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Tiger & Bunny THE LIVE Stage Play Footage

Here's a short footage from the recent stage play based on the popular hero anime, “Tiger & Bunny THE LIVE”. The clip features the anime theme song “Orion wo Nazoru” by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN.

Although its not a footage from the actual stage play (with the action scenes and all), this is a good look on the characters in action.

The Tiger & Bunny THE LIVE was led by Hiroaki Hirata and Masakazu Morita as Koutetsu Kaburagi/Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. respectively, with Kenji Tominaga and Kenta Nitta as their suit actors. FULL CAST IN COSTUMES CAN BE FOUND HERE.

Tiger & Bunny THE LIVE Hero Costumes Revealed!
Anime and tokusatsu scriptwriter Yasuko Kobayashi (Shakugan no Shana, Trigun: Badlands Rumble, Kamen Rider Den-O, Shinkenger) and playwright Tadahiro Mōri are co-writing the play. Taisuke Morisaki is serving as chief director, while Morihito Kamizato is the actual hands-on director. Osamu Kaneda (Let's Go Kamen Riders, Den-O Final Countdown) is an "acting creator."

The Tiger & Bunny the Live stage play ran at Tokyo's Zepp Diver City theater from August 24th to September 1st last year. The play aimed to have realistic action in hero "suits," an original story, and the latest techniques in theatrical productions.

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