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AKB48 to Release 20 “Studio Recordings” CDs of Theater Songs

CDJapan started listing idol group AKB48's upcoming releases featuring the “studio recordings collections” of their popular theater songs. The remastered versions, with eight unreleased CD stages, will be available starting January 1st.

"studio recordings collection" series includes AKB48's masterpieces based on the set listings of their theater concerts featuring re-track down and remastering. Additionally, all the albums come with bonus karaoke CDs. First press bonus includes a randomly selected photo, and a B5 clear file holder.

To be released are:
  • Team A 1st "PARTY ga Hajimaruyo"
  • Team A 2nd "Aitakatta"
  • Team A 3rd "Dareka no Tame ni"
  • Team A 5th "Renai Kinshi Jyorei"
  • Team A 6th "Mokugekisha"
  • Team K 1st "PARTY ga Hajimaruyo"
  • Team K 2nd "Seishun Girls"
  • Team K 3rd "Nonai Paradise"
  • Team K 5th "Sakaagari"
  • Team K 6th "RESET"
  • Team B 4th "Idol no Yoake"
  • Team B 5th "THEATER no Megami"
Available in CD for the first time:
  • Team A 4th "Tadaima Renaichu"
  • Team K 4th "Saishuberu ga Naru"
  • Team B 1st "Seishun Girls"
  • Team B 2nd "Aitakatta"
  • Team B 3rd "Pajama Drive"
  • Himawari Gumi 1st "Boku no Taiyo"
  • Himawari Gumi 2nd "Yume wo Shinaseruwake niwa Ikanai"
  • Team 4 1st "Boku no Taiyo"
AKB48's "studio recordings collection" series will be released on January 1st, for 2875 yen each (that's 57,500 yen for all 20 CDs). Pre-orders your copies now at CDJapan, and get exciting bonuses!

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