditions. On top of that, look at the riders that were already out, Femme, Larc, Shuki, Kivara, and Nadeshiko, all of them but Larc ((Who had incredibly little screen time)) and Shuki ((An actual good female character)) were all girlified up to the point it made no sense and is easily forgotten. Above all else, The Toku community in general has is like incapable of making a good female henshin hero, it is very rare that one isn't thrown in there for creepy fanservice for lonely men.

    Beast looks awesome in my opinion, the designs for Wizard have been getting back to basics and i like that, no more of this "Partial Transformation" crap, we have our elements again and i couldn't be happier. And while i can admit that Beast looks a little armored for a normal rider, i didn't like the way Meteor looked at first but when i saw him in action i was in awe, i'll give him a chance, Kamen Rider hasn't failed me yet and I trust their judgment

    PS. Those who get all "FUH THAT'S UGLY UGH KAMEN RIDER IS GOING TO SHIT!" need to realise that this is a kids show and any show that goes on from 1971 will eventually get a little repetitive or weird at times from how much they are milking it. What is even sillier are people who are like "UNGH WIZARD LOOKS STUPID" and ended up liking another rider. People said it with Decade, Double, OOO, Fourze and now they're doing it to Wizard, hush, you know you're going to end up liking it xD

  31. Anonymous Says:

    IMO, Meteor was the one that made me watch Fourze to the end.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    ^ Its creepy to want to see more feminine power in an action series? What just because it has fighting in it girls can't like it? Girls can't be a badass in it? Fuck you, at least there have been attempts made. The only reason people keep mentioning it is because they saw it in a rumor and wondering if its true. They think its kinda cool to see a female 2nd or 3rd rider, and you call them creepy for that?

  33. Anonymous Says:

    @Anon 12:54

    It's a kids show so it doesn't matter either boys or girls watch it...If you think girls don't deserve to watch Kamen Rider then GTFO

  34. Bring back the WWF Says:


  35. Anonymous Says:

    KR is a boys show. sluts shouldn't watch it.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    ^ last week was racism, this week its sexism. great

  37. Anonymous Says:


    Ur mother watch it so that means ur mother is a whore slut

  38. Just when I thought the snotty, elitist, "My opinion is law" attitude couldn't get any worse, this jackass goes and throws in a healthy dose of misogyny. Congratulations, you are officially lower than dog shit. Please do us all a favor and go away; slime like you doesn't deserve to call itself a Kamen Rider fan.

  39. Stardust Says:

    that creature isn't even a fan to begin with, just a dwarf troll. Ignore it.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Religion is next!

  41. noname Says:

    I think the best design of all series is the kabuto series

  42. JokerXtreme Says:

    In my opinion,it's the den-o series.But returning to Beast,why he can't be a female bulky rider?Like a tomboy or something,it would be cool.Wizard series must become better with this GoseiKnight-Like Kamen Rider,i tried to watch last episode and i slept over my laptop.Seriously,Wizard is cool,driver and sounds are cool too,but it sucks a lot.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    so, kamen rider is a boys only show and females don't deserve to watch it? F that,,, i have a female friend who totally into kamen riders, and she collecting so many SICs, and even have some henshin belts,

    on contrary, i also have male friend who likes my little pony,,,

  44. Anonymous Says:

    It looks a draft of one of those guys in Granzasers... Still, looking forward for the actual show.

  45. Jumbles Says:

    I like how everybody seems to have read what they wanted from the Anon at 12:54. I don't even see where he says only males can watch it. It's a damn fact the show's target audience are young males. Don't try and kid yourself and say otherwise. That'll be like saying iCarly's target audience ISN'T pre/teenage girls. Does that mean females can't watch it? I'm not even gonna bother answering that. Keep being fucking stupid, you seem to be very good at it.

    What did Nadeshiko contribute to Fourze's movie? How much screen time did Kivara get? You know damn well Witch will do nothing but make cutsey poses and be important for 1 or 2 episodes then retreat to the role of base duty/support.

    I would LOVE if there was a female rider that could steal the spot light from a secondary, and stand toe to toe with the main rider, but that's something we've yet to see. She'd probably HAVE to be the secondary to not become an afterthought.

    They think its kinda cool to see a female 2nd or 3rd rider, and you call them creepy for that?

    You seem to have missed the reason he said it was creepy... it is very rare that one isn't thrown in there for creepy fanservice for lonely men. ie. Nadeshiko. lrn2read.

    A translation of AmuroNT1's post:
    "Nyah! My opinion differs from yours, so I don't like you! Waaah"

    The only "mistake" (can it even be called that? Like, seriously?) is having a female rider is a bad idea. But that's his opinion, and instead of going off on a trail without breadcrumbs (like you people), I'll just say: I disagree. Do it right, and a female rider will be a nice addition.

