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Filming Starts for Power Rangers Dino Charge

After appearing last August 24 at Power Morphicon, the new team of Power Rangers is all set to charge. Last August 31, the Power Rangers Dino Charge cast has set foot on New Zealand to start filming for next year's Power Ranger.

The cast arrived in New Zealand where they were welcomed by this amusing fellow at the airport.

Brennan Mejia, who plays Lucas the Red Dino Charge Ranger, decided to do what seems to be a headstand split.

The cast has been expressing their PR Experience online. It seems that they are pretty excited in participating on this project.

Power Rangers Dino Charge, based from the Super Sentai series Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, will be aired next year on Nickelodeon and will be replacing Power Rangers Super Megaforce. This will be the 3rd Power Rangers with dinosaur-themed costumes first being the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and second the Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Also, this season offers a new flavor with the very first African-American Pink Ranger.

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