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Kamen Rider Build - Grease To Acquire New Form?

Looks like our golden Kamen Rider will finally receive an upgrade of his own to even up the odds against the growing threat of Evolt! Now ain't that grand! But let's take a little grain of salt regarding this great news.

According to this listing, a bunch of new Full Bottles will make its way in the upcoming Kamen Rider Build and these are:

"DX Karas Robot Jelly 
The transformation item for Grease's Ultimate Form! Twist the cap for the standby sound! Set in into the Sclash Driver to Henshin!

DX Final RabbitDragon Full Bottle Set
The item from the summer movie! Henshin with the Build Driver! Unleash the finisher with the Full Bottle Buster!

DX Evol Bottle Set
Set of 4 bottles used by the riders in the Summer Movie! Henshin with the Evol Driver!

Furthermore, the F1 Bottle will be a ganbarizing prize, and can unleash a Build Up with the Police Officer Full Bottle into Drive Form!"

Now all we need is the toy catalog for this new Full Bottle line-up as confirmation sa as always, stay tuned.

Source: Colossal Rider

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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Not to mention the F1Saurus Best Match, as soon as the Kyoryu FullBottle comes out.

  2. Asshole Says:

    Would be nice if true. Really like the character, and would like to see him stick around even for just a little while longer. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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