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I can't believe its already been a year.

I can't believe its already been a year since JEFusion and the entire nerd community lost someone very special. One year since a great friend of mine left this world. Amazing how fast time goes when you think about this.

I've known Gekidan since at least 2006 when I joined and became a part of Henshin Justice Unlimited. I remember the one on one conversation he had with me when he first thought up JEFusion and thought of it as a hub for all sorts of nerd news and reviews. Chances are without Gekidan my writing would not be at the level it is now and stuff such as my Tokusatsu fanpage and my Captain B-Money page would cease to have existed.

Gekidan always knew my inspiration to get more people into Ultraman and always encouraged me to write about it for JEFusion or any other Tokusatsu-esqe fanblog. It didn't stop there either because without Gekidan I would not have wrote about Metal Heroes as well and look at where we are now with Metal Heroes coming back in movie format starting with Gaven and now we have more coming.

Gekidan has also been a great middleman for me as well. I once bought a DX Kamen Rider Kaixa belt from him that would have normally cost me around 400 United States Dollars for around 90 United States Dollars. I still have the belt. I still have all of my DX Ultra/Rider/Sentai stuff in general actually. But I hold the Kaixa belt close because it came from Dan.

I almost wish I believed in some kind of Afterlife because I'm pretty sure Gekidan would be happy at how well his legacy has became in the Tokusatsu and other fandoms. His legacy will continue to grow I'm sure of it with JEFusion hosting a Convention that sadly I can't make it to.

As JEFusion contiues to grow and get a bigger and better name for itself it is always great to remember who was the one who thought of it all. Here's to you Gekidan. I'll have more drinks in your name this year.

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