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Go-Busters vs Gokaiger: The Ultimate Treasure in Space

New images for the upcoming team-up film Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger THE MOVIE recently surfaced featuring additional scenes and the real appearance of the "Ultimate Treasure in Space".

Above is latest version of the "all red" Gokai-Change, featuring Go-OnRed, MagiRed, FiveRed, DenjiRed, DynaRed and GekiRed.

Meanwhile, within the film, Hiromu and Marvelous will go to the Dino House, from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger. They met Yatsudenwani there and orders some curry. Remember the food that Captain Marvelous' first ate when he arrived on Earth? It seems to be his favorite Earth dish.

The Buddyroids were attacked? What will happen to them now? And lastly, the appearance of the sought after "Ultimate Treasure in the Universe" is finally unveiled!

Gokaigers returns to the Earth with a black Gokai Galleon as the member of Zangyack empire. They start attacking the Go-Busters. What happened?? [Full summary here!]

Directed by Shibasaki Takayuki (Chou Den-O: Episode Yellow, Kamen Rider OOO WONDERFUL), with Shimoyama Kento (Goseiger vs Shinkenger) on the scripts, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs Gokaiger will premiere this January 19th.

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12 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yet ANOTHER freaking all-red-gokai-change. How about using another color for once?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    wow, that trinoid has been in how many movies now. It's amazing! I love that crocodile. =P

  3. V Says:

    Great, ANOTHER all red Gokai Change *yawn*

  4. Seems like the ladies loves their MagiRanger's & GekiRanger's ranger key waaaaaay too much/often.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I am so sick of seeing female Magi Red and female Geki Red. Make use of that female Ginga Red and even the Hime Shinken Red. Sure the latter is a little overused in Gokaiger too but not to the point of Magi Red!

  6. Magi Red has been in every all red gokai changes. Toei, stop being lazy and show us something new please.

  7. Gatamigo Says:

    Wait, the "REAL" appearance of the Ultimate Power in the Universe? So what the hell was that Triforce thing they shot? I'm loving them reusing the Curry house from Abaranger- cross series references make my heart flutter, and the Aligator Trinoid is a hoot.

    And stop arguing about the All red change, ok. People remember the series for their leader characters, and they're also the most marketable. I'm just surprised to see so many "Older" heroes in the lineup. Denji and Dyna? Really? I'd expect Jetman or maybe even Goranger, but Denji and Dyna? Not complaining, just... odd choice.

  8. Black Galleon, evil pirates, hopefully they do an all black lineup.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    We need to see female Tyanno Ranger (or AbareRed) and female NinjaRed!

  10. Denzi red is marvelous
    Five Red is don
    Magi red is ahim
    Gekidan red is luka
    Go-on red is gai

    Because their poses!!!! XD

  11. Anonymous Says:

    If they really want to make this movie awesome I have 3 words that we all need to hear:


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