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In The Hero Film Trailers Streamed

Two trailers for the In The Hero film has been posted on Toei's official YouTube channel starring Karasawa Toshiaki (TAKE FIVE, 20th Century Boys) and Fukushi Souta (Kamen Rider Fourze).

The film revolves around Honjou Wataru (Karasawa), a suit actor and the president of Shimoochiai Hero Action Club. He has been voicing Red Dragon form the TV series Shinryu Senshi Dragon Four for 25 years and was supposed to be portraying Dragon Black but ended up as the suit actor instead.

To take the role of the black hero is Ichinose Ryuu (Fukushi), a man who cares less about tokusatsu. His presence, particularly his attitude of appreciating others' work, had change everything in Honjou's life. But due to a accident, both learned to appreciate each others' work.

Later in the film, Ichinose was given a role in the Hollywood film, Last Blade wherein its director wanted to have more use of practical affects than CGI. Honjou also got his part on the film when one of the stunt actors quit for having dangerous stunts.

Through his experience of being Kisaragi Gentarou in Kamen Rider Fourze, Fukushi was able apply what he had learned. Aside from that, spending a whole year with suit actors for the show has been a big help added to the fact that he and Karasawa took 3 months of training as preparation for this film.

Take Masaharu (EDEN) directs the film while Mizuno Keiya and Bonu Lee (EDEN) wrote the script.

In The Hero is scheduled to premiere on September 6th.

via OrendsRange | Tokusatsu Network
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