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The 2017 11th TAGCOM Convention

Get ready for another year of toys, video games, hobbies and cosplay as Hobbiworx brings you the 11th year of their annual TAGCOM toys and hobbies convention!
MMPR The Movie 2017 - All New Japanese Trailer Feat. Zordon & Rita, The Ancient Rangers

Hungry for more Power Rangers 2017 movie goodies? Well, check-out the Japanese trailer for the recent hit reboot movie of Power Rangers featuring Zordon and Rita as the original Red and Green Ranger!
Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2 Episode 4 Title & Summary & More News

Chihiro and Iyu got off to a bad start in the last episode? Well check-out the fourth episode's title and summary if the 2 will finally click together on their next get-together. Plus, more news re the returning cast from this exciting second season!
JEFusion Vlog Series Episode 01

Welcome to the newest segment of your favorite tokusatsu news site, the JEFusion vlog series hosted by the main JEFusion folks. Let's start the first episode hosted with Filip "Man from Japan" Judar talking about the latest issue of Terebi-Kun and Terebi Magazine.
Ultraman Geed Visual, Promo & Commentary Video Released

Ger ready for another action-packed year of gigantic proportions as Tsuburaya Productions finally released the official visual poster for their new Ultra series. Ultraman Geed, plus a promo and commentary video by the main actor is now online in their official youtube channel! - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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