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Public Apology From The Author (UPDATED)

Good day to all of you JEFusion fans and supporters, this is gaiatron and it has come to me that during my week of absence, i have let you down so I am humbly asking for a moment of your understanding and explain want went down.

Last Saturday night of April 21st, i was rushed to the hospital due to my blood pressure spiking from 130/100 to 160/120 coupled that with a very high, burning fever from out of a sudden. Cause of everything was being over-fatigue from work and pressure which is also made worst by the Philippine's current climate till this day. 2 days later, I found myself coughing-up and throwing-up blood. What a bonus life has to give.

Doctors ill-advised me to take a month's worth of rest, meaning stay away from gadgets and doing what i do most which is blogging and crafting and most of all, event organizing. I cannot leave the site at hands of our man from japan because dude also has responsibilities so i have to come up for some ways to maintain the site even if i have to break some of the doctor's advice and sacrifice my health just like our Big Dan did.

I, as a human being, humbly apologize to all of you who have supported the site for being absent for a week and i thank you all from the bottom of my heart and soul for understanding and accepting this short apology from me. I am not begging for everybody's charity or pity, i only want your understanding and that is very important to me. I cannot promise you gold but i will promise you all that while my engine is still running and there's more grass to chew, i will see to it that i have put a smile in your faces because you are all important to me.


This just in, we at bucket head props will be closing shop for the meanwhile as i had received a call earlier alerting me that my co-worker and best friend, Manuel Santos, has been hospitalized after his body gave-up on him due to lack of potassium coupled with a high amount of blood sugar. The genji sentai suit will be our last work at the moment as doctors gave the both of us strict orders to take a 3 month rest that means no crafting for us for now. Money is there but life is short and once the bill come due, you gotta pay it wither you like or not. Sometimes, being a workaholic can be hazardous to your health. We work not for the money of the fame, but for the client's happiness and satisfaction  but sometimes, no matter of how good a person you are, life is just not fair. So take care of yourselves too as you have all wished me and please, do pray for the safety of my best friend too.

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26 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh coughed up blood!!! There is no need to apologize....please have a good rest, as much as needed, life is precious. Take care, will pray for you.

  2. don't worry, take care of your health, that's what is important or you won't be able to get back to work. Take care bro. (Y)

  3. Hope u get better bud...get some rest now 😊

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Rest well and Take good care yourself Gaiatron

  5. ZeterZero Says:

    Holy crap! I thought it was just a slow week! Dude don't worry about us, you take care of yourself. I'll be praying for ya.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Dude, take care of your health before the blog.

  7. get well soon man... hope you all the best

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Don't worry about us, stay strong man

  9. Anonymous Says:

    It's OK, no worries :)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Jeez; with all the symptoms you just mentioned, it's no wonder you hadn't posted anything. You were one sick person. Of course you needed to rest and make sure you recovered from your condition.

    I'm glad to hear that you're still out there, things had gone quiet during the week which confused me for a while. But I digress; keep things in moderation, maybe put up two reports instead of four. Don't overwork yourself, that will just make things worse. And know that the fans will understand your condition.

    I'm not trying to be your mom or anything; I'm just one of those concerned people watching out for others. Hope you get better.

  11. Asshole Says:

    Take care of yourself first. Geki's passing still sits with me, and as much as I love this site, it definitely shouldn't be a first priority. As someone who is also in poor health, and had to step away from a number of things (friends, family, work, entertainment), I feel it was for the best. I'm now starting to get back to a better place about 5 months later, which probably could of been avoided if I weren't such a stubborn bitch. All this to say one thing (as I'm more rambling than anything): "Take some time out for yourself while you still can." The site will be here, and we'll also be here, too. Thank you for the work that you put in for us.

    Take care, and get well soon.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Get well soon!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Well heaven is not a bad place

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah, man, no worries. Health is first.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    There's, er, there's really literally nothing to apologise for. You haven't let down anybody by taking a week off to look after your health. Your health is far, far more important.

  16. get well soon for all of you. don't push it too hard on raising your hazard level :)

  17. Aljhaqu Says:

    Dude, first is your life. We can, and will, cope it by doing other stuff like working and gaming... I know that most of the fellas here think the same, and hope for your well being.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Take care of yourself, as an avid fan of your site. I and all my friends we wish you a good health asap. Thanks and godbless you always.

  19. Take a rest dude. No need to apologize

  20. Take a rest dude. No need to apologize

  21. Never apologise for this. It isn't your fault that life threw you a curve ball. Your health comes before everything else, so please take it easy and I hope you make a full recovery.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Health > work
    even if your work can bring smile to other people,
    for me if you're healthy, you can bring more smile from your work, instead of working and then broke down leaving the smile turn to sadness
    enough been said, rest up, get well and return when you're fit
    the peeps here will wait for it

  23. Julie Says:

    Get better soon. Rest for a while and return stronger.

  24. Always happy to see an outpour of people coming out of the wood works to make sure you're alright.

    Rest well, man. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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