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Azusa Yamamoto Launches New Photobook

Over the weekend, gravure idol Azusa Yamamoto (Ninpuu Sentain Hurricaneger's Furabijo) launched her photobook entitled “Az USA”. The event was held at the Sabunado Shinjuku Fuke bookstore and was graced by fellow gravure idols Aki Hoshino and Yoko Kumada.

Single at 31, Yamamoto mentioned that being single doesn’t mean that she has no intentions for getting married and still has desire to continue working and have some fun time with her pet dog.

The photos in her latest photobook were taken in various locations in Los Angeles, U.S.A. These include bed takes as well as swimsuit photos for this 31-year-old idol. Smiling, Yamamoto commented, “You can see a lot of me in my 30s when you turn the pages.” It was also said that it is her first experience shooting in the desert in her one-piece bikini. She mentioned about her desert experience was "warmer" than she expected and the area is "vast", as far as her eyes can "see".
Next month, Azusa Yamamoto will be turning 32. She is still feels she is able to cherish her moments in her 30s. She will continue to do shoots as long as the fans wants it. “I still want to be a Gravure idol because it is fun.” As a regimen, she revealed the secret to her youthfulness is eating healthy and exercise such as yoga.

Azusa Yamamoto’s “Az USA” photo album is priced at 3,150 yen. Order now at CDJapan and get exciting bonuses!

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2 Responses
  1. and why didn't they do it in arazona? (AZ for short)

  2. Anonymous Says:

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