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New Set Pics From The Space Sheriff: NEXT GENERATION Movies

The Space Sheriff fever isn't over yet as new set pics from V-Cinema's Space Sheriff Sharivan: NEXT GENERATION and Space Sheriff Shaider: NEXT GENERATION keeps popping out of the wood work!

Kai Hyuga/New Sharivan (Riki Miura) and... wait... Den Iga/Sharivan (Hiroshi Watari) is wearing a Commander's uniform? What does this mean? Did he replaced Retsu/Gavan as commander of the Galactic Union Police? The suspense and wait is killing me!

Annie (Naomi Morinaga), Shu Karasuma/New Shaider (Hiroaki Iwanaga) and Tammy (Mayu Kawamoto).

Kojiro Ohyama (Masayuki Suzuki), Koichi Sakamoto and Geki Jumonji (Yuma Ishigaki)

Image source: Hero Shock

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