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BL Movies: Side Career of Toku Actors?

Yaoi has been a popular genre these past years among female fans, termed as fujoshi. And because of it, live-action movies of such came to the entertainment scene. Termed as Boys Love Movies (BL), stories of such revolves around romantic relationships between men. These stories were adapted from famous yaoi mangas and novels by famous authors.

Most of the known BL actors of today are non other than tokusatsu ones. Some of these actors started at BL and some in toku who gained so much popularity from it, especially for the fangirls. Maybe one reason of which is their physical appearances as good-looking young men.

So far, we've listed 20 tokusatsu actors who took part of the said genre. Some are just minor characters but still made a huge turning point in the movies. Here they are:

In 2006, Zan Saber's Izumo Takuya, Kotani Yoshikazu starred in 'Boys Love Movie' as Mamiya Taishin, a magazine editor together with Magiranger's Ozu Tsubasa/MagiYellow and Go-Buster's Masato Jin/BeetBuster, Matsumoto Hiroya as Furumura Chidori, a classmate and best friend of Kisaragi Noeru, Mamiya's lover, played by Saitou Takumi.

In 2007, five BL movies came out starring with our favorite tokusatsu actors.

First, 'Boys Love 2 (Theatrical Edition)' get into the scene with Kotani Yoshikazu working on the same director of the first Boys Love Movie. Though coming up on the same main title, it is a total different story. Here, Kotani plays the role of Aoi Kaiiro, a teacher in a prestigious school. It was release in 2009 under the title, 'School Boy Crush.'

Next is 'Ren'ai Shindan' which came out as a series of 3-episode stories on forbidden love including yaoi, incest and yuri. One of which is 'Unmei no Kodou,' the fourth story, featuring Kawai Ryuunosuke, Zan Saber's Hyuga Imasaki and Kumai Kouhei, Kamen Rider Kiva's Eritate Kengo/IXA playing the roles of Katsuragi Kei, a doctor and Kanade Maki, a boy who has a heart failure.

Moving on, we have here, 'Itsuka no Kimi e' with Kawai Ryuunosuke as Hayase Kouhei, a photographer. He was paired with Saitou Takumi who starred in 'Boys Love Movie.'

Coming to the list is the first of the five 'Takumi-kun' Movie Series under the subtitle, 'Soshite, Harukaze ni Sasayaite.' It was starred by Kamen Rider Kiva's Nago Keisuke/IXA, Kato Keisuke as the famous and most admired student Saki Giichi. Alongside with him, Boukenger's Inou Masumi/BoukenBlack, Saitoh Yasuka played the role of Takabayashi Izumi, the school's prince and has a huge crush on Gii in the first movie and Kamen Rider Decade's Kagami Arata/Gattack, Makita Tetsuya played Nozaki Daisuke, a student who frequently asks Hayama Takumi (Yanagishita Tomo) on a date. Also in this movie, Shinkenger's Ikenami Ryuunosuke/ShinkenBlue, Aiba Hiroki made a brief appearance as Inoue Sachi, Gii's violinist friend and Takumi's idol.

Lastly we have 'Sukitomo,' a mild BL movie about an unusual love triangle between a boxer, his sister and his friend. It is the third BL movie having Saitou Takumi as a cast and lead playing the role of Aoi Tomokazu. His friend, Yoshiko is played by Aiba Hiroki.

Moving to the year 2008, another four BL movies falls on the list.

First of, we have 'Kindan no Koi' with Boukenger's Mogami Souta/BoukenBlue, Mikami Masashi as Ritsu, a fashion designer and his relationship with his boss' son, Sho played by Katou Ryousuke.

Next we have, 'Ai no Kotodama' starring Go-Onger's Suto Hiroto/Go-On Gold and Kamen Rider Kabuto's Yaguruma Sou/Kick Hopper, Tokuyama Hidenori as Ootani Shinya and Saitoh Yasuka who played his lover, Tachibana Miyako.

Now, let's have 'Taiikukan Baby' starring Kamen Rider Den-O's Sakurai Yuuto/Zeronos, Nakamura Yuichi as Shibahara Jun, a senior ace swimmer who lost to his rival, Murai Naoki played by Takahashi Yuta.

Lastly, 'Bokura no Ai no Kanade,' a classical music related BL starred by Kamen Rider Kabuto's Kageyama Shun/Punch Hopper Uchiyama Masato playing the role of Sakizawa Ruiku, a passionate pianist and talented student.

