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Go Big or Go Extinct in New "Pacific Rim" Film Trailer

A new film trailer for 2013's Hollywood tokusatsu filmPACIFIC RIM”, Guillermo Del Torro's homage to the Japanese monsters, or kaiju films. This gives us a closer look at the film's Kaijus and Jaegers.

When legions of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, started rising from the sea, a war began that would take millions of lives and consume humanity’s resources for years on end. To combat the giant Kaiju, a special type of weapon was devised: massive robots, called Jaegers, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge.

Pacific Rim premieres July 12th.

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3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:


    I love that line!

  2. Chaos Says:

    ok while i like giant robots a duel pilot motion control system -this is the worse idea for controls ive ever seen -what ever happened to a pilot seat and a control stick seriously plus you need a computer to give you support human balance will not do it alone and the limits of the human body would mean you can't for example spin the hand 360 to keep hitting something -such a bad idea

    but other wise the movie looks interesting and has some promise

  3. Shad Says:


    Hey, if Super Sentai can get away with having 5+ pilots controlling their mecha with swords, Pacific Rim should get a pass here. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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