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Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger Villains Unveiled, More Cast Revealed

Today, January 26th, TOEI and TV-Asahi held a press conference for the upcoming release of the 37th Super Sentai series, Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger. With that, more information had been revealed, including the villains and additional cast.

Similar to what was rumored a few days ago, the villains will be called the Devoss Army (Devoss Gun), lead by Chaos, the 100-Face Priest (Hyakumen Shinkan Chaos, center). Under him are Dogold, War Knight of Anger (Ikari no SenKi Dogorudo, 2nd to the left), Candelilla, the War Knight of Joy (Yorokobi no SenKi Kyandira, 2nd to the right), Aigaron, the War Knight of Sadness (Kanashimi no SenKi Aigaron, leftmost), and Luckyuuro, the War Knight of Fun (Tanoshimi no SenKi Rakkyuuro, rightmost).

Each of them can create a DevoMonster, this year's monster of the week. Villain combatants will be called Zouri Demons (Zouri Ma), which also have a giant form called Giant Zori Demons (Kyodai Zori Ma).

Meanwhile, Torin, the Wise God (Kenshin Torin) will be the Kyoryuger’s mentor, and their headquarters will be called Spirit Base.

Furthermore, apart from Nao Nagasawa, Ayumi Kinoshita and Kenji Ebisawa, additional cast includes Junichi Haruta (Goggle V, Dynaman) as Soji, KyoryuGreen's father; Kentaro Shimazu (Machine Girl, RoboGeisha) as KyoryuPink's butler, Gentle; Shinji Yamashita (RESCUE) as Dantestsu Kiryu, KyoryuRed's father; and Toshiyuki Morikawa (Gundam X, Super Robot Wars) as the voice of Torin.

Shinji Yamashita as Dantestsu Kiryu, KyoryuRed's father

Kenji Ebisawa (Engine Sentai Go-Onger) as Ian's bestfriend in Europe

Ayumi Kinoshita (Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger) as KyoryuBlue's sister

Junichi Haruta as Soji, KyoryuGreen's father

Lastly, here's a little preview on the group's Beast Battery "vault" or storage place, along with the names of the Beast Batteries from #6 to #23.

Long ago, in the time of the dinosaurs, the earth was invaded by forces from outer space. The only people capable of the stopping them was a team known as the Kyouki Ryu no Sha, the People of the Strong Dragons, or, Kyoryuger for short. Now, in the modern world, they return using the powers of the Beast Batteries to fight off this revived threat.

Directed by Koichi Sakamoto (Kamen Rider Fourze) and written by Riku Sanjo (Kamen Rider W), Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger premieres February 17th.

Source: Nikkan Sports, SentaiMura Blog, elenaskov, Hero Shock

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20 Responses
  1. marty Says:

    I have a almost feeling this is going to be the last super sentai before probably shortly replaced by metal heroes revival.
    Eg-plastic mecha like
    SOlution try a sentai which is machine themesd in which people turn into sentai team which are robots (like transformers theme,then the sentai form will change into giant machine forms and then when its fusion robo time it will be same except when it focus on one sentai member one fused mega giant will be according to the main colors focus eg-black will be the head (for this episode while red and green be arms and pink and blue be legs)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I have a feeling that the 6th ranger will be a yellow or gold ranger. Look at the 6th Beast Battery its yellow/goldish and its a pteradactyl.

    I hope it is.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    WOW! I'm definitely WATCHING this show now...
    Eventhough Nao Nagasawa, Ayumi Kinoshita and Kenji Ebisawa cameo is already a great treat... but with the news of Junichi Haruta, I'm definitey sold on this. Google Black is my childhood hero, so happy to see him back (again, after the brief cameo in Gokaiger) on screen!!! HOORAAAYYY!!!

  4. sophia Says:

    I think the name of Candelilla is from candle and cinderella, and I don't think Luckyuuro is the war knight since the description in the picture said he is the subordinate of Candelilla. I don't know the exact phrase, but literally Mitsu can be translated into "density, thickness, secrecy, minute, fine" and Tei means "spy". Together, the word Mittei means "spy" So he should be "The Spy of Fun"

  5. Codi Says:

    Interesting villains and monsters. The Giant Zouri Demons remind me of the Buglers becoming the Bugzords in Go-Busters.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    @marty: Lol! Seriously, why do people always say that? They also said it when Go-Busters debuted. Sentai is different every year.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    i hope that the 6th ranger will be ither yellow,white, or gold

  8. Anonymous Says:

    they should call that uglysaurus and those beast battrys looks very cool what will they look like in there mecha?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    6 is probably a very impotants Battery. It's Gold and named Pteragodon afterall. Think of it: Ptera-God-On.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I'll try to guess:

    6. Pteranadon
    7. Ankylosaurus
    9. Plesiosaur
    10. Brachiosaurus
    11. Deinonychus
    12. Deinosuchus
    13. Kentrosaurus
    14. Styrachiosaurus
    15. Allosaurus
    16. Apatosaurus
    17. Oviraptor
    18. Iguanadon
    20. Ammomite
    21. Archelon
    22. Velociraptor

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Overall I'm not impress by this series. The villains and sixth ranger are the only things that can save this, what is already a lamer series than Go-Busters. The 100 face priest sounds very interesting and reminds of the classic showa era sentai villains which is great. Hopefully kyoryuger can keep the dino sentai tradition of having an evil sixth ranger that's all badass and dies at the end of the series. But chances are very slim. Since toei wants this series to be more strong and "fun", instead of being "dark" like Go-Busters. Kamen Rider Wizard seems to be the only hope we have left for tokusatsu right now.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    "Meanwhile, Torin, the Wise God (Kenshin Torin) will be the Kyoryuger’s mentor, and their headquarters will be called Spirit Base."

    Tori? As in "bird" or a chicken?! Man, the crossover is going to be epic when Hiromu sees Torin! What Jin did to him is child's play!!!

  13. Stracciatella Says:

    @sophia: "Candelilla" means "Little candle" and it's the name of a couple of plants, and wax that comes from the plants. It seems like a strange name to pick ...

    @marty: Did you see how badly the Gavan movie performed? After a reception like that, I doubt Toei would go straight into a revival. They seem to be trying to heavily push Gavan again in the new SHT movie but even if that's a big hit, by the time of its release (around May) they will already be making plans for the 2014 Sentai.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    OMFG...They are borrowing stuff from kamen rider in the series so it might be a good show to watch unless they all went corny style like the previous before gobuster o.o;;;

  15. this series is written by the writer of Kamen Rider W, my favorite KR of 'em all, so I'm expecting big things from this

  16. Anonymous Says:

    @Guillermo Shiba

    Speaking of W, doesn't it seem like the batteries highly resemble the Gaia Memory? I know I couldn't help but read the beast names in the Gaia Memory voice.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    After seeing the information past on throught the sorces such as rangerboard and linaer rangers perspectives. I hypothosis that there are at least four more possible zords from the batter line up, we should see coming 6 8 9 and 10 some of the first rumors were for the dinos of batters 9 and 10, 6 and 8 are a pssibility also. what do you all think.

  18. Adam Says:

    @earlier Anon who was trying to figure out what the rest of the dino-batteries are.

    8: Tupuxuara
    19: Pachycephalosaurus
    23: either Therizinosaurus or Plateosaurus - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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