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Kamen Rider Drive - Episode 45 & 46 Description

Here are the episode descriptions for the first 2 September episodes of Kamen Rider Drive. Things are really heating up for this series.

Episode 45 What is a Roidmude's last dream?As Banno’s plan progresses, a fiery Go decides to confront Gold Drive with all his might. Meanwhile, the Roidmudes have taken over the Special Unit Centre’s building. For the Special Unit’s counterattack, an unexpected person prepared an emergency Drive Pit.

Episode 46 What was their reason for fighting?
With Banno’s whereabouts in hand, Shinnosuke and the others strengthen their resolves. Prepared to lay down their lives, they charge into the final battle with full force.

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  1. So based on the first picture, the Final Episode of Kamen Rider Drive will be broadcast on 27th September (making it 48 episodes in total).
    ”※最終回は9/27” is shown there. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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