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Power Rangers Megaforce Premieres February 2nd

Yahoo TV reports that the upcoming Power Rangers season, Power Rangers Megaforce will premiere on February 2nd, at 1 p.m/12c on Nickelodeon. Above image shows the rangers, with RoboKnight.

The team is made up of Troy (Red), Jake (Black), Noah (Blue), Gia (Yellow), and Emma (Pink).

Celebrating the 20th year Anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise, Power Rangers Megaforce features Gosei, a supernatural guardian, who protected the Earth for centuries along with his robotic aide, Tensou. During the massive invasion of the evil Warstar aliens, Gosei calls upon five teenagers with attitude to form the ultimate team... the Power Rangers Megaforce!

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22 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    February 2nd?! That's Mao Ichimichi's birthday!

  2. Inferno Prime Says:

    Is this a 21st century re-imaging of MMPR? If so, I'm down!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Finally, a release date!
    I wasn't expecting the show to come out that early. I'm ain't complaining though.

  4. marty Says:

    Finally i knew that i will come on february
    @Inferno Prime
    You might think its 21st reimagining of MMPR but actually its a hoamge to MMPR in its 20th anniversary by returnign ot its first three season roots

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Wow the red ranger is a lot taller then goseired was. Thats gonna look stupid when they morph and he's half a foot shorter

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Well it seems they made Gosei Knights name even lamer by calling him RoboKnight.
    Really weak

  7. Shad Says:

    Sporty Girl, Girly Girl, Robot, Hero, Brooding Lancer, Brainy Guy...

  8. Anonymous Says:

    MMPR wasn't that great in the first place IMO.

    I hope we get a decent season this year, or at least something better than Goseiger.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    This is my first time seeing the cast, and they look like a nice bunch! Much better than the Samurai lot. My interest rises.

  10. javado Says:

    I'm really hoping Roboknight hangs out with them at whatever high school they go to: he looks so out-of-place in that photo. I can just see Roboknight hanging out at a juice bar or in a classroom. Nobody would question why he's there.

  11. Douglas Says:

    One more chaldish PR that even kids won't like, what poor thing, what poor thing tsk tsk tsk u.u

  12. Blackfeather Says:

    Now let's hope I can find a way to watch this.
    I'm getting curious. But since I'm not a US citizen, I can't watch it on Nick. Unless I wait for more than a year and hope they'll air it here. And then there's still the horror of having to watch it dubbed!
    Please someone, put them on here~!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I just realized something regarding all of the megaforce rumors.

    so far rumors are that they'll use goseiger suits for both seasons, but have a legends war, and use the gokaiger zords. also rumor of them using Gokai Silver in season 2.

    so it sounds like they're avoiding using the 5 original gokaiger costumes but use everything else in gokaiger.

    i wonder if the issue isnt using a green ranger instead of black for an anniversary season (not really that big a deal) but instead think of the one difference between gokai silver and the rest of the gokaigers.

    gokai silver doesnt have the sidearm pistol. USA censorships always have had issues with guns over lasers. it's why shows like GI Joe, a military-themed show, used lasers. The gokai footage has them using the guns often, and unlike most super sentai weapons they're not lasers. the smoke emanating from the pistol and the villains would be very difficult to remove in edit, even if they add laser beams.

    considering how strict they are about it i bet that is why if we see any use of the gokai costumes it will be very limited

  14. Yay for date. :) It'll beat Kyoryuger, but that won't matter if both are good. Cool that it'll come on Mao's birthday.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    y cant they just skip megaforce and go straight into pirates

  16. Anonymous Says:

    pink is hot

  17. brace yourselves, the worst anniversary adaptation is coming.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I hope they use the theme song for MMPR and PRS/PRSS with of course original twists to distinguish the show. Also, I hope they do use the Gokaiger suits because I think its a waste of a good pirate theme.

    I'd like to hope that it could be a new source of 'power', because the 'Goseiger' powers are not enough to defeat evil towards the end of the first season. Just like MMPR S3 transitioning into Zeo. I think they should use the Zeo theme song for season 2 for Megaforce with of course the twists and changes to the lyrics.

  19. shut up Douglas. you didn't even spell "childish" right tsk tsk. btw kids do like pr come to power morphicon some time.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    You know what Saban should really do: I guess its confirmed that Megaforce will be 2 seasons again. Fine i'll accept that but DO NOT use the Gokaiger footage at all. Just use the Goseiger footage for both seasons. Make Gokaiger its own separate season. Cuz I seriously cant see these guys just go straight to a pirate theme power rangers...don't look right. A pirate theme has alot of potential, dont ruin it.

  21. I also hope they don't have any footage from from Gokaiger at all. It's a waste of pirate theme, furthermore it will seriously waste the 35th anniversary and the reunion of all Sentai.

    A question: which would you watch, Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger or Megaforce?

  22. I hope they don't use any of Gokaiger footage, rather, don't bring in anything related to Gokaiger at all (I will seriously complain if they actually bring in Gokai Silver). It will ruin the space pirate theme, which has greater potential than to be waste with a sequel.
    Furthermore, they'll ruin the 35th anniversary of Super Sentai. It's a great reunion between all sentai! It's too much to be waste with only the twenty anniversary. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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