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A Closer Look at Neo Grifforzer, Gailton in Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters

Above is a much better look at New Grifforzer and Neo Gailton in the upcoming Super Sentai team-up film, "Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters THE MOVIE Great Dinosaur Battle! Farewell, My Friends". The two were reformed by the Space War God Boldos.

In addition, here's an image with a two-shot photo of the movie's guest stars, Geki / Tyranno Ranger (played by YĆ«ta Mochizuki) of Kyoryuu Sentai Zyuranger, and Ryoga Hakua / AbaRed (played by Koichiro Nishi) and Yukito Sanjyo / AbareBlue (played by Sho Tomita) of Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.

The Kyoryuger and Go-Busters challenge the "Greatest Dinosaur Battle" ever seen on Earth! Directed by Koichi Sakamoto with screenplay by Riku Sanjo, Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters THE MOVIE Great Dinosaur Battle! Farewell, My Friends premieres January 18th.

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18 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    just to make sure,grifforzer did not die in zyuranger right? cuz if i recall the bad guys were sealed and thrown in space

  2. Nice... its one thing to just bring back old villains but its awesome to give them an upgrade!

  3. Nice! Normally i don't approve of bringing back old villains, but giving them this kinda upgrade makes it awesome.

  4. Nice! Normally i don't approve of bringing back old villains, but giving them this kinda upgrade makes it awesome.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Neo Grifforzer and Gailton look like lego versions of what they originally were. The Legend Sentai is awesome. Abare Red and Blue and Tyrannoranger. Don't know why that old asshole daigo's dad is with them. Hes not cool enough.

  6. Zyuranger and Abaranger appeared? I thought the Tokkyugers will appear too.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    looks like evilswarm kerkion lol

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like ZeltraxMillenium just got upgraded to ZeltraxMegaannum.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I'd question how Grifforzer was resurrected if he was never actually destroyed, but logic never really matters in these things.....

  10. Anonymous Says:

    If the american version did a movie like this. How will Goldar come back? Zordan energy tube wipe every single evil to dust.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Goldar, nooooooooo!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Is that dantetsu with ryoga and geki?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Those "neo" versions look stupid and AWFUL, and I wish they never saw the light of day. Do you people who like them just like them because they are new, and you are impressed by anything new? New does not equal "upgrade" or "improved". Please. Taste, people. Upgrade that.

  14. Anonymous Says:


    Anon@3:08-AM, I noticed that and that was funny.

    I'm looking forward to how they portray these new suits.

    As most Sentai fans know, Geildon was indeed destroyed but Grifforzar was sealed away & still hovering in space in an urn.

    More than likely, this Grifforzar was created by all of the resentment of the past Dora-Monsters, hence the reason why he looks so different, along with Neo-Geildon being made from the resentment of all of the Evolians.

    I'm looking forward to this movie.

    My personal theory about it is that the GoBusters are needed here because of the fact that they don't have dino-powers and thus, aren't affected by Boldos.

    Likewise, the reason why GoBuster-Oh isn't in the group shot of the mechs is likely because the mech would get a thrashing from the teased Black Kyoryujin controlled by the Kyoryugers turned evil and GoBuster-Oh would take way too long to repair to join in the fight.

    It's also nice to see Geki from ZyuRanger, Ryoga & Yukito from Abaranger reprise their roles/Though I thought that Yuta Mochizuki retired from acting.

    Though here's a thought:
    If Toei wasn't able to use an actual Dino-Buckler prop/due to it being not that great to wield on screen, what if Toei actually imported the Legacy Power Morpher for Geki to use on screen? It's certainly possible but, I'll wait for the movie's behind the scenes videos to show up first.

  15. Neo Grifforzer is suppose to be the evil embodiment of regret from the Bandora Gang.

    So I guess all the Bandora's gang members are still alive. Their regret was gathered by the new Deboth general to create Neo Grifforzer?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    ok, so maybe this version is actually Grifforzer and Lami's kid

  17. Anonymous Says:

    It will be great if abarekiller shows up in this movie also...we will be able to see some white ranger...

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