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Chodenshi Bioman's Ryousuke Sakamoto Diagnosed With Cancer

In 1984, Ryousuke Sakamaoto portrayed the leader of the legendary team, Red One, of the Bio Electron powered warriors known as Bioman against the New Empire Gear. Now, Ryousuke is fighting a new battle and he will need all our support.

According to an Instagram post that Michiko Makino, also known as Pink Five of Chodenshi Bioman, shared. In a recent Red Festival gathering event, Ryousuke announced to all his fans that he will undergo surgery this September as he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer surprising everyone in the event including his teammates and that he needs all the support that he can get as he prepares for this new battle

As a sign of respect and support to their beloved friend and leader, Ryousuke's co-stars Naoto Ota (Green Two), Akito Osuga (Blue Three), Sumiko Tanaka (Yellow Four) and Ms. Makino all gathered onstage, did their signature henshin pose and gave Ryousuke the love and encouragement that he needs.

As of now, Tokusatsu Network has already started the #GoRedOne campaign which will encourage fans from all over the world to tweet/post message on their social media and facebook page that will support Ryousuke Sakamoto in his upcoming surgery.

The Bioman team made our sunday mornings great and meaningful by showing us the meaning of team work and the courage to defend the world. Now it's time to lend a hand and support the heroic Red One that lead them all to victory!

Source: Tokusatsu Network & special thanks to Mrs. Georgette Anne Inaba 

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6 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ryousuke Sakamoto has my support. I know how difficult it is living with cancer. To admit it to the world takes a lot of courage. He is not alone in this fight. I hope his surgery goes well.

  2. Super Sentai actually aired on early Saturday nights throughout most of the 80s. Still some very sad news to hear. #GoRedOne

  3. Unknown Says:

    Oh.. this is bad wish him well and hopefully he can fully recover

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck to Mr. Sakamoto in this fight against cancer.

  5. Anonymous Says:

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