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Kamen Rider Build Episode 9 Preview

This weekend on Kamen Rider Build, the secret of how the Build Driver's Rider System came to be is finally revealed and the Rivals target Misora and Kamen Rider Build LionCleaner debuts!
Ultraman Geed - Ultra 6 Brothers Capsule Campaign Promo

Here is the promo video for the Ultra 6 Brothers Capsule that was posted in the official Bandai youtube channel.
Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger Space 36 Preview

Next weekend on Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger, the ultimate saviors goes to Lucky's home planet after an urgent transmission and from there, acquires an all new ally in the battles against the Jark Matter Organization!
Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FINAL - New Movie Stills & Highlights

Check-out this newest movie stills and highlights from the Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FINAL movie featuring more Rider action and of course, the meme lord, Dan Kuroto!
Ultraman Geed Episode 17 Preview

After Geed and Belial's emotional father and son bonding, the earth is now in grave danger due to the destructive might of Ultraman Belial Chimeraberos! Can Riku, with the help of Laiha's Little Star, create a miracle and change his fate? - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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