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Mr. FiveBlue Expresses Gratitude During the HenshinCon 2015

It has been roughly three weeks since HenshinCon yet posts about the event are still present in different Facebook pages. And just recently, Mr. FiveBlue himself tells about his experiences during the event on his blog.

So far our Media Partners: WhenInManila, Arkadymac, Anime Pilipinas (photos) and Deremoe have already shared their experience during the event and upon meeting Ryousuke Kaizu (RedMask) and Kei Shindachiya (FiveBlue) upclose. Event Sponsor GreatToysOnline has also posted a video coverage of the HenshinCon Main Event.

Then, last Sunday, April 5th, Shin-san posted an entry in his shop's blog, 7's Bar recounting his experiences following Henshincon 2015 from the event venue to the hotel.

After going back to japan after the success of Henshincon 2015, Mr. Kei Shindachiya has posted on his blog.

Please do note that this is not a 100% translation, but we tried to get it as accurate as possible ^^;;

"To the staff whose hearts were pounding.... we thought of making a spectacular entrance, but...... as we were simply guided to our seats, just by being the special guests of the event, everybody was apparently entertained. i was puzzled afterwards (lol). Now, to the podium!"

"Of course, there were those blocked (at the event) to say the least but, even those who came late, gradually, more and more, it's becoming more fun!"

"And lastly is this! Apparently, exactly like a live feel! well, so to say. Second day, somehow ended with no problems, I'm relieved."

"When i got back to the hotel, the staff gave me a surprise! Apparently, they knew I like Iron Man, it's already a happy night!"

"At last, the third day! This is the main event!"

"In the morning, I really can't open my eyes. I really couldn't look anywhere (lol)"

five blue was mind blown seeing how filipino construction workers do their jobs (kudos to those hardworking men) ^^;;

"A local site? I saw that building when we arrived. But..... the exterior painting!?!?!? Aren't those people painting there only with brushes!?!? Halfway up this giant building, there are three people working there with no scaffolding!!! Aren't they painting the slopes while on the ropes!?!? Well, hats off!!! Amazing!!! Astounding!!!!!

"Being guided into the venue.... it's big!!!! Seriously!?!?!?"

"First, the autograph session. This may be a self-retort but..... am I AKB!?!? Well, I did it in a booth. The FiveBlue cosplay next to me was amazing (lol)"

[kudos to our friend Daphne for an awesome cosplay! ^^]

"Yesterday, a Kamen Rider Ggirl, today, Sailor Moon. Again the quality is high!"

[we then see a series of pictures from from the event. the dozens of fans who attended, red mask and his wife ma'am georgette, and so on. we skipped the translations on this part because it's gonna take too long. sorry. ^^;;]

"And lastly..... to the person who wanted to do this charity event, the company president, an ALS patient who has now gone to heaven.... to the staff who were left with the memories... a wonderful event has started this year, and I think it ended in the best way possible."

"Ever since our show ended 25 years ago, to have such a milestone as this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Even for a short while in manila, everyone was somehow able to contribute donations to the organization. Everyone spoke with a smile. I was able to spend such a wonderful, valuable time. Hoping for this event to continue every year, to even expand worldwide, I think of helping once again if possible. Once again, to all the people involved, I give my heartfelt thanks. Thank you very much. Again, job well done."

Translations by: Filip Nathanael Judar, JEFusion

Once again, we would like to thank the Inaba family and Mr. Shindachiya, for accepting our invitation, and to all of you who came to see them. See you all again on the next Henshincon!

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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