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Series Review: Akazukin Cha Cha Anime Series

Akazukin ChaCha
Is she Red Riding Hood? No, she's Akazukin Cha Cha! The story of Akazuki Cha Cha differs from the Manga. The Manga didn't have the Magic Princess Holy Up. Considering I haven't read the Manga, I'll just talk about the Anime instead.

I remembered watching Akazukin Cha Cha dubbed on Cartoon Network and later, I would be able to watch Akazuki Cha Cha subs with the original Japanese audio. There were slight differences such as that Suzu's real name in Japanese was Orin. Another was that Cha Cha's failure in spellcasting were a result of her actually mispronouncing certain words. In certain languages, one's pronunciation of a certain word would actually lead to the word meaning something else. 

The story of the Anime involves Cha Cha a princess of a defeated kingdom. Early on, the evil demon Daimaou (literally translated as Great Demon King, the same name that Kakuranger's main antagonist had) is determined to get rid of the royal family for good. Cha Cha who is raised by Seravy the world's greatest wizard has her destiny to face. She's also entangled in a comedic love triangle between Riiya (a guy who can transform into a white wolf, often mistaken for a dog) and Shiine who I think almost looks like Megaman Volnutt of Megaman Legends minus the armor. This also creates a series of hilarious attractions such as Seravy's on/off relationship with his lover/rival Dorothy, Marine's feelings for Riiya frequently makes Cha Cha jealous suggesting she really likes Riiya and Orin's attraction to Shiine which doesn't create much of a conflict.

During the time Cha Cha had, she must journey with Riiya and Shiine. She's given a pendant of love, Riiya has a bracelet of courage and Shiine has a ring of hope. All these help Cha Cha become Magical Princess Holy Up in order to defeat any minions that Daimaou sends. Although the story might be considered "more serious" than the Manga but in spite of the presence of Daimaou, the story maintains a lighthearted gag. When the Magical Beauty Arrow isn't enough, Cha Cha later journeys to retrieve the Wing Kris Phoenix Sword and to create the Bird Shield. This leads to them in their hopes to defeat Daimaou and save the kingdom.

I do have my Wild Mass Guess that Akazuki Cha Cha as an Anime series was planned to end as soon as Daimaou was defeated. Then the story got so popular that they decided to extend it for more episodes after the end of Daimaou at Episode 50 with Episode 51 as a finishing recap. Instead, the story involving the Magic Princess Holy Up explored where remnants of Daimaou's forces were discovered for five more episodes. The plot also involved the Holy Bird with Soprano and Bisques who plan to rule the world. Soprano tries to replace Daimaou but ends up getting defeated by Magical Princess Holy Up. The whole series might have been planned to end at Episode 56. Instead as soon as the Magical Princess is written off, we see Cha Cha getting three magical items focusing on more situational comedy than anything else for the next seventeen episodes.

I always thought that the last seventeen episodes were totally unnecessary for the series. Popularity was starting to dwindle after the end of the Magical Princess Holy Up which seemed to be the trademark of the show. I did enjoy the last seventeen episodes but I thought that it didn't end up well either. It did end up with the wedding of Seravy and Dorothy (spoilers) which only ended up in a comedic wrap-up. Instead, I thought that the series should have just ended with either Daimaou's end or Soprano's end. In spite of these blunders, I still felt that it was a fun cartoon series to watch. What's your opinion on this funny series?

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2 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    I actually saw the Dubbed version when I was younger and Lived in Okinawa on Cartoon Network. I liked it (But i was 7 at the time)

  2. According to MyAnimeList, the last season was based on the manga, while the first two weren't. Didn't know that Holy Up wasn't part of the manga, but that sorta makes sense now. Thanks for the review! - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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