03 June 2020

Kamen Rider Zero-One - Zero-Two Confirmed As "Latest" Form & Ark Zero Transformation Belt Slightly Renamed

And finally, the long debated question if Kamen Rider Zero-Two is indeed Aruto's final/ultimate form is now answered! Plus, a slight renaming for Kamen Rider-Ark Zero's transformation belt has been handed out!

According to the scans from Dengeki Hobby as seen above, its is officially confirmed that Kamen Rider Zero-Two is Kamen Rider Zero-One's final form but the term was changed to "latest form" instead the of the usual final or ultimate form. Kamen Rider Zero-Two will mostly be making his debut on the 40th episode of the TV series.

And as for Kamen Rider Ark-Zero, in the last May 2020 issue of Televi-Kun and Televi Magazine, his transformation belt was called Ark-Zero Driver but when Toei posted the image on the website, it was renamed into Ark Driver-Zero. 

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  1. Ark-Zero looks like a corrupted amalgamation between Zero-One Rising Hopper and Metal Cluster Hopper.