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Super Hero Taisen GP: New Scans Plus Kamen Rider 3's Human Form Revealed

Heads-up everyone! A couple of new magazine scans featuring Super Hero Taisen GP has surfaced online featuring a race between Kamen Riders and finally, Kamen Rider 3's identity is revealed! Read-on after the break!

Looks like we will be seeing a Kamen Rider Race in the movie hence the GP on the title that stands for "Grand Prix" and the contestants are:

  • Kamen Rider 000
  • Kamen Rider Kabuto
  • Kamen Rider Wizard
  • Kamen Rider Decade
  • Kamen Rider Agito
  • Kamen Rider Fourze
  • Kamen Rider Drive
  • Kamen Rider 3

As for Kamen Rider 3's civilian identity, he is known by the name Kyoichiro Kuroi. What is his agenda? Is he on the side of justice or is he a pawn of Shocker?

And lasty, the actor who will portray Kyoichiro Kuroi is none other than Mitsuhiro Oikawa, knwon for his role in the movie titled In The Hero

Directed by Takayuki Shibasaki (Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie Wars Full Throttle) and written by Shoji Yonemura (Kamen Rider Taisen). Super Hero Taisen GP is set to premiere in March 21, 2015.

Source: Nihon-Hero

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6 Responses
  1. Gaim, 1 and 2 are also in that race. TAke another look at that scan, they're at the far left and right below the others.

  2. I think he is the actor who portrayed the eccentric columnist of Lifestyle Magazine in Nodame Cantabile J-Dorama

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Don't forget Black RX. I think tetsuo kurata already confirmed that he will join those film as black rx again

  4. I am shocked that talented Actor and Singer Mitchy Oikawa is a Rider and his talent is perfect for the role! I remember him in Takeshi Miike's City of Lost Souls and Cashern. I would also like these actors for Rider roles as well, Tak Sakaguchi, Kane Kosugi and Masayuki Deai. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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