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Live-Action Gurren Lagan Stage Play Cast Revealed

The cast for the upcoming live-action stage play for Gurren Laggan entitled Gurren Laggan Engeki Hen has been finally revealed! Meet the cast after the break!

Koutarou Itou as Simon

Shouta Motogawa as Kamina

Konona Shiba as Yoko

Miku Ono as Nia

And as for the rest of the cast:
  • Takurou Sawada as Leeron
  • Seitarou Chiba as Kittan
  • Shungo Takasaki as Rossiu
  • Airi Nakajima as Kiyoh
  • Mana Ogawa as Kinon
  • Miu Mochizuki as Kiyal
  • Keisuke Furuhata as Gimmy and Karin Isobe as Darry

  • Takuma Miyazaki as Dayakka, Kouji Oushima as Kidd, and Teruya Mori as Ailac

  • Tomoki Yanagisawa as Jogan and Shigeaki Fukui as Balinbow

  • Takashi Nakanashi as Attenborough

  • Jin Aoki as Zorthy, Makoto Watanabe as Tetsukan, Yoshiyaki Oyadomari as Makken, and Yuuna Inamura as Leite

And the bad guys:

  • Rikuhei Fuji as Lordgenome
  • Hiromu Mineta as Viral
  • Kenji Yamamoto as Thymilph
  • Mari as Adiane
  • Aren Kohatsu as Cytomander
  • Takuma Tokuda as Guame

The live-action stage play of the hit super robot anime series will run in the Zenrousai Hall Space Zero theater in Tokyo from October 22 to 26 and will be supervised by Gainax with a new material not featured in the original animated series will be presented.

Source: Sgcafe

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