Taking over 2009, we have the second installment of 'Takumi-kun Series.' Under the subtitle, 'Niji-iro no Garasu,' former Takumi-kun masin cast didn't return except for the character of Gii's best friend Akaike Shozo (Takiguchi Yukihiro). Kato Keisuke and Yanagishita Tomo was replaced by Ultraman Mebius' Ikaruga George, Watanabe Daisuke as Gii and Goseiger's Agri/GoseiBlack, Hamao Kyousuke as Takumi. The two of them played the same roles until the fifth movie. Saitoh Yasuka's character as Takabayashi Izumi was replaced by a brief appearance of Gokaiger's Basco, Hosogai Kei who was shown only for a few times in few seconds with a line or two.

In 2010, movie sequels mostly conquered the theatres.

Running on the first line, 'Ai no Kotodama 2' entered the scene under the subtitle, 'Sekai no Hate Made.' It falls under a different story but still connected on the first movie since Saitoh Yasuka reprised his role as Tachibana Miyako who works as a computer teacher. This movie became Kawai Ryuunosuke's third BL movie and as a lead. Here, he plays the role of Shinji, an elite employer in an advertising company.

Next we have two 'Takumi-kun' movies falling under the subtitles 'Bibou no DETAIL' and 'PURE' introducing another Toku actor Go-Buster's Iwasaki Ryuji/BlueBuster, Baba Ryouma as Misu Arata, Gii's rival and plays as the secondary couple in the story together with Go-Buster's guest character Koyama, Kawasumi Bishin as Shingyouji Kanemitsu, their underclassman and a close friend to Takumi. Also, there's a brief appearance of Saitoh Yasuka playing a different role. Takumi-kun 3 revolves around Takumi and Gii while the Takumi-kun 4 sticks on the relationship of Misu and Shingyouji which is played by Naito Taiki replacing Kawasumi in the role. Scene in these movies became more intense.

Lastly, we have 'Junjou' (Pure Heart). Kamen Rider Hibiki's little boy Adachi Asumu, Tochihara Rakuto plays the role of Tozaki, a guy who has a crush on his former classmate Kurata (Takahashi Yuta).

And finally, the year 2011 is conquered by the last 'Takumi-kun' movie, 'Ano, Hareta Aozora' with Watanabe Daisuke, Hamao Kyousuke and Baba Ryouma reprising their roles as Gii, Takumi and Misu.

Also, there are two drama series in our list which were said to be under the genre of Yaoi. I'm not very sure but maybe it's because of the plot in the manga.

First we have 'Princess Princess D' in 2007, starring Kamen Rider Den-O's Nogami Ryoutarou/Den-O, Sato Takeru as Konou Tooru who is originally the lead character in the manga and anime; GARO's Suzumura Rei, Fujita Rei as Shihoudani Yuujirou, one of the three princesses with Tooru; lastly, Nakamura Yuichi played the role of Hanazono Otoya, the leader of the Dark Princesses.

The last but not the least is the vampire drama 'RH Plus' with Tochihara Rakuto as Seto Ageha, a young vampire who tends to help the police to solve cases which they cannot solve the cases.

So, this is the list that we came up to for connecting Tokusatsu to Boys Love movies. Well, as you noticed, these actors were originally stage-play actors who gained more experiencein live performances and were improved by their different roles on TV and silver screen.

And I extremely believe that this genre really made toku actors a higher rank in popularity among girls and gain more support from them. In all honesty, all of the movies and series on the list were watched by me; I also had watched some of them even before stepping into Tokusatsu so I don't feel disappointed or anything. Now, it's on you.

Note: If I missed something, just tell me and I'll update it right away!

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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51 Responses
  1. Phoenix from Kamen Rider Wizad = main role in Boys Love2

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think the relation between both genre comes from the fact that Toei likes to utilized actors from D-Boys noawadays. The trend has shifted that they are using more and more charming boys to play Toku roles, to attract audience, unlike in the past... where I heard that they were really stunt actors who were promoted to be the fullpledged actors.
    I'm actually surprised we haven't seen Alata or Hiromu yet in the BL genre...

  3. Anonymous Says: least these BL movies in Japan are only taking it to the extreme of...*kissing*,leaving the rest of the sexual themes for the AV least I's the silver screen,right,so they don't allow for this stuff?

    Though...I could understand the pretty boys,but Tokuyama?That's the weirdest thing I've seen him do...after being one of the hoppers.

