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Kamen Rider 2017-2018 Rumor - Kamen Rider Cross?

It's that time of the year again when a random silhouette image for the next Kamen Rider Series surfaces so take your grain of salt, taste it then read this rumor about the new guy that will replace Kamen Rider EX-AID as soon as he cures the world from the Bugster virus.

The new guy is rumored to be named Kamen Rider Cross and from the looks of it, he will be a ninja themed Rider and if this is true, he will be the second after Kamen Rider ZX and the X may stand for 10 as he is the 10th Heisei Rider. Could this new guy make an appearance in the upcoming EX-AID movie and battle Kamen Rider Fuuma? Please let it be a ninja.

And as for the gimmick, it looks like we will be tackling bottles this time. Kinda reminds us of that one shot special, Kamen Rider G. So let's all live it here, speculate and wait for the official licensing confirmation images from bandai.

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23 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like the "Sushi Samurai" rumour is now officially, debunked. Can't say much about this one though the silhouette seems interesting... asymmetrical fashion. And, bottles? How can they relate to the ninja? Unless they're bottles of sake, it would make perfect sense :P

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Kamen Rider Cross was a Theory back in November for a KR X remake...
    so what now?

  3. dhathor Says:

    About frickin' time we had another ninja Rider.....

    And will he also try to destroy his sempai Riders? (inb4 Onore Kurosu!)

  4. Unknown Says:

    Is that sentai genji?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Is that Sentai Genji? HENSHIN! RYUJIN WO KEN KURAE!

  6. Normally, an idea like this I would resent but seeing how the kamen rider been taking bizarre concept and making them awesome such as, Kamen ride Gaim, and kamen rider Ex-aid (although Ex-aid concept wasn't bad but the suits were bizarre looking) I'm hoping this looks good. This franchise has been able to take odd concepts and made successful in terms of story, I'm fully pumped and intrigued by this idea. I just hope the rider has a traditional kamen rider eyes. Super Sentai needs to take notes. Hopefully if it is true lets hope that then premise is good.

  7. Unknown Says:

    if its true... then I think it will like kamen rider decade... can use past rider power... and maybe he can fuse rider power... just like ultraman orb or ultraman geed 😀

    my opinion 😆

  8. Anonymous Says:

    It makes sense to create a Ninja Rider. There are many possibilities with this theme:

    - The new movie rider in Ex-Aid is a Ninja. So, it could mean his debut.
    - Toei can try to captalize with possible Sentai crossovers, such as with Kakuranger, Hurricanger and Ninninger.
    - Ninjas are popular as fuck all around the world.
    - They can invest in a flashy yet shadowy fighting style, with scenes that show both technique and pragmatism.

    I just hope the show doesn't become a lighthearted mess like Ghost.

  9. dammit I was going to use the idea of bottles on a kamen rider oc now I'll have to change it if it's true

  10. Unknown Says:

    Every X or "cross" show involves some kind of fusion. If they're going with a previous rider gimmick like Decade for an anniversary show, than it could be like Double; fusing different riders and powers.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe the new KR get sponsors to sell Energy drink or yacult.. that's why the gimmick use water bottle?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Agreed. I think toei can use the fusion theme in the future series of kr n sentai. I mean all the series basically share concept, like decade and gokaiger. Why shouldn't they take Orb concept next. Would be fun to see the fusions though, like faiz + kabuto maybe

  13. TheJaz49 Says:

    Where is everyone getting Ninja from? Because I'm not seeing it... Also the "10th rider" comment, won't he be the 9th neo hesei main-rider if this is true? 19th hesei, and the 28th overall?

  14. Unknown Says:

    That would be awesome!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    W-2 memories
    OOO-3 medals
    Fourze-4 switches
    Wizard-5 fingers
    Gaim-unlocked lockseed looks like a 6
    Drive-Flipped shiftcar looks like a 7
    Ghost-mugen(Infinity) is like a sideways 8?(trend is obvious in the special
    Ex-aid-...I got nothing for 9 except level 99 which doesn't really work...
    Cross-X=10 in roman numeral which is like a thing for 10 riders(DCD,ZX)
    Looks like we have our 10th(technically 9th) Neo-Heisei rider

  16. 9th, Kamen Rider Cross would be the 9th Neo Heisei rider and the 19th Heisei rider overall.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Is this rider going to be last of the Heisei? Since like their emperor is sort of stepping down soon hmmm

  18. Unknown Says:

    Bottles? This rider sponsors many energy drinks.

  19. Unknown Says:

    Ichigo! Kuuga! Rider Cross!!

    *Mighty Number #1!*

  20. Asshole Says:

    Whatever it may be, it has some mighty big shoes to fill after EX-AID. Not that they can't catch lightning in a bottle twice (Drive wasn't all too bad following Gaim), and being an anniversary series expectations will be high.

    Here's to hoping they don't fuck it up, like they did with Ghost.

  21. Unknown Says:

    Seems to me like it shows a double rider again in a single body. If not, maybe two concepts in one rider. Seems like one is a metalder type while the other half is a monster. I hope they're not thinking bringing back the concept of gills then combined with kamen rider black. Seems to me like cross makes a repitition of saying it was kamen rider X in a new name. But it makes sense that maybe cross as in "crossover" between concepts...

  22. Anonymous Says:

    for number 9, turn the gashat upside down. you'll see number 9

  23. Well I hope that Cross's design and themes will look BETTER than the atrocious-ass (to me) Ex-Aid.
    (And yeah, I know that they went for a more kid-friendly approach with that rider and also focusly inspired by the old-school era of video games, mainly 80s and 90s judging by the flashy and cheesy-ass colors and style, ugh...)

    And you know? I kinda wanted Ex-Aid to look more futuristic and sleek looking like a PROPER rider would be to me, maybe taking inspiration from the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise since it's also video-game themed:

    -Instead of having the riders based on different game genres, why not have them based on consoles instead? That would make more sense right?
    (With NO level ups AT ALL, having weapons based on their accessories, their
    different armors still based on different video games and their power-up forms based on different versions of the consoles and heck, even having the illegal-ass Modchips as their power-ups lol)

    -Instead of having the "Bugster" virus (effectively taking out it's doctor/ambulance theme too) let's have the R4 virus featured in that franchise taking over ALL of Gameindustri (yeah, that's where it might take place the story for me hehe) - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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