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Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite Breakdown By Maximilian Dodd
After featuring some first impressions of this upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom game, it's time to take a look at the gameplay mechanics. Some old school mechanics have returned and have taken a new school touch. 2 vs. 2 has returned with new mechanics like improved tag team combo system and the Infinity Gems have a new touch. Take time to watch this video and tell us what you think of the possible fighting mechanics for next year's incoming Marvel vs. Capcom game. 
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A Request From Hamao Kyousuke to Everyone

The world was surprised and left with mixed emotions when Tensou Sentai Goseiger's GoseiBlack/Agri actor, Hamao Kyousuke suddenly announced his retirement from the entertainment industry to pursue his studies on October 24, 2013. And while he's having a normal life as a student in New York, he posted an open message telling what he's been through these past weeks.

On December 5th, Hamao has posted a message on a blog which was shared on twitter yesterday by his friend Hyuuma, a stage set designer whom he worked with before. In his tweet, he announced that Mao has left an important message to his fans.

Written below is the translated version of the post which is shared by red_celtic_rose on LiveJournal:


A Request from Hamao Kyousuke to Everyone
2016-12-05 20:35

This is Hamao Kyousuke.

First off, I want to truly thank everyone who supported me as Hamao Kyousuke* in the past.

I retired from the entertainment industry and from acting on February 28th, 2014. Presently, I am in the United States of America devoting myself to my studies in pursuit of a new dream.

Recently, when I launched my Facebook account in order to exchange and gather information in relation to my studies, I frequently received messages from fans who supported me previously. After consulting with a lawyer, I have temporarily started this page in order to communicate with everyone on this matter once again.

I truly regret not being to tell everyone properly that I was retiring when I retired from the entertainment industry, but I have absolutely no plans or intentions of returning to that life. It has been almost three years since I retired and at present I am focusing all my energy on a new dream and seriously pursuing a new life

I have some concerns since there is the possibility of being frequently messaged by strangers on social media, my picture being taken and those pictures being uploaded and spread around on the internet. Thus, while I can’t say that I am sufficiently used to life in America yet I also can’t say that America is safer than Japan and so I myself feel distressed and threatened when I think about the possibility of my address and the particular details of my life here being arbitrarily open to the public in a country like this.

In speaking with a lawyer regarding this matter, the prevailing view is that the unilateral spreading of photographs, personal information, and one’s daily life etc., on the internet without one’s personal consent is a violation of a person’s right to privacy. However, I have been told that there is a big difference in how much privacy is to be protected for those who are actively working in the entertainment industry disclosing their names and faces and those who are not. Almost three years have passed since I left Japan and cut off my involvement with the entertainment industry, and I believe that my current position is much closer to the latter.

Considering the future, I feel that I personally have a limit as to the number of individual cases I can handle, and so I started this page so that it will spread widely and inform everyone on the internet. This page will be deleted after a certain period of time.

As someone who has left the entertainment industry, for the sake of my studies, I humbly ask that you stop messaging me on social media, as well as uploading and spreading my images and personal information on the internet.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Once again, thank you very much to everyone who supported me as Hamao Kyousuke* in the past.

Hamao Kyousuke

*TN: Regarding the spelling of Mao's name: When he was an actor, Mao used the characters “浜尾京介”, but he is signing this message as “濱尾京介” which are the original Kanji of his family name. Both are read “Hamao Kyousuke” but his last name as an actor was simplified, which is a common practice for performers.

Translated by: masayume85

The message came out suddenly because of some serious incidents that Mao has experienced just recently. According to Furu Wu, a group of fans traced him in New York wherein they took photos of him without his consent and posted them online including some information about his private life there.

Aside from that, another photo of him were taken secretly during his exam at the IELTS test center was shared online. The photo may have been his legs but the person who posted it included detail about how he looked.

Worst of all, even his private Facebook account was also been discovered by some fans and kept on leaving him messages and comments not putting into mind that Mao himself is not an actor anymore. Because of these, after three years, Mao has decided that he has to make his total retirement publicly announced to protect the privacy of his new life away from the camera.

With this, Mao is requesting his fans to stop uploading and spreading his photos or anything in regards with his private life in New York.

And I quote red_celtic_rose, "The photos we are not allowed to post and share are photos taken of 濱尾京介 (the 'new' Mao), but any official photos of 浜尾京介 (the artist) are still okay to post and share just as before."

Mao has finally spoken about this matter. He is seriously requesting all these things for his own sake. People might think that he's been selfish about it but we have to respect his privacy. We also have to remember that Mao's life as an actor had been long gone. He is a new person now. He has his own personal life. So, as a fellow fan, I am sincerely asking you to stop all these tracking and stalking and accept the fact that he has chosen the path where he is now. And let us keep in mind that it is also for his own safety. Let's just continue cheering for him, for his success from our hearts and prayers so that the next time we see him, it there won't be a frown on his brows but smile on his lips.


Just to clear things out, Mao is studying Interior Designing in New York.

via red_celtic_rose on LiveJournal
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