    Now I get the whole point behind the yaoi / host monster in Akibaranger...:P

  4. Anonymous Says:

    ^ Alata

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Why are there so many negative comments on this? It's great that these toku actors are so open minded to play such a role! It's not a genre that I would watch myself, but there are girls that enjoy it and gays that need some representation in the media. I salute these toku actors and people on here need to stop with the negativity.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    It saddens me to see how many homophobes are fans of toku... It's the 21st century and there are still people who think that love between to human beings of the same gender is unnatural... sometimes I feel that humanity has no hope left.

  7. Marco Says:

    Seriosuly... These fujoshis need to be stopped! >_<

    First they turn my rider heroes into girly boys, skinny with flashy and tight clothes and highly fashioned customized hair style... And now they REALLY turn them into "girls" (by kissing other man)... WHY???

    Do you want me to watch Pretty Cure that badly?? Coz my friend, trust me, in less then 6 years, Pretty Cure will be more manly than Rider series...

    Showa riders are very disappointed in you, Toei... u_u

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, toku fans are really horrible people.

    What makes BL bad?

  9. hakase Says:

    Thank you for this listing! Bookmarking this for future reference - what a great toku holiday gift. :)

  10. @Marco It's called a change in style. Nobody dresses the same now as they did in the 80's. Toei didn't change anything.

  11. DaveTheAnalyzer Says:

    Wow, many of the comments

    This is really interesting, thanks. Are there any you would particularly recommend for good story, great representation of LGBT, and lack of Bury Your Gays?

  12. I find all this comments very funny. When AKB48 girls do yuri/Shoujo-ai related-themes, guys love it [and probably praise them for it]. But when toku actors do BL, they are DISAPPOINTING? Hypocrites are really disgusting.

    I am more a yuri lover than a yaoi lover, but... I can't see HOW could be disappointing doing a yaoi role for an actor.

    It's like saying an actor cannot do a fat role. Or a Mafia role. Or even a dad role. It's complete stupidity.

  13. Lady Jaye Says:

    @DaveTheAnalyzer Totally watch the first "Ai no Kotodama." No one dies, the story is good, and there's a variety of sexualities there. Haven't seen the second one so I don't know how good it is

    Re. the sexual content of the movies, they range from very tame ("Taiikukan Baby" has just one quick kiss) to more racy ("Bokura no Ai no Kanade" has a few simulated sex scenes.) And yes, the comments here are terrible, grow up! The actors are just doing a job!

  14. I've learned so much about the Toku fandom from the last few months, whether it was the blatant, virulent racism exhibited when a black actor showed up in Kamen Rider or when it was merely HINTED that a Caucasian might be part of a Sentai team, or the rampant homophobia on display here and now.

    Attention whiners: Gays exist. Actors will play them if they get paid well enough or if they like the role. Get used to it. All this whining is just reminding me of what it was like to be in high school in the 1990s, where "queer" was the biggest insult the jocks could toss out and any vague suggestion that someone might be gay was treated as if you just threatened their mother with a knife.

    Of course, I'm willing to bet that if we were talking about girls love movies starring some of the lovely young women from SS and KR, all these whiners would not only be okay with it, they'd actively be hunting those movies down so they could jerk off to them.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Can't unsee :(

    Have the Tokusatsu-girls in yuri stories, and we'll be even :)

  16. Xenotome Says:

    Oh I love this. I've only seen a few of them, good to have them all in one place.

    As for the idiots crying about it, get a life. No one is forcing these actors to do this. Styles change, there would be no Kamen Rider if they held on to what got it canceled in the first place. It's called adapting to your country's growing culture. Just looks the blogs of Japanese actors, they're not dolling these people to put them on TV it's how they dress. For a show that's becoming more and more inclusive with openly gay actors like Kazuki Shimizu & Kabe-Chan it's a bit depressing that its fans are so intolerant of it. You want to watch Showa, then go watch Showa because it's not coming back in any big way so I suggest you give up or get used to it.

  17. Kuki Says:

    of course its 'gay', that's the point. If you don't like it, don't watch it. And you are really bad fans for attacking your actors like that. THEY ARE ACTING, they can have any role and play it well, that means they are good. And what narrow minded people there are out there, how does it affect you who kisses who or who sleeps with who seriously? its not like you can get them in your 'skirts' anyway.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Ok I gotta get in on this; ok no one is a homophobe they just don't want to see their favorite toku heroes suck face with another dude,considering a majority of the toku comunity is heterosexual males so its a matter of taste as opossed to straight up homophobia.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Lol step right up kids, watch your favorite toku actors literally fly out of the closet! No wonder the birth rate is dropping over there. No but seriously this okay with me. Since they fo it for money and it's a genre Of movie that girls enjoy.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    I knew when I saw this that there would be homophobic comments but I didn't expect there to be this much stupidity.