    This site seriously lacks reading comprehension. But have fun attacking me next if you want, though. Just calling out your idiocy.

    Fuck. I hate sounding like I'm defending this guy (guess I am), but holy shit! You people are seeing a fire where there isn't even any smoke! Calm your tits.
    Oh, and all this is "my opinion". Seeing as you have to add that for some reason, for people to understand. Obviously my username, and the comment being under my username isn't enough.

  46. Jumbles Says:

    And again, holy shit. Rereading that, I don't even think he meant it in that way! It looks like he simply means Kamen Rider has always been a MAN, and is very rarely a woman. Oh my God... this is too funny! Carry on with your sexist claims, though. So, people are jumping down his throat... because he points out Kamen Rider has always been a man, save for a few exceptions? Jesus Christ... lrn2comprehend plz!

    Also, I think it's pretty obvious he thinks you people only want a female rider to masturbate to. He just didn't want to put it that bluntly.

  47. Phoenix Says:

    I'm surprised at the negativity, because I certainly think Beast (not the best name, sure, but it does the trick, considering he's meant to be a beastmaster) looks pretty damn badass. I also like how he's more of an RPG wizard with the dice - like dungeons and dragons - as opposed to Wizard's stageshow magician theme.

    Considering the previous rumours of Witch and five riders sounded untrue anyway, I'm not surprised that Beast here is debunking it. Still, I would like to see a Witch in action. Unfortunately, kids won't buy her toy, so she won't be a regular rider in the main series. A one-off character like Femme in a movie yes, but not the series. No way do Toei and Bandai have the balls to try.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    wizard of oz? with 2 more riders. if you get what i mean

  49. Anonymous Says:

    @anon 4
    what makes you say that the fact that griffon is related to beast, is it the fact that in the picture it had a black ring?!

  50. KamenRiderRekka Says:

    Given the whole based on mythology I can assume that the base is that of the Nemean Lion. What with the wrestler belt and the who lion head on one shoulder. Also lions are the king of beasts.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Well that was disappointing, I really wanted a female rider to shake up the formula.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    I like this motif... And lion theme based rider rocks! ROAR!!!

  53. Anonymous Says:

    Wizard is the coolest Rider design since Kiva. Haters STFU.

    Beast looks just too bland.

  54. V Says:

    Was SERIOUSLY hoping there would be a female Rider this time

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Matador rider!!

  56. Anonymous Says:

    Bland design IMO. Hopefully the character is interesting.

  57. Anonymous Says:

    While i'm not really into the unbalanced asymetrical design (meteor, drake... im looking at you) I guess is kind of okay... what really bothers me is the helmet; i mean, it's like they took the latorata head and combed it's mane with lots of hairspray.

  58. Anonymous Says:

    Just saying...

  59. Anonymous Says:

    Lmao! That pic XD

  60. Anonymous Says:

    why dont you guys just shut the fuck up and enjoy the show

  61. Anonymous Says:

    thank god it isn't a female rider. I was so tired of that terrible idea for Witch. Stupid fanfiction from 2chan is what that garbage was.

  62. Anonymous Says:

    I like cheese!!!

  63. Kamen rider narutaki Says:

    Beast can summon his phantom in the real world unlike wizard...

    wizards final form is obvious...

    full dragon armor form...

  64. Anonymous Says:

    Kamen Rider Beast the bullfighter XP

  65. Mattwo Says:

    The image name says they are Beast's pla monsters, besides the rings look like the ones Beast uses, which are notably different from Wizard's.

    An amusing change from the norm but they are probably still interchangeable, at least for the drivers. Not too sure about Beast's weapon...

  66. KR Fanatic Says:

    This is also like medieval-ish because of the PlaMonsters and honestly, my first impression was "huh? hmmmm I thought it was Witch or a Summoner" and I think that they don't plan to resemble the motif of the secondary riders to the theme of the show just like KR Accel, Birth and Meteor (except for the fact that it kind of resemble to space for meteor but his motif is a non-living and not human-made while Fourze is non-living but human-made because a rocket, well, made by humans). It will be repetitive if both main and secondary rider resemble each other's motif.

  67. HowlerKing Says:

    If it wasn't for falcon and buffalo I would have said he had an all constellation motif. The mainly lion, then dolphin and chameleon really but falcon can act as a stand in for eagle and buffalo for bull but and even then the wrestler belt gives him the Hercules appeal

  68. I'm pretty sure the gryphon one is the only one used by Beast, since its ring structure is different.
    But he's interesting! I didn't like Meteor's design initially, but now he's one of my favorite riders! I guess we'll let time tell...

  69. Anonymous Says:

    NO.....What happens with Kamen Rider Science - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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