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Spacs Sheriff: NEXT GENERATON Movie Set Images

Can't wait for the upcoming Space Sheriff: NEXT GENERATION movies? Well, check out these images straight from the set of the 2 movies!

And before we end it here, take a peek of Den Iga performing the Sekisha/Red Flash sequence! Is there a possible double Sekisha like the double Jouchaku/Electro Plate sequence in Space Sheriff Gavan The Movie? And is that guy on the 3rd pic holding a standard issue SPD handgun? 

Directed by Koichi Sakamoto, Sharivan: THE NEXT GENERATION will be released on Blu-Ray/DVD on October 10 and Shaider: THE NEXT GENERATION will be released on November 7.

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    SPD handgun?!?!? what whhaaa what??? no way.......don't tell me, they are really doing it??????? Dekaranger vs Space Sheriff???? - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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