    Kissing another man *really* turns a man into a girl? And I thought believing all gay and bisexual men are feminine was wrong enough. I wonder if you people are even consistent with your nonsense, or if you're stereotypical guys who are totally okay with hot girls having fanservicey relationships or even doing lesbian movies. (I suppose women grow penises when they kiss.)

    I understand not wanting any homosexual undertones in your toku, I'm not interested in the pairing stuff either and fujoshis can be annoying. I just don't understand how people can have such strong negative reactions to something like this when so many toku actresses are AV stars. Whatever other series or movies they do, for crying out loud, they're not tainting the other things they've acted in.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    deleting all the slightly negative comments was a little unnecessary in my eyes, people were just saying their mind. Right? I saw most of them earlier. But really not like this comment will make it through to begin with knowing the dictatorship that is Jefusion's touchy mods.

    Nobody was flat out bashing homosexuals, they were simply stating they didn't like seeing their favorite actors in such a role. When people look at their favorite Toku heroes they expect valiant heroes who dish out justice and awe inspiring statements. Seeing this just rattled some people. And you can't let them take their frustration out? This happens almost every 4 blog entries, people around here honestly get too touchy whenever someone says slightly negative.

  22. BerryEZ Says:

    Yuri - GOOD

    Yaoi - No GOOD

  23. Yuri Says:

    ^Because you're a guy, right?

  24. Anonymous Says:

    I think Renn Kiriyama is in one of the Boys love movies. I'm almost certain he is in the first photo posted.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    @ Xenotome

    When did Kazuki Shimizu (Gokai Green) come out of the closet??

  26. @Anon 1/1/2013 5:44AM: Seriously? "It's not homophobia, I just don't wanna think about two guys kissing"? Like I said before, homosexuality exists; it will not disappear just because you don't think about it. And just because a straight actor plays a gay character doesn't demean him in any way.

    @Xenotome: Is Kazuki Shimizu really gay? That's kinda cool. Come to think of it, Don really didn't have any kind of romantic linkage in Gokaiger, did he?

  27. @Anon 1/1/2013 11:07AM: Here's the thing: Nobody is forcing anyone to watch these movies. GekiDan just pointed out their existence in an article. If you're the kind of person who loses respect for an actor or one of his characters because he played a role you don't care for, then the person at fault is you yourself, not the actor.

    If you don't like the fact that some Riders and Rangers' actors have played gay characters in films, then allow me to impart a piece of wisdom from my ex-girlfriend: "Cry me a river, then build a bridge and get over it."

  28. Xenotome Says:

    I've heard that during the production of Gokaiger that Kazuki had asked Ryota out, but turned him down because he wasn't gay but they're still good friends. When you watch how Kazuki acts around Ryota in pictures & interviews like the one for Ryota's play you can tell that Kazuki had a strong connection to him because as he left he just sat there just staring at his picture on the poster with the saddest face.
    ^Seen here^
    There was also a blog post of Kazuki's before Gokaiger premiered that translated to he "Wants to be admired as a gay actor" I'm paraphrasing, it's been a while since reading it.

    As for the whole "It's not homophobic" it is. Whether it's a role or their own lives and you can't accept that, then fuck you. You can accept these actors playing horrible people in other dramas and movies, but this is the thing that's too much? Yeah, bullshit.

  29. GekiDan Says:

    @AmuroNT1, it's "Magnum" who wrote the article, a female. :)

  30. Anon9935 Says:

    Im a female I already watched many of these flicks. The weirdest ones would always be with Tokuyama Hidenori because I just finished watching Kabuto when I watched that movie and I got the girly giggles. I would never disrepect an actor for doing this. You think it's so easy kiss someone of the same gender. Hahaha betcha some of you can't do it. I know I couldn't XD

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Oh no...
    Bouken Blue.
    Gosei Black.
    Kamen Rider Zeronos...
    Shinken Blue...

    Soo Cute..

