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DX Kamen Rider Wizard Battle Ring Set Unveiled

Yesterday, the first image of the Golden Wizard was seen, and now a new photo featuring the DX Super Wizard Battle Ring Set had shown a little bit of additional info for the villain of the upcoming Kamen Rider Wizard The Movie.

This shows two new Wizard Rings — Finish Strike Wizard Ring and Final Strike Wizard Ring, one to be used by Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity and one by the Golden Wizard.

Kamen Rider Wizard The Movie will be directed by Shojiro Nakazawa and written by Junko Komura. Haruto will be traveling to the "Land of Magic" where he will meet the Golden Magician. The film premieres August 3rd.

via Herotaku

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8 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    this will be a new epic, if you look patern of the ring this will be fight of 2 dragon

  2. Anonymous Says:

    this will be a new epic, a fight of 2 dragon, if you look carefully at the ring pattern that definitily a dark dragon

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Now that's cool! The Wizardriver says 'Cho-iine! Finish-Strike! Saiko-!' while the other one says 'YES! Final-Strike!! Understand?!'

    Bad Ass if you ask me :D

    (BTW I think that's the White Wizard we're looking at here - just my speculation cuz I always felt that he would turn out as a villain; I might be wrong but that's just what I think)

  4. Dukemum Says:

    There's a reason why they release DX White Wizard belt afterall.

    And when Wiseman reveals to be white wizard... the final form... Dark Wizard...

  5. I don't think the White Wizard is going to be the same character as the Golden Wizard, a movie-exclusive villain. They probably just had the two use the same belt design for budget reasons (FAR from the only time KR has done something like that).

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Very cool, too bad we didn't get a new movie form for Wizard, but a Dark rider definitely evens things out.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    May 10, 2013 at 4:25 PM

    No, it won't. Looks like the gold wizard is black dragon. Same as ryuki vs ryuga.

  8. Hairball Says:

    last anon...the movie form for wizard is that shadow we've seen crop up...All Dragon with Infinitys head..aka Infinity All Dragon - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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