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Kamen Rider Zi-O's Final Form Revealed!

Looks like Sougo's getting another power-up AND his final form early! Woz gets an upgrade as well!

 Zi-O's next upgrade is Zi-O trinity, which combines the powers of Zi-O, Geiz, and Woz through the Trinity Ride Watch

Kamen Rider Zi-O's final form is Grand Zi-O that summons all the powers of all the Heisei Kamen Riders by using the Grand Zi-O Ride Watch

Kamen Rider Woz gains the Ginga Miride Watch and uses it to access the Ginga Armor, which is different from his Typical Miride Watches. You can also see Kamen Rider Ginga at the bottom inset.


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19 Responses
  1. If there's anything I've learned from watching Kamen Rider all these years, it's that, more often than not, the form that combines all the forms is only tricking you into thinking it's the final form, with a true final form coming down the line.

  2. I genuinely thought Zi-O II was gonna be Zi-O's final form. How naive of me.

    Not sure how I feel about anniversary riders/rangers continuing to have faces of past riders/rangers on their upgrade armors?? But as weird as Grand Zi-O looks with all the busts of the heisei riders, I'm still kinda digging it.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Now if thats the "Oma Zi-O" a.k.a GrandZi-O, then was the one in the future a fake or something?

  4. DRP Says:

    grateful ghost and decade complete's glorious son,,,

  5. Anonymous Says:

    So which one is zi-o final form ? This grand zi-o or the previously leaked toy catalog zi-o saikyou maoh armor

  6. Anonymous Says:

    No its just the difference of timeline alterations. As Oma Zi-O is sougo from the original timeline who went all evil due to unexplained circumstances. This Grand Zi-O signifies him being a good king and all, thus the difference in appearance.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Not if he has skewed that future

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Am I the only one waiting for Geiz Revive to debut, We only got few glimpses but not a proper shot like these ones

  9. Unknown Says:

    I also thought the final form will be Time Majin combining like Drive or become white silver with RideWatch attach at his armor.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Holy s**t! The designs looks great!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Trinity form is ugly as hell

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I think they should have changed the final form words' shape and color. It just looks like zi-o's regular in another armor time suit.

  13. Unknown Says:

    Oma-zio looks better IMO, also the plot premise is good but the execution is bad... sougo supposed to be a highschool student, yet he never went to school except for first two episode. smh

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly, since this is ZI-Os final form, and with Decade he can use powered up forms, they kinda dropped the opportunity to use the pics of all of the final form looks for the images, but that said, I still like that they're still going to potentially have the ability of all riders in one power (kinda that same thought like build, Ghost (though technically that was his 2nd super form), Drive, Giam, & Fourze did for their final forms)

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Watermarking scans someone else posted is a dick move

  16. Unknown Says:

    Trinity Zi-O may most likely be tribute to Trinity Form of Agito, maybe it can even be obtained during Agito tribute episodes which will justify the nature of it. At the very least, the colors match those of Agito (with Zi-O's pink being "slightly" different than Flame Agito's red).

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Kamen Rider Bling.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Trinity is definitely not the sleekist look, but I think it's a cool concept. Too bad that Drive/Mach/Chaser didn't have a Trinity dead heat form.
    As for Woz...his new form is very imposing and seems like he will be righteously OP for a while.

    This Grand Zi-O form though... I get what they were going for, but the fully carved out busts may be a bit tacky. That golden shine takes me back to Hyper Muteki days... I miss you boys, Emu & Genm.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    God though... They really love using that
    Zi-O base form mask whenever they can. It's getting to be a bit much - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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