  32. Anonymous Says:

    passing through a boy

    starring decade and diend actors

    genre: Yaoi

  33. Anonymous Says:


    "Of course, I'm willing to bet that if we were talking about girls love movies starring some of the lovely young women from SS and KR, all these whiners would not only be okay with it, they'd actively be hunting those movies down so they could jerk off to them."

    Duh. They LIKE girls. They FANCY girls. Of course they are going to LIKE girl on girl and NOT LIKE guy on guy. What kind of moronic statement are you trying to make? You think you are smart for making such an obvious statement?

    People like what they like, and don't like what they don't like. This is the internet. This is the 21st century. They won't listen to you. Do you think anyone, ever, in the history of the world has said "oh, some stranger on the internet said I was wrong, I have realised the error of my ways"?

    No. no they have not. What they have done is laugh at how riled up they have managed to get you.

    I bet you've moaned about things you don't like, don't get preachy.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    "If you don't like it, don't watch it. And you are really bad fans for attacking your actors like that."

    No. How can you be a bad fan for not liking something else?

    How the hell am I a bad fan of O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU, starring George Clooney, because I hated BATMAN AND ROBIN, starring George Clooney.

    Don't be ridiculous with your nonsense arguments.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    If you don't like the fact that some Riders and Rangers' actors have played gay characters in films, then allow me to impart a piece of wisdom from my ex-girlfriend: "Cry me a river, then build a bridge and get over it."

    "Hey guys, guys! I used to have a girlfriend! I'm so coooooool"

    Hey, AmuroNT1, let me impart a piece of wisdom from myself: "If you don't like people having a different opinion, go sit in a cave on your own."

    Your opinion is not right, their opinion is not wrong. Don't be so smug. You know, you made a comment about toku fandom earlier, about seeing different sides to it. Smug, arrogant, high horse fans like you are some of the worst. You get preachy and pathetic when anyone shows any signs of disagreeing with you. YOU are the worst kind of fans. The racists and the homophobes are just morons who don't know any better than to think what they think. Fans like you try to be smarter than everyone else. Fans like you are so quick to tell others they are wrong, and here's a long list why you are wrong and I am right.

    Grow up.

    Same to the mods censoring this. I saw what was here before you deleted them. Most of them were just opinion and comments valid enough, if just for the response from others. There was nothing, NOTHING that I saw has been deleted that NEEDED to be deleted. If you are simply going to delete ANYONE that disagrees with you, you might as well just turn off the damn comments entirely.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, and AmuroNT1

    "Just went to Best Buy. They had Jem in the anime section. Resisted urge to kill."

    Urge to kill...because someone put a cartoon in the anime section?! ZOMG WHAT AN OUTRAGE! STUPID SHOP WORKERS!

    This is what I mean when I say you kind of fans are the worst. You smug, arrogant, self-important know-it-alls looking down on everyone else.

  37. Forever Red Says:

    @Lady Jaye :

    Eh,seriously?Then I must have either watched some pretty tame stuff in dramas,only kisses so far.

    As for some toku actresses being former AV actors...ok.Japanese people really go all out with acting and voice-acting,that's awesome of them...and if I could,I'd do the thumbs up smiley.:)

  38. Xenotome Says:

    There's a difference of opinion and there's being an a-hole. Are there things that you may not like that actors do? Of course, but looks past them. Don't sit there and dwell and whine about how they shouldn't be doing this blah blah blah.

    The racists and the homophobes are indeed morons, but they will themselves into it. How exactly is accepting different sides of Toku actors careers smug or arrogant?

    As for the"Duh. They LIKE girls. They FANCY girls. Of course they are going to LIKE girl on girl and NOT LIKE guy on guy. What kind of moronic statement are you trying to make? You think you are smart for making such an obvious statement?"

    The obvious statement speaks for itself, but people don't seem to pick up on it. What women do for their pleasure is okay, but when its guys it's wrong and disgusting. You can be objective about something and not come off as a total douche. Amuro has the right idea, this has nothing to do with you if you don't watch these films so please kindly get the fuck over it.

    It's okay for an actor to play murderer, but gay is just too much!

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry but its not homophobic it usually Is wrong and not only that its a trending fad but imagine how straight people feel they see being gay as wrong and religious texts say it is but nobody in today's soicity is listening anymore

  40. Do you know what's disgusting? Homophobia and bigotry. Do you know what's not disgusting? Actors trying on new, challenging roles.

    Is now the time to mention that Kenzaki Kazuma's (Kamen Rider Blade) actor's been in a full blown gay AV? :D Because he has. Which I've yet to see, but the fact remains.

