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My Top 10 Kamen Rider Build Best Match Forms

In this top 10 list, I'm counting down my personal favorite best matches from Kamen Rider Build.

For this list, we'll have to consider the following:
- The best matches only apply to standard forms, not upgrades such as the hazard forms
- We will include best matches from the spin-off episodes
- My bases for selecting these best matches are simple; looks, functionality, or both

As with any of my top tens, this is just strictly based on personal opinion. What works for me may not work for anyone else. And all the entries on this list will not come in a specified order.

1.  Ninnin-Comic

The Ninnin-Comic has an amazing array of skills such as cloning and elemental attacks. Although the color combination doesn't seem like a good idea, function-wise, it makes up in spades.

2. Smaho-Wolf

 The silver-blue combination looks nice. Although, the giant smartphone looks a bit awkward. The designers could've made the phone smaller, but sizeable enough to act as a control panel of sorts. But since Build also uses it as a shield, the oversized phone makes sense. The claw however, is exquisite.

3. Key-Dragon

Key-Dragon is OP! This is one of the more powerful best matches to appear on the show. The vortec finish is also practical, since Build binds his enemies in a chain, then blasts them with a ball of dark blue flames. Too bad we don't see this form again, when Sento gave Ryuga both fullbottles.

4. Rose-Copter

The design of Rose-Copter is simple, but nice. But, the true beauty of this form lies in its attacks. Its finisher involves a storm of rose petals to distract the enemy and probably deal minor damage before the propeller slices and dices the opponent. The rose half also generates a thorny vine to bind or whip enemies. The vine is even strong enough to throw anyone. The helicopter helps Build fly, and the propeller can be used like a sword.

5. Same-Bike

Now this is one of my favorites in terms of design. The shark fin can be used as a blade (like the Amazon riders), and the bike wheel can defend, and when spinning, can also be used offensively.

6. Phoenix-Robo

Phoenix-Robo may just be my favorite best match of all. A nice combination of red and black, the wings and mechanical parts, just awesome. Thanks to the phoenix bottle, this form can generate fire, and can charge the robotic hand with fire for a hard, blazing rider punch. The flight capabilities also help Build charge at enemies while covered in red flames as well.

7. Hawk-Gatling

The first flight-capable form for Build, this form is also the first dedicated ranged combat type form. The combination of flight and long range capabilities make this form a solid choice for this list.

8. Sai-Dryer

The color combination for Sai-dryer is practically the same as Phoenix-Robo, albeit reversed. The rhinoceros provides strength, and the dryer can generate heat, making it similar to Phoenix-Robo in terms of function as well.

9. Octopus-Light

Honestly, I don't like the design for Octopus-Light, but when used correctly, this is actually an interesting, function-wise. Both octopus and light can be used to blind and distract, either by covering enemies with ink, or flashing them with maximum brightness. The tentacles can also bind and restrict movement, then send electricity to shock enemies.

10. Kujira-Jet

Kujira-Jet makes the list because of its advantages. It's capable of both aerial and aquatic combat. Plus, the jet bottle gives added offense by launching missiles. This is the only combination on the list that uses basically one color, albeit in different shades, blue. Also, the concept kinda reminds me of Go-Onger's Jumbo Whale, a  Boeing jet and whale mix, which also happens to be blue.

Hnorable Mentions:


So which best matches are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    My favorite is RocketPanda because i love pandas!

  2. Anonymous Says:

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