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Dobutsu Sentai Episode 4 Clips

Here's this week's ranger and mecha battle clips taken straight from the 4th episode of Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger. In this episode, Yamato, Amu and Tusk rescues Sela and Leo from a Deathgalian trap!

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4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am betting 1 billion Dango in a few months this good riddance guy will be spewing "GGGGGGGGGGOOOOOODDDDDDDD RRRRIIIIIDDDDAAAANNNNCCCCEEEEEEEEE I CAN"T WAIT FOR THIS TO BE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Good.Fucking.Ridance Guy here

    Im so digging this series. The pacing, plot, morphin sequence and zord fights ae all top notch. Havent felt this good about a sentai series in a good while. I love that we see something more deep behind white's personality. ed is proving to be an effective leader. And the team work oh man now this is a sentai series. Bring on more!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder if the other members will get their own weapons in later episodes. It's weird seeing just red with a unique weapon

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I think there's reason why we see gorilla zyuman at episode 5(it's too early)...The reason are maybe the other 4 will have visor up/power up, then the zyuoh the world, and to make red look really special/center he will have new way zyuoh the world have 3 animals while zyuoh eagle have 2...I really think yamato will have new power...
    That's my theories..

    I think this the best sentai team so far...
    Because ep.5 not release yet & I already look foward about ep.6 title...

    -Fame246 - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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