    I've watched most of the movies listed, but they do make me cringe a little. They're often VERY CHEESY and VERY DRAMATIC/ANGSTY... But it's charming enough.

    Not really a BL, but Gekiblue (Takagi Manpei) played one of the Hitatwins in Ouran High School Host Club, with Takagi Shunpei playing the other, and they're all over each other as a part of their shtick.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    "The obvious statement speaks for itself, but people don't seem to pick up on it. What women do for their pleasure is okay, but when its guys it's wrong and disgusting. You can be objective about something and not come off as a total douche. Amuro has the right idea, this has nothing to do with you if you don't watch these films so please kindly get the fuck over it."

    What women do for THEIR pleasure is okay, yes, because it's for THEIR pleasure. They like it.

    Gay movies are not done for THEIR pleasure, so of course they don't like it. It's not for them, they aren't supposed to. How do you not get that? Are you simple?

    It's nothing to do with people that don't watch it? Really? You aren't allowed an opinion on things if you don't do it?

    Tell me, are you gay? Do you approve of gay marriage? Why? It doesn't involve you. What about rape? Ever been raped? No? Then why do you care about it.

    That is a RIDICULOUS argument tat doesn't hold ground here, so grow up. People ARE allowed opinions, people ARE allowed to not agree with you. It's going to happen, so "please kindly get the fuck over it."

  42. Anonymous Says:

    I'm not looking down on BL genre, I'm stating that Girls are getting more sexually creepy, just like women pictures us men.

    Equality~the tables have turn~!

  43. Anonymous Says:

    I'm a girl, and I watch both yuri and yaoi. well, it's mainly coz I'm a human psychology grad student :D
    But I love Takumi-kun series. The novels, mangas, and movies. It's not mainly sex you know. Sex it's just some "fan service" for yaoi lover, but the main is about takumi's struggles in his teenage time. Mostly coz he's been sexually harassed by his niisan who's supposedly protecting him.
    And their actor's play are good. Dai-chan, Mao and BabaRyo are not some second-rate actors. They've prooved themselves as a great actor by acted as gay even when they're straight. It means something for us fangirls.

  44. Royal Fiance Says:

    I actually watched BL before I got into Tokusatsu. If not for BL, I wouldn't have discovered/watched Tokusatsu. I think its great that these actors are open minded enough to accept these roles. And they are proud of their work. Kudos to them! We are all entitled to our own opinions, yes, but let us also respect other's opinions and not shove our own down their throats. : )

  45. Maiden Rose Says:

    Ahhh I think there's asymmetry with Araki Hirofumi and Wada Masato. And if I'm not mistaken, its considered BL. Also Kiriyama Renn was in Boys Love 2 but a very brief cameo as the main protagonist's brother.

    I've watched almost every movie in this list (if not all) and I enjoyed them very much.

  46. I'm not offended with the actors who played on gay movies, I was surprised with it and TBH they played the roles well in toku and BL which make them, for me, as a versatile actor. Of course, they know their sexuality and I'll support them with their paths they chose :)

  47. >>Gay movies are not done for THEIR pleasure, so of course they don't like it. It's not for them, they aren't supposed to. How do you not get that? Are you simple?

    Uhm. I actually enjoy gay movies. A lot. As for BL movies, they are mostly made for women to begin with. Saying that women don't like watching male on male is like saying that guys don't like watching girl on girl. (and turn on any pron flick and you'll find girl on girl, I promise.) And this is very broadly generally speaking, of course.

    To get back on topic; Saitou Takumi could also ALMOST be counted as a toku actor; he had a very very minor speaking role in one GARO episode (he was one of the victims of the woman with detachable arms.) ... And seriously? The Hopper bros actors starred in BL movies the same year but NOT WITH EACH OTHER?? =/ Something's clearly wrong with that...

  48. Anonymous Says:

    I always wanted to if Japanese are that homophobic? They are or?

  49. devonee 10 Says:

    care to add more to this list? Kobayashi Yutaka (Kamen Rider Baron) is in Takumi-kun: PURE. His role is Yoshizawa Ryo, the boyfriend of Takabayashi Izumi. (need to re-watch PURE again)

  50. Anonymous Says:

    yoshizawa in takumi-kun pure is kamen rider baron in kamen rider gaim...

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Bla bla bla bla bla bla
    Don't like don't watch. Don't like this post, leave. Simple. It's purely unnecessary to argue because you can't change people mind with words.

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