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Power Ranger Dino Super Charge - New Preview Images & Trailer

Before the brand new season of Power Rangers Dino Charge premieres, check-out this high-res preview images and a new preview trailer featuring new villains!

And here's the all new official trailer for Power Rangers Dino Super Charge!

Can the Dino Charge team stop this new menace of Heckyl and his alter ego, Snide? Find out in Power Rangers Super Dino Charge!

Source: Toku Nation

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1 Response
  1. I still hold out hope that Saban will adapt Deathryuger/Kyoryu Navy and I feel like if anyone was goning to be the Navy Dino Charge Ranger (based on the footage from the Kyoryuger Movie) it would be Heckyl. Not a theory just an